June 25, 2021

Trump attacks on former cybersecurity chief vindicated after massive secuity breach

It’s fair to say at this point that President Donald Trump has never once had a fair shake from most of the mainstream media and a recent, massive attack on the U.S. government’s cyber infrastructure once again proved that.

Trump was slammed by the media after firing the former head of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Christopher Krebs, after he insisted that America’s voting systems were totally secure. But in the wake of a massive hack launched against some of America’s most critical cyber systems under Krebs’ watch, the media has seemingly gone silent

Krebs spent weeks on the mainstream media circuit reassuring Americans that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history,” immediately dismissing that anything could have possibly gone wrong. That may even be an accurate statement to some degree, but what was happening in the background, under his direct watch, is what’s now being heavily scrutinized.

A Russian-based hack on a number of sensitive U.S. government networks, which included the networks of the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce, Energy and others went unnoticed for the better part of 2020, with the hack reportedly beginning as early as March.

During that time frame, Krebs was tasked with “securing federal networks” along with “protecting critical infrastructure.” It’s clear at this point that Trump was well within his rights to fire Krebs, as he obviously failed — monumentally — at doing his job.

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the announcement of the potentially devastating hack, a bulk of the mainstream media networks and newspapers have barely mentioned the former CISA chief.

According to The Hill, Trump downplayed the Russian angle of the developing story but also suggested that the hack proves that America’s voting machines could have theoretically been a target of the hackers.

“There could also have been a hit on our ridiculous voting machines during the election, which is now obvious that I won big, making it an even more corrupted embarrassment for the USA,” Trump tweeted.

While it’s not yet clear exactly what the hackers behind the massive breach were able to steal, what is clear is that Trump is more than vindicated in his firing of Krebs, who obviously dropped the ball during his time as the CISA director.

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72 Responses

  1. Now, that it’s probably too late, we get to see 1st hand the corruptness democrats bring to the table, including the media, deep state. RINOs, social networks. and publishing platforms to mention a few. Well, they asked for it. But I guarantee we’re going to pay for it. Prepare for the next stock market collapse and perhaps the next BIG DEPRESSION thanks to the democrats.

    1. they may wish that they did this corruption, I for one think this nonsense by the democrat party should end nancy and chucky , we can advice you to stop this

        1. Better idea… put a rope around his neck and end him. Send Michael to hell with him. Add Killery to the list too.

    1. For sure! I saw a headline a week ago that called Biden Obozo’s puppet!? & that he wouldn’t be adverse to a 3rd term! Mmmm, I wonder who will be pulling the strings? No question about it, it is widely recognized that the man at the top (here in the USA) is Obozo! Soros has the purse strings! A very nasty realization!?

  2. I do not think it is too late to overturn the election. Trump needs to use Martial Law or any other political move he can make to overturn this election. The Dems broke every voting rule and they should not benefit. If I were Trump I would not let this election stand. This election was evil and we can’t stand for that. You don’t reward bad actors. To hell with worrying about the next election. If they get by with this they will just dream up another method for fraud.

    1. i agree mariyln. trump dont concede use martial law now before its too late. we the people of 73 million including me do it .were right behind you sir.

    2. Fortunately, for the over 81 million voters that voted to get rid of Trump, our democracy does not work that way. Trump does not determine who our next president is, we do! We did! This has nothing to do with the election except that Trump is still tying to convince the public that Widespread fraud, which no one to this day has been able to prove, occurred. No such fraud happened. The whole conspiracy was made up by Trump and enough of his cult like supporters jumped on the bandwagon! The lower courts rejected it, because of lack of proof, William Barr’s department could find zero proof and the SCOTUS wanted nothing to do with an attempt to go against the will of the American people.

      1. That’s right, the electoral college his voted Biden in as next President.The only fraud going on is Trump conning good Americans to the tune of over $225Million dollars for his use

        1. So much crap. It was a fraud and evidence is overwhelming…He doesn’t get to keep campaign money…you are pretty dumb.

      2. Let’s look at what Trump has done and the democrats have done to him for the last 4 years he’s been in office. Even before he got in office. So maybe he had a right to make sure this was a safe and fair election. For me, im glad he’s looking into this. For you, I hope Biden doesn’t get into office at all.

      3. Not over till the FAT LADY SINGS CLIFF! No possible way biden got 81 mill votes! Pay attention on JANUARY 6TH CLIFF. WHEN TRUMP BECOMES POTUS UNTIL 2024!!!

      4. 81 million did not vote for Biden. Please! He didn’t even campaign. His policies are terrible. There was overwhelming fraud. The courts didn’t look at the evidence..Do you not get it? The fix is in…The election was stolen. Just the circumstantial evidence is enough…There is tons of proof…..Trump didn’t make up anything because the evidence is glaring…we just have a media and a deep state. telling what you just wrote…Unless its exposed we will suffer for it. You people are blind and don’t care about the future of our country.

