September 30, 2020

Trump gets major approval boost among Black, Hispanic voters after RNC

Just weeks ago, the polls looked to be swinging heavily in Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s favor, but the tables are turning at break-neck speed.

According to a new Hill-HarrisX poll, Donald Trump’s approval rating among Black and Hispanic voters skyrocketed after the Republican National Convention — words the Democrat party never thought they would hear.

The survey, conducted between August 22-25, found that twenty-four percent of registered black voters approve of the job Trump is doing, a shocking nine-point increase from the last poll conducted from August 8-11.

The survey also found that Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters improved two points, from 30 to 32 percent since the last poll was taken.

This isn’t the only poll showing that Biden’s previously insurmountable lead is slipping.

According to a CloudResearch poll released this week, Republicans and Independents are twice as likely to conceal their voting preferences for fear of retaliation from the cancel-culture mob.

CloudResearch noted that “11.7% of Republicans say they would not report their true opinions about their preferred presidential candidate on telephone polls. 10.5% of Independents fell into the “shy voter” category, just a percentage point lower than how Republicans react to phone polls.”

By contrast, just 5.4 percent of Democrat voters are reluctant to reveal their voting preferences.

Though Biden still holds tenuous leads in many national polls, this poll should cause alarm bells to go off among Democrat-leaning pollsters.

It’s clear that large quantities of Independent and Republican voters are unlikely to publically vocalize whether they will vote for Trump, meaning that many polls are likely underestimating the true level of support for Donald Trump.

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36 Responses

  1. This is true. I’ve been polled twice and said I would vote democrat but that will never never happen. A friend of mine who is as white as you get has polled as a middle aged black women for years. He said he likes messing with the polls.

  2. Why should I leave a reply if you do not post it. You failed to post my other comment. So let the good times roll.


    1. The “N” word applies to ALL thugs and antisocial misfits stirring up mayhem regardless of their skin “color”. There is NO socially redeeming content of character in anyone participating in the antisocial activities going on. Lock them up and charge them for the costs of law enforcement overtime they have cost the taxpayers by their unlawful activities.

  4. There is going to be a lot of leftist in the safe spot balling them eyes out and sucking that thumb for another 4 years. No hope for sane people with Joe and Hoe screwing the people over

  5. I turned Republican 4 years ago when I watched President Trump do one of his rallies. I’m not afraid to tell people I’m voting for Trump again. We need to get the U.S. back from the swamp people and “Make America Great Again”.

    1. Your absolutely right, I used to be a registered Democrat, but always for the one I felt would do the best job. In mid 2015 I was so ashamed at the actions of so many Democrats that I changed my affiliation to Republican party and I will never go back. I would be totally Embarrased to be know as a Democrat NOW, the party is a total NUT HOUSE AND HAVE NO MORALS OR ETHICAL STANDARDS !!!!

    2. I 100% agree with Dave! Thank you for being so bold and I hope and pray that many other will follow suit. Biden would not be the best thing for this country and neither would that Vice President he has selected. President Trump has done an excellent job over the last three yeqars and we would be very foolish to replace him. When his term comes to an end I would be the first ti suggest that Vice President Pence be voted into office! TRUMP all the way for me until then !!!

  6. Once again these socialist twits won’t post my comment that’s why y’all are going out with the trash!!!!!


  8. Americans!!! GET out and VOTE in Person!!!! Vote STRAIGHT ticket for TRUMP we need the House the Senate and of course the PRESIDENCY!
    If not able to do it in person, apply for an ABSENTEE ballot! No mail in, PLEASE! There will be FRAUD and RIOTS!

    1. You are right no mail in’s that will allow the dumbocrats to cheat and ballots would not be counted for weeks then pelosie will be acting president till votes are counted. We can’t allow that to happen america!!!

