April 21, 2021

Trump’s National Security Adviