July 4, 2022

Trump asks Supreme Court to shield his financial and tax records

President Trump is appealing to the Supreme Court to shield his financial and tax records from House Democrats, in a move that sets up a showdown between the executive and legislative branches of government.

The Hill reports:

The case marks the second time Trump has appealed to the high court to prevent the disclosure of financial documents and sets the stage for a potentially groundbreaking ruling on the extent of congressional oversight authority and presidential power.

In their Wednesday petition to the court, filed ahead of a Thursday deadline, Trump’s personal attorneys warned the justices that a lower court ruling in favor of the Democratic lawmakers would set a dangerous precedent if allowed to stand.

House Democrats claim they need the information to determine if their ethics rules need to be updated.

But that’s about as transparent as it gets.

The reality is that Democrats have been trying to get ahold of Trump’s tax returns for years, under any available pretext. It has nothing to do with ethics rules.

It’s all about naked political power.

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