    2. I am 70 years old and recieved a mail in vote 3 months ago saying it would be easier to vote by mail due to Covid so I filled it out and mailed it in. Now I think scare tactics was used to get me and many others to mail in their vote. Can I still go to the polls and vote in person?

  9. No need to waste the time or effort, the America that we are so proud of, have fought for and God blesses will always stand no matter what these Leftists do or say!
    I sincerely hope Ms. “P”, Biden, The Left and the Rioters realize what awaits them if pushed to far! Time is growing short!!

  10. I don’t trust or believe any polls! I left the Democratic Party when they politicized abortion & I never looked back! They are sick, sick, sick!!

  11. MT promises equals zero support. 50 plus years of their drivel and now the chickens are not coming home to roost. They have laid something, but it’s not the golden egg anymore. Check the barnyard for more of their message.

  12. BIDEN NEVER HAD A LEAD OVER TRUMP! All B/S ! Biden never even had the support Hillary had in 2016. Trump should win in a landslide. I just pray that Republicans can win the house too.

  13. I have a friend that started backing the Republican Party years ago. This caused a little problem in his family. His dad explained to him that the Democrat Party was for the poor people. His answer to his dad, “I’m tired of being poor!” The man is now a “Millionaire!”

  14. Polls got a problem! They don’t want their candidate to lose. But if their candidate is a weak COWARD he deserves to lose! Just as it is showing in ALL THESE DEMOCRAT STATE GOVERNOR AND MAYOR OF THOSE CITY! Time to send them back out to the pasture. Lot of DEMOCRAT house leadership is a FAIL! Been in DC to long!

  15. Two or Three months ago I received a Mail In Vote Card for the first time in my life and I am 70 years old. It looked official so I spoke with my son and asked should we vote mail in due to Covid which was stated in the Mail in to say It would be safer to mail your vote. My son told me he thought under the circumstances of Covid maybe we should mail our vote in so we did. Now I am scared of where my vote will end up. Can I go to the Polls and vote in Person, because Im in doubt now if this was a trick to get older people to mail their votes in.

    1. I think you need to call your registrars office to find out if what you received in the mail was an official vote by mail card. I know every State does the mail in vote mailers at different times but we just received the notice that every household in our State will soon be mailed a vote by mail voucher to use if we prefer or we can still go to the polls. This is going to create, I fear, the opportunity for many persons to do both which can benefit the Democrats. I say that because it has been the Democrats that have presented a candidate that is not mentally or physically capable of serving as POTUS & they know that there is no other way to win. They always fall back on their best tool for winning elections. They are the Party of “Cheat’em to Beat’em.

  16. It is no more dangerous to vote in person than it is to go grocery shopping, beer drinking,rioting or attending any social event. Our news media never criticizes protesters/rioters for not wearing mask or social distancing but blast church goers wearing mask and they are so called neutral. Yea right in someones dreams. Use common sense people and we will survive this mess. Never ceases to amaze me but the news people make a big deal,and rightly so,over thousands dyeing of Covid-19 but stay silent about the millions of our children murdered through abortions (women’s choice) as an excuse. Doubt God will make that distention.

  17. BLM is a COMMUNIST organization…so is the democratic part..I hope our militias erase radicals and their destruction!

  18. Please go to vote if you can. Otherwise use absentee ballot to vote. I received those cards in the mail but I shread them. They were phoney looking to me.
    As for the covid deaths in the USA. About 6 percent of our population actually died from covid. Please go to vote
    , It’s like chief 1937 said, it’s safe but use your head. God bless

  19. I hear the NBA who are owned by China wants Americans to go vote at their NBA arenas. I do not believe that is a good idea. They will throw your votes away. Look how LaBrone James is acting for the BLM. This would be a big mistake. Tell every you know not to do that. I know I won’t be going there to vote . Be careful with your vote.
    God bless

  20. The Democrats will never change or tell the truth they want the USA to become a backwards third world country,I believe we should return to the old ways of treating traitors and seditionists try find them guilty then hang them.

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