May 13, 2021

Trump agrees to 4-hour debate with Biden hosted by Joe Rogan

In breaking news, President Trump has agreed to a new 4-hour debate between himself and Joe Biden, moderated by popular podcast host Joe Rogan.

Rogan’s podcast specializes in long-form, thoughtful exploration of ideas, and avoids the sound-bite stump-speech style of traditional TV debates. It also requires guests to be able to speak coherently for minutes at a time – without a teleprompter.

Rogan has interviewed dozens of high-profile figures, including presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, whom he endorsed earlier this year.

However, after the orchestrated defeat of Sanders this spring, Rogan described Biden as mentally compromised and indicated a willingness to vote for Trump.

In 2020, politics has become a spectacle. We’re living through an election cycle where one of the major candidates, Joe Biden, has hidden in his basement and refuses to speak in public without frequently resorting to the use of a teleprompter.

What we need is an open, honest discussion or debate between the two candidates. If this debate happens, we might actually get that.

Now the ball is in Biden’s court. Will he accept?

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64 Responses

    1. Bidens controllers not going to allow it.they know old biden has lost it.Democrats voters are brainwashed
      dumb axxes, but his controllers are not that stupid..

      1. The only thing Biden can do for four hours is take a nap. After 47 years in Washington D.C. he is totally out of it. Harris even called it the Harris Biden administration. So she will be President on day one if they are elected. Maybe she should debate Trump for four hours.

    2. You are right Bob, no way that creep will show up. The only reason the debates will go forward is that they will have the question 2 weeks in advance. Democrats running the show again. BS in the highest order.

  1. No, Biden will play “ the bully” like he did with his debate with Paul Ryan! He came off as the school yard bully jerk, then when called on his “performance” his “ people said” oh he has Alzheimer’s, “trying to say he wasn’t aware that he came off so badly! So which is it? Is he competent, or does he have Alzheimer’s? Can’t have it both ways! Either way, he will loose “ bigly”! He is NOT presidential material! His first disagreement with a foreign leader will be disastrous to say the least! Vote RED, keep America free!

    1. Patty, you’re correct on all of your statements except we don’t know that he has Alzheimer’s. That is a specific type of dementia and we are not his doctors. Dementia is a generic ‘category’ which clearly he has. What specific type of dementia, is not up to us to diagnose. Since the family is in such denial, either for POLITICAL reasons or delusion, they may not have even had him tested. Either way, it is CRUEL of the family to push him forward….and clearly irresponsible towards the country -OUR country – that he wants to lead.


        1. His family may have little say in how the DNC uses Biden. You may have noted that they are not gentle people nor have they tolerance for any opposition. It’s the vicious Progressives and the DNC that are driving Biden because they do not have anyone better. He’s cleaner, more honest, a better speaker and a better leader than anyone else in their party. Can you cite anyone better?

      2. Joe has FULL Blown Dementia, I saw it in my father, the Gaffs, the Illusions of Grandeur the speaking of totally off the wall subjects the totally Blank stares into space looking for what to do next, he is in no condition to run a Kool Aid Stand let alone the most powerful country in the world.

        1. I also know the signs of Dementia, I stayed 2 days a week with my son in law for 4 years . BIDEN definitely has it only if it is the early stages. His family knows there is no way they don’t. That’s why is is kept in his basement away from the Media. A DEBATE WILL BE A DESATER.

        2. 40 years in Health Care, the last 10 of which I spent in a facility geared towards Dementia Patients, as well as caring for my Father In Law through his last years, agrees with you. Biden isn’t at Stage 1, he’s fully into Stage 2 and progressing to Stage 3. His Facial Affect is a clear sign, that the light’s on, but he’s not sure if he’s home. His family and handlers are in denial (or worse yet, they don’t care). The list of mannerism/behavior changes he’s exhibiting would cover a whole article.

        1. I feel sorry for Biden the person,. not Biden the politician, hes a fraud, a liar a plagiarst and a mega CROOK! plus unfit metally for anything!

  2. Can’t wait till “””Trump””” destroys “”” ……….””Sleepy Creepy Joe Biden!!!!!!!!!!!””

  3. 4 hours without a teleprompter or the written answers to the questions? Do you really think Biden could handle it? I think not!!

  4. Biden might attend in person, but he will have left his mind ‘somewhere out there’ in his own little LaLa Land.

  5. Quid Pro Joe cannot debate WITH his teleprompter let alone without it!! Chris Wallace will let him do or say anything and will try to cover for him!! Wait and see!!!

  6. Biden cannot finish a sentence. If Trump is smart he should let Biden do all the talking. I’m waiting for Chris Wallace we all know he’ll call out Trump on everything. I can’t believe Trump approved the moron for the debates he’s very partisan

    1. Didn’t you see the one hour interview Trump did at the White House recently, with Chris Wallace. Yes, Chris asked tough questions and Trump answered them. After they were done, Wallace made a statement later that he wished Biden would agree to sit down to an interview and answer the tough questions like Trump did. I think Wallace was surprised, and maybe even a little impressed with Trump’s openness and candor.

  7. He will not show up unless he has a teleprompter, ear piece, or some other tool for cheating. Make sure there is a scrambler in place to stop outside interference.

