August 1, 2021

Trump approval rating among likely black voters jumps after debate

Former Vice President Joe Biden has spent the past several months relentlessly pursuing support from Black voters, but President Donald Trump was able to virtually match those efforts over the course of a single night on national television.

As Breitbart reported, Rasmussen Reports revealed on Friday that the Trump campaign experienced an impressive spike in approval numbers from the Black community, going from 37 percent to a staggering 46 percent less than 24 hours after the debate.

Equally impressive is that since Monday, Trump has seen a 24 point jump in black voter support, which is crucial at a time when both candidates fight to win the hearts of voters in specific demographics and in a number of the nation’s battleground states.

One plausible explanation for Trump’s bump in the black community in the wake of the highly-anticipated debate is that the president hammered Biden on key race issues like the 1994 crime bill which, at the time, resulted in the incarceration of tens of thousands of young black men.

“They remember it because it you look at what’s happening with the voting right now, they remember that you treated them very, very badly,” Trump said, with regard to the fallout from the controversial bill.

Trump also accused Biden of once using the term “super predators” to describe African Americans during a speech in which he defended his crime bill. While Biden did use the term “predators,” as NBC News pointed out, it was actually former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who used the term “super predators” at the time.

The president continued to rail against Biden’s history on race issues at the debate, calling out the former vice president for not doing more to help the black community during his eight years in the White House and 40 years in Congress.

Trump’s reminder to the African American voting community on Thursday night regarding Biden’s past race-related failures could have a tremendous impact not only on overall black support for the president, but also black voter turnout at the ballot box come November 3.

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8 Responses

  1. Now, if all 47% go out and vote for Trump, this country will be a lot better off no matter your ethnicity. But we have to keep the Senate and get the House to move forward to law and order, safety and security and prosperty.

    1. I would like to see a 75% for Trump or even more. He’s really been a good president and has done a lot
      for our country and will continue to do so when he’s RE-ELECTED.

  2. We’re fixing to find out real soon who the “Chump” is Joe…I think you and your son have that title pretty well wrapped up…

  3. If this many people of color vote for President Trump he will win in a huge landslide but we also have to keep the Senate and regain the House to really drain the evil, communist swamp and put the new communist party on notice to either change or cease to exist in our great liberty & freedom loving country. If not then we will no longer be a free country and the left will destroy all of us and our country will fall into turmoil and another bloody civil war will become immenent!

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