October 2, 2022

Trump announces updated list of Supreme Court nominees – and takes aim at current court

President Trump isn’t happy with the current Supreme Court – and he’s not afraid to say so.

After a string of disappointing decisions on Obamacare, religious liberty, and DACA, Trump is letting it be known that he wants justices with integrity and courage – characteristics that seem to be lacking in even some of the so-called conservative justices.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced that he would update his list of potential Supreme Court nominees, citing the difficulty of achieving important rulings on issues conservatives cared about.

“I will be releasing a new list of Conservative Supreme Court Justice nominees, which may include some, or many of those already on the list, by September 1, 2020,” he wrote on Twitter.

Here’s the kicker:

The president criticized the current court after the majority ruled against his attempt to repeal President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) amnesty on Thursday morning.

“The recent Supreme Court decisions, not only on DACA, Sanctuary Cities, Census, and others, tell you only one thing, we need NEW JUSTICES of the Supreme Court,” Trump wrote.

Chief Justice Roberts, a Bush appointee and supposed conservative, has repeatedly failed the test of courage, starting with his decision to preserve Obamacare, and going all the way through his cowardly capitulation on DACA.

It’s time for Trump to nominate judges who care more about the constitution that public approval. It’s up to us to give him four more years to do so.


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