  8. Biden will probably find an excuse or a “sub” to do the debate!! That should not be allowed!! If he is to be a President of a country, then let him go through ALL of the hurdles!! I have no faith in him…and his V.P. candidate is no prize for the country, as well! If you are a true American, be it original or citizen, know that Biden and Kamala will NOT be working for you…they have another agenda!! Believe me, it is not a good one!! They will destroy America as “we” know it!! It is “already” being destroyed by those “so called PEACEFUL” groups (!!??) Believe me, Pres. Trump might not be Mr. Personality…”BUT” HE is doing the job of a PRESIDENT…without pay…”YOU wouldn’t do that!! HE is NOT A POLITICIAN, he is doing the job he was elected to do…(if the other parties, would “let” him do)…also, HOLLYWOOD & it’s inhabitants should be ashamed!! So much “HATE!!” “They” might have $$$ but ??? … An “entity” unto itself!! God Bless America!!!

  9. I wouldn’t trust Chris Wallace to be a fair moderator. I think Wallace is jealous because he is not the name om everybody’s lips. There will be no fair or decent treatment until Democrats are running this country. If Creepy Joe is elected I do not want to live in this country. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are pure evil. Pray for our country and rid ourselves of evil.

  10. Is this some sort of joke? Biden doesn’t even want to do a debate with mods that will protect him and through softball questions! And people thinks he’ll agree to this! “Come on man!”

  11. IF Rogan’s debate was to go first there would be no need for any other debates, we will have all the information we need to know

  12. When you see how this whole thing has been handled by the Dems it makes you realize
    That their judgment is really impaired. That shows me he cannot be trusted to make any
    Decisions regarding the safety of our country. His family, his wife should be ashamed of herself. There comes a time when you have to realize that all this power they want will
    Come to naught. Love should win out for your family, Biden’s. GOD is in charge, not you. Surrender to HIM and you may save yourselves. Keep on this path and you will destroy yourselves, and our country. God help you.

  13. The very idea of Biden agreeing to a 4hr debate is absurb. Kamala is counting on him to pull out one way or another. The woman is as EVIL as Pelosi and Hillary. Time will tell. His brain is so scrambled he will lose it.

    1. They could easily use the 25th amendment if Biden was elected, and declare him unable to perform Presidential duties due to health reasons. Then you would have Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris running a train wreck.

  14. Is it going to be a podcast? If it is ,then Biden will do the debate from his basement and use the teleprompter. Then it will NOT be a true debate. Do what Bubbelove says: Vote Republican all the way. President Trump 2020

  15. He blames the wildfires, floods and hurricane on Trump what did he and Obama do about those happings when they were in the White House for 8 yrs they couldn’t stop mother nature either sorry DOB

  16. Actually Biden, calling people a “lying dog-face,” tends to play the “Bada….” role, something he accuses Trump of.
    That “old man” can only hope nobody takes him up on his boastful challenges.

  17. Some simply questions the president could ask would be what if you phone number Joe what’s your address these two questions would take biden one hour to answer if he could at all

  18. Make sure you have a scambler out there cuz he’s going to try to cheat with a ear plug he can’t even answer his own f****** wife’s name

  19. Biden would probably have an earpiece to tell him what to say….but 4 hours ???? he would NEVER be able to handle that! We should start taking bets on whether or not he even does it…..I say NO !

  20. If he don’t know the answer he will just laugh like when he was taking his debate to be vice president!!! I have yet to see a Democrat that I would vote for!!! Absolutely RED all the way!!!

  21. POOR OLD JOE would not be able to do this and his handlers know it. I personally doubt that OLD JOE will even do the three scheduled debates with TRUMP.OLD JOE’S handlers will cancel the scheduled debates using COVID 19 as the reason because they know OLD JOE can not function well enough mentally to answer unscripted questions and not able to read the answers off of a TELE PROMPTER.

  22. Biden’s handlers will NOT permit this, as they know that he won’t be able to stand the rigors of it. Biden will collapse like a house of cards. But I prophecise that Dems across the board will support Biden’s NON participation
    in ANY debate because “Trump lies”. Pelosi has already gone on record saying that. I understand that Mr. Trump has requested a drug test prior to the debates, one Mr. Trump is quite willing to also take. Watch the Dems weasel out of that. JMO

  23. I agree it will get worse also we may loose our country we have lost much already of freedom.
    If you can find another country that’s FREE let me know I will pack my bags. The Bible says Evil will become good and Good becomes Evil we see that happening.
    Hard to believe how fillable and deceived folks are. Ugh.
    Pray for Trump!

  24. The whole Democratic party is a demonic scene of the wizard of Oz’s you got the wicked witch (pelosi) , the heartless tin man (Schiff) , the cowardly Lion (Schumer) and the brainless scarecrow ( nadler) the rest of the party’s the evil monkeys . But it’s real !

  25. Biden can’t even read off the teleprompter and get anything right. So I will be really surprised if the DemoRats let him participate in a 4 hour debate with no help from his ear plugs.

  26. Hello, Come to think about Biden? I don’t trust him or believe him. Kamala forget her. Never trust her. She does not fit in the president. The whole thing about them two are dishonest creepy people. We really need to watch them two. Go vote for Trump. He is all we have right now . Don’t let them fool you/us. Something is fishy about the debate coming up soon.

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