April 18, 2021

Trump announces historic peace deal

President Trump just pulled off a major foreign policy coup.

He announced it on Twitter:

Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi issued a statement Thursday which “agreed to the full normalization of relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.”

The accord makes only the third Arab nation to make peace with Israel, following Egypt and Jordan.

Fox News fills in the details:

The statement said that the “diplomatic breakthrough” was at “the request of President Trump,” and that Israel will “suspend declaring sovereignty over areas outlined in the President’s Vision for Peace and focus its efforts now on expanding ties with other countries in the Arab and Muslim world.”

…Trump on Thursday said he had a call with Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The president told reporters Israel and the UAE will “begin cooperation across the board,” along with exchanging embassies and ambassadors. The president said he expected other countries to follow the UAE’s lead on this effort to cooperate with Israel going forward.

The president said the action would be known as the “Abraham Accord,” named for the “father of all three great faiths.”

Read the story here.

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36 Responses

  1. I believe the President reads the Bible. The children of Israel are all Abraham’s seed. The promise is that the children of Israel will be gathered in the Latter days. The Jews were promised they would be gathered into their homeland. Thank you President for helping to fulfill prophecy.

    1. The Bible says Israel is not to give up land for peace. If one remembers, Pres Clinton convinced Ariel Sharon to give up land for peace… GOD caused Ariel Sharon to have a stroke and was bedridden for 8 years before he died. GOD’s word stands.

    2. Then how come he had to borrow his daughter’s bile and hold it wrong when he had his picture taken in front of the church? His inability to read is well known.

      1. Tom, you are so ignorant! Why don’t you get an education.
        Do you carry your bible everywhere you go. It was a photo shoot and maybe someone gave it to him upside down. Why don’t you mental midget ever give anyone a break! BECAUSE YOU ARE SO PERFECT? DON’T THINK SO!

    3. And just like clockwork joe Biden and Obama are trying to take full credit for the peace agreement, sick democrats

  2. This is a monumental agreement and the President and his staff should be applauded for their courage and dedication to make this happen. I believe the rest of the Arab world will begin to see the benefits of this kind of peace treaty and that will be the end or Iran. No one else in history has ever done something like this and America should applaud the President for accomplishing this historial treaty. Heard that Joe Biden is trying to take credit for this and that is simply untrue. I hope America is listening to Joe and seeing what a deceptive and divisive person he really is. He has in his career plagiarized several people claiming it was his own words and now trying to take credit for the peace treaty that President Trump accomplished. It’s time America to wake up and see what is really happening and vote for the President.

  3. With all that is facing him with the election, the COVID virus, people getting sick and dying…fighting the hurtful and incorrect comments by the fake press..and all the cities being attacked by ANTIFA, police being gunned down by BLM protestors…he makes a peace deal with Arabia and Israel . He is a perfect example of a working president…not one who hides in the basement. He has never done that…never will. I hope everyone realizes that this man is FOR AMERICA and not himself!

    1. No ONE in the US, in my humble opinion, could serve as a good, reliable PRESIDENT than President Donald Trump. I sincerely hope he has some help along the way….I mostly do not trust many who work in OUR government these days…..I think many of them are TRAITORS and should be fired.

  4. What this shows to me is this president has the ability to function with highly important issues even while being sabotaged by the democrats. Imagine what could have happened these last 3 and1/2 yeas if Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest would have offered just a little help.

    1. More importantly, he wants to change the definition of a showerhead to let more water to flow, a pet peeve of the president’s because he isn’t getting enough water to keep his ugly hair perfect! Just what a president should be doing, eh?

    1. As I read the agreement, Israel is to discontinue to annex the Western Bank….. All the land belongs to Israel. However, Israel says everything is on the table and that includes annexing the West Bank. If one remembers, then Pres Clinton convinced Ariel Sharon to give up Gaza, Western Bank and Golan Heights. Sharon rejected giving up the Golan Heights but gave up Gaza and Western Bank. GOD brought a stoke on him and he died after 8 years.
      No thanks to Clinton. GOD says, “Don’t give up land for peace.” I don’t think this will last because the Arabs don’t want peace. Amazing… Arabs are 1/2 Jewish. Crazy…

    2. It is NOT up to Americans to decide for the people who live there. Those countries belong to their citizens…not us. God cares more for how we treat each other as humans than about land.

  5. God explicitly ‘Do Not Divide the Land’. NO LAND FIR PEACE IR WE WILL A BE SORRY. GOD RULES, NOT MAN.
    Still –GO TRUMP 2020 WIN!!! AMEN

  6. I am so very proud to live in the USA under our great President Trump! He has helped and done more for our country than ANYONE ELSE! Please—–let’s keep him!

  7. And just like clockwork joe Biden and Obama are trying to take credit for the Israel peace agreement. Sick democrats

  8. According to the Bible,,we are not to divide the land of Israel. I do not agree with any peace treaty. The land belongs to Abraham’s seeds.

  9. There is no question about it, OUR PRESIDENT brokered the greatest peace plan ever and has been working on it for quite awhile but made it happen. Obama didn’t do a damned thing but deceived everyone, got elected President, and in only a few day’s for doing NOTHING, received the Nobel Piece Prize. Now let’s see what that stupid commission will do about this monumental achievement by OUR PRESIDENT.

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