August 14, 2022

Trump approval remains above 50 percent as election dickering continues

As President Donald Trump’s lawyers continue to challenge the 2020 election results in a number of key swing states and as the media continues to promote former Vice President Joe Biden as America’s new president-elect, the fact that Trump is still running this great nation seems to have been somewhat lost.

However, according to Breitbart, on Monday America was once again reminded of the president’s solid and steady leadership after the results of Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll revealed that Trump’s approval rating remains strong at over 50 percent.

As of this week, the president’s approval rating is 52 percent, which is solid territory especially given the turmoil that has surrounded the 2020 election and the fallout that quickly followed. It means a majority of likely voters approve of the job that Trump is doing in the White House.

In the same survey, 47 percent of voters felt differently, indicating that they do not approve of Trump’s current performance in the White House.

Those numbers provide Trump with a net-positive approval rating of five percent.

Trump’s 52 percent rating is right on track with former popular presidents like Barack Obama, who held a 53 percent rating around the same time period in 2012.

According to Newsweek, Trump scored a seven-month high in the FiveThirtyEight presidential approval rating tracker last week, at the peak of the post-election fervor, garnering 45 percent approval from those who were surveyed. That was a bump of five points from a low point in July.

Presumably, at this moment in time, Trump likely isn’t too concerned about his presidential performance tracking, as the stock market roars to new highs and the American economy steams forward even in the wake of reported surges in COVID-19 cases.

Even in the fog of the 2020 election, it’s clear that the president is still working every day to ensure this nation remains financially strong and that Americans remain safe under his watch.

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john fudacz (@guest_1076284)
1 year ago

biden should not be in control of anything except a outhouse,he is so full of s–t!!!

Connie (@guest_1076295)
Reply to  john fudacz
1 year ago

I agree

Barry (@guest_1076345)
Reply to  john fudacz
1 year ago

John you nailed it!!
The whole Demonic lobotomy party is full of
💩💩💩💩 S&$T

Larry (@guest_1076318)
1 year ago

Hey John, I don’t think he should even be in control of a outhouse. He has more s**t coming out of his mouth than a person with the runs.

Kenn (@guest_1076327)
Reply to  Larry
1 year ago

I agree, Larry.

Vera (@guest_1076400)
1 year ago

I agree also John He doesn’t deserve to be running for any government office. He’s toooooo crooked and he can’t be trusted to take care of America. He’s a destroyer NOT a builder for Americans

Glenda (@guest_1076409)
1 year ago

Worst of all, Biden has taken millions and millions of dollars from China, which means he’ll tell China anything they want to know about our military, and everything else!
Biden is China’s Puppet, and so is his drugged out Pedophile son, who sleeps with 14 year old girls, and makes video’s of it!
If Biden gets the Presidency, Hunter Biden will never be charged, along with Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the Demon-Rat Traitors, including Biden himself!

robert eugene williams (@guest_1077304)
Reply to  Glenda
1 year ago

%100 on the head of the nail but i call them “DEMO-RATS”

Patty (@guest_1076431)
1 year ago

All above posts are right on target! Biden will sell our country out just like Obama did! His audacity of claiming the win is typical of the demonrats! He is trying to bully and bulldoze his way into the White House, and the msm is helping him. Plus Obama is out there bad mouthing the American people, Trump supporters, and all who disagree with him. Sewing racial division in our country. If there is a racial bigot, it is obama! Biden is as well, look at his past racial statements, his past actions. What does all that tell you? We do not need “ sniffer joe and the califonia ho” in our White House!

iamvirgo (@guest_1077974)
1 year ago

Biden is being ‘handled’ by Obozo who is waiting in the wings to step in to run the show! We can’t let this happen. We got rid of him (both, to be honest!) in 2016 & we should keep it that way! President Trump & his team are in process of exposing all the traitors who knew that Biden was going to win. Biden didn’t do any campaigning; that has to tell you that something wasn’t right? They had employed a backup: Dominion & Smartmatic that was going to alter the votes in favor of Biden! They didn’t count on all the patriots voting for Trump which ‘blew up’ the voting machines! God bless President Trump & his whole team, may they prevail.

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1 year ago

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