June 15, 2021

Trump attacks Supreme Court in new statement

Former President Donald Trump may have lost the 2020 presidential election. However, he’s not about to slink away in defeat when it comes to what he believes in.

Trump warned in a statement Monday that Democrats would pack the U.S. Supreme Court and that it would be what they deserve, the Daily Caller reported. He chastised the high court for not doing “what they should have done” during the aftermath of November’s election.

The former president said it would be “ironic” if the court’s power was watered down by “the Radical Left Democrats” adding new justices to the bench to tip the court in favor of leftist judicial philosophy. He called his loss to President Joe Biden the  “Great Presidential Election Fraud of 2020,” though it’s never been definitively been proven.

“Now there is a very good chance they will be diluted (and moved throughout the court system so that they can see how the lower courts work), with many new Justices added to the Court, far more than has been reported,” Trump said. “There is also a good chance that they will be term-limited.”

“Our politically correct Supreme Court will get what they deserve—an unconstitutionally elected group of Radical Left Democrats who are destroying our Country,” his statement went on. He also pointed out that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell would be “helpless” to push back against it.

“With leaders like Mitch McConnell, they are helpless to fight,” Trump charged. “He didn’t fight for the Presidency, and he won’t fight for the Court. If and when this happens, I hope the Justices remember the day they didn’t have courage to do what they should have done for America.”

While Biden has himself shied away from answering whether he favored adding justices, Democrats have advanced legislation to do just that, Fox News reported. The current balance is 6-3 in favor of Republican-appointed justices. The measure would increase the number to 13 and effectively tip the court to a Democrat-heavy 7-6  balance.

Trump is right that the Republicans have been spineless, and many disagreed with the court’s unwillingness to take up his cause. However, the issue is now in the Democrats’ hands and whatever came before matters very little in the face of a leftist takeover — except as a good reminder that elections have consequences.

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53 Responses

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  3. Corruption is running rampant throughout the entire government and judicial system in this country. Everyone knows but no one is doing anything about it. Why?

    1. After all of the fraud and corruption, in the 2020 election, and all of the bad governance since why hasn’t someone started a recall of this administration and put a ban on any more EOs until after the recall is completed.

    2. It is very simple LAZINESS! I call it the Collect a check SYNDROME! Nobody wants to work and do their job as they are paid to do anymore, everything has been devastated because of this surprising trend no one wants to work but those with a job think they deserve 10 times the pay of someone who will do their job, when that person gets a ridiculously high paycheck for what little they actually do they somehow think they deserve even more pay no matter how much they are being paid! Along with that some absolutely retarded people with things that they want to sell (Especially cars and homes) think that because they own something that what they own and have for sale is worth 10 times what fair market value is! Destroying America very quickly For example recently I have looked at a 2012 Honda Accord seen one I kind of liked they wanted $6,995 at a car lot for the car, an individual had the exact same year and brand only their car had 18,000 more miles and the individual wanted $13,999 for their car which was the same make and model and even the same color and the individuals car had 18,000 more miles! WTF America get over your retardedness and greed you are destroying this country!!!!!

  4. Our Supreme Court is a laughing stock. They disrespect our laws and rights. Big money for Roberts. How many others on the court? Bush picked traitor for the court. I bet he knew he could control Roberts. Obama put in judges who don’t go by the law and the rest are useless to the true American people. Big money talks very loud. American people are you really that stupid to think a Democrat cares about you? Power and money!!!

    1. The Supreme Court IS laughing stock…it started with Bush nominating an outsider corporate lawyer (Roberts) directly as chief justice. You are correct about big money talking loud. At least the Senate blocked Merrick Garland…who was biased against the 2nd Amendment…. The Supreme Court is FUBAR…the Wayfair sales tax case (justices flunked geography because states have borders and states need to keep their tax issues within their borders), the Connecticut land grab case, the election cases… Facebook needs to get broken up, Twitter needs to get broken up, Google needs to get broken up, may be time to break up Microsoft with Billy Gates in midlife crisis….

    2. So RIGHT ! This country will be a joke before too long. The kids of today will never know what it was like to be free. Kangaroo courts and spineless lizards.

    3. I desagree with you; Hate!, Robert problems are adoption issues,, he has been blackmailed about it…

  5. He will not get anywhere with them because they have been BOUGHT OFF !!! President Trump needs to come back and take over IMMEDIATELY !! AMERICA NEEDS HIM,,,,,, NOW !!! OUR COUNTRY HAS BECOME TOTALLY CORRUPTED !!! 95% OF ALL POLITICIANS ARE NOW CORRUPT !!!

    1. I agree. I did some math and I am convinced that Biden did not win the election. My math happens to be backed up b others who I respect and accept the fact that they are better mathematicians than me. The election was corrupt to the core.

      1. I agree with everyone on this thread. Not only does the Math not add up, but other indicators prove to me that there was major corruption. Here’s a president that they claim is the most popular presidential candidate ever, yet if you watched his rallies, he only had a handful of supporters at the rally. On YouTube, they had literally dozens of videos covering his 100 day speech to Congress. Did you notice how many down votes he had compared to his up votes? The down votes doubled if not tripled his up votes. I only saw 1 video that had more up votes. If you were a Democrat, wouldn’t you welcome an audit to prove your innocence, to prove it was legitimate. But no, they are doing everything in their power to stop the audit, WHY?! Why would you stop an investigation unless you are trying to hide something.