      5. If you really think that 80,000 voted for this senile, crooked, lying, useless POS then I have some waterfront property to sell to you…..CHEAP!
        Come on man! Wake the hell up!

      6. Clifford: explain to me how President Trump’s rally’s filled football stadiums, Biden couldn’t fill a high school gymnasium, and still managed to beat President Trump? That doesn’t track no how.

      7. Perhaps you should do your research instead of talking out of you behind. If you just want to listen to the media who are corrupt, then you deserve what you get. Unfortunately, the rest of us have to suffer for your ignorance. Such a shame!

      8. Ha Clifton.

        Get your facts right. No court has actually looked at the evidence. It’s all be dismissed based on a procedural policy of the courts.

        There is not one court that has the balls to look at the evidence. If you were a true American, you would want the evidence to be looked at before coming up with your BS. Maybe you should run for a seat in the sick Demo party. Sound like you’d fit right in with wanting to destroy America, like camel fact Kalmara and sicko Joe.

      9. OK Clifton! Pull your head out of that dark place and explain how many, many districts got back way more mail-in ballots than they sent out.

    3. Have you watched x22? He seems to think that something big is coming for Christmas week. He laid it all out. It’s very convincing. I haven’t done any research on it, but if he’s right, USA will be saved for a while longer.

  3. The “Swamp corruption is done through appointments and advisors put into place through 8 years of the Clinton regime, followed years later by the Obama’s 8 years. An honest man not having been in politics and having been vetted by the long term existing Swamp politicians, has a difficult time knowing who to trust. The appointment of Judges has been the most damaging.

    1. SCOTUS is part of the deep state! With John Roberts pulling their strings they have no choice but to go along! Another puppet master?

        1. We’ll have no HIGHest COurt who could put order in this country. Roberts is corrupt & a PEDOPHILE ACCORDING THE THE logs GOING TO Epsteins playground and noticed by Linn Wood whom I TRUST!.
          USA has been taken over by the communists unless Trump declares Martial Law, reruns elections in the corrupt states in question and have the MILITARY observe at close range for signature & counting verification . This must not NOT NOT go on like this or we will BE chinese owned & SOROS , Gates, clintons obamas and the rest of the swamp dwellers’ SLAVES!

  4. Establishment Democrats and Republicans will be insulated they made their insider trades on Friday 12/18 might do the same on 12/21 Monday will be telling sadly that is my dump day Democrats have caused this lock stock and barrel with Chinese and Russian influence God has the final judgment historically did not go well with Ceasar, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Chavez and others so the promoters of communism are successful until the gravy train runs out are we there yet? probably not but the Overton Window has occurred with success once again!.

  5. Why do the media and other Trump haters think they know all that is going on in the WhiteHouse? Many things are much more complicated than the media would like us to think. They have no idea what the real problems and solutions are. So please just shut up and let the President run the country, which he has done a great job despite the interference from all the leftist and media and big tech.

    1. In total agreement! The wickedly evil democrats have been against President Trump since he announced that he was going to be a candidate for President of the USA, and this political party continued at it by rigging the election. They think that they are really smart, but they have sold their souls to the devil, who has been defeated by YEHOVA, GOD ALMIGHTY, WHO PLACES PEOPLE IN POSITIONS OF AUTHORITY, LI KE PRESIDENTS AND PRIME MINISTERS, GOVERNORS, MAJORS, AND EVERY PERSON IN THE GOVERNMENTS OF ALL THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD. HE IS THE KING OF kings, and rules everything. So YEHOVA, THE KING AND VICTOR, IS WATCHING AND HEARING EVERYTHING!
      PRAY 1John 3:8b – “ THE REASON THE SON OF GOD APPEARED WAS TO DESTROY THE DEVIL’S WORK”. As you pray this Scripture, watch YESHUA work His Word that doesn’t gets back to Him void, but it prospers in that which HE sent it to do.
      Blessings of Shalom.

    1. If Biden is named as President, it will be Obozo’s third term. Obozo will be the puppeteer pulling Biden’s strings. You can take that to the bank, that is if there are any left after the Libtards are done destroying the economy Trump rebuilt.

  6. Again, the Dems are so arrogant that they think all they have to do is say something and all of us deplorables should believe it. WELL, WE DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT BIDEN AND THE DEMS SAY. THEY ARE ALL LIARS.

  7. I agree that the election was not hacked into by foreign governments, it was an inside job by the communist democrats to program the voting machines to tabulate the way they did. It is not a hack when it is intentionally done by the communist controlled democrats in their communist controlled democrat precincts.

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