  6. The Supreme Court seems to be hiding when it comes to IMPORTANT issues . The States Legislatures being overlooked in the 2020 election was completly against the constitution , but yet , the gutless Supreme Court would NOT even hear about it . It is THIS Supreme Court that has changed my mind ,,,, I do think now , that we need term limits on the justices on the Supreme Court !!!


  8. You are right on Mr President Trump, my feelings exactly! Worthless McConnell can’t fight his way out of a paper bag! You still have my support and my prayers. We are in one hell of a shape with these dirty low down Dems and Republicans!

    1. Kath…. Sen. McConnell looks crocked every time he appears on TV….maybe the fifth of Kentucky Gentleman is IN the paper bag… lol

  9. Well !!! it seems to me that it is not the supreme court judges,nor is it the democrats, nor even the leftist,or even the media…..it is us ….. the american patroits whom are sitting back doing alot of talk but failing to come together as one to march against this tyranny and corruption in america today. The blacks are marching and getting somewhere while we sit on our butt’s and lose our country.Come on america wake up and march for what we stand for and believe in Trump is standing he can not do this alone get up america and be heard march and be seen with Trump to remove this infestation today,now we have the leader follow him!!!

  10. We were all in shock and awe about SCOTUS stating they would not take up any court issues relating to the obvious fraud that took place for our 2020 Presidential election processes because those all were lacking standing!!
    They had every right constitutionally to uphold the truth and law of our country and they all took vows and oaths sworn to do just that, BUT THEY DID NOT!!
    The are of no use as a third branch of government as they are to be held responsible for our country being taken over by a false so-called winner who doesn’t know that he’s president!! He only signs executive orders and SCOTUS needed to get involved with those as well, BUT THEY DID NOT!!
    After over 200 years of freedom in our great nation, SCOTUS has destroyed the greatest nation in history!! SHAMEFUL!!

    1. Very true…its really bad when even the supreme court is crooked….they too are swamp dwellers along with all of Congress….I have lost all hope for our country. What can we do ?

  11. To (roberts) you are a sorry human being ,we know what you said behind closed doors!! As for the last three nominees President Trump nominated, SHAME ON YOU!!!! Gutless and spineless!!! You are the worst!! You all will get your just due!! I have no respect for you and the court will get packed !! This is why you have not done your jobs that you were nominated for ,Big Tech, Election fraud, the list is endless. You will pay !! God is watching all your nastiness!! Remember this you are not in charge , HE IS,and you will get your just reward. Thank You Alito,Thomas , only a few of you, don’t let the majority rule over you!!

  12. The court abrogated their authority when they refused to take the election case brought before them without comment. They sited no reason not to take this important case and we get screwed because of it. Trump predicted EXACTLY what was gonna happen. There you are.

    1. Roberts is the main problem, the Democrats have dirt on him, which makes him useless. It´s is a dam Shame that these corrupt democrats are allowed to destroy this country. they all should be brought up Treason Charges. And to see that Commie Brenan on TV makes me sick.

  13. What I want to know is why the Supreme Court used ” lack of standing” as their reason to not even look at the election fraud lawsuits presented to them. They’re all attorneys and have served as judges in lower courts, so exactly what legally does lack of standing mean? Should be a no brainer question for them to answer

  14. Squirrel’s are Everywhere ! in the media, big tech, the White House, Congress, Mayors,Governor’s, facebook, twitter,
    ALL over the World
    See What It’s Like TI Have YOUR JOB THREATENED !!!
    so WHY Would The Supreme Court, Be Any Different !! they’ve been, lax, lazy. and Now, They May Be Punished, for
    NOT Doing THEIR Job !! C O U R T P A C K I N G !! K A R M A, Right john roberts ?

  15. Most of these comments ought to be in their initial language, Russian, as created by Putin’s St. Augustine propaganda machine and hand delivered by the UnAmerican Digest.

  16. The Supreme court is to busy playing duck and run. I think that the people need to take this issue on. No I don’t think that currently there is a law in place to cover this, and the court wont, so I think we the people need to set the precedent and put an end to this fiasco, before it is to late. We can set up referendums To rein him in and then take him out. No I don’t like doing this but it seems like no one else has any ideas that can be done quickly.

    1. Lock & load they think we the people are fools it’s time to show them,we are not fools lets take back our country now.



    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    HARRIS is guilty of violating 18US Code 2381 Treason, 18 US Code 2382 Misprision of Treason, 18US Code 2383 Rebellion or Insurrection, 18 US Code 2384 Seditious Conspiracy and 18 US CODE 2385 Advocating Overthrow of Government!

    Democrats want to legalize anarchy and ban law and order.

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  18. The FBI, CIA and the high courts are all owned by the the terrorist democrats and should be ashamed of themselves as well as the military. I know the bobblehead idot is the commander and chief but one does not need to follow orders that lead us in harms way or go against the constitution. unlawful orders need not be followed.

    1. The answer may be the same as what Texas and Florida are doing and that is ignoring the insane orders of this administration and when all other Conservative States do the same, this administration has a real problem and forced to undo them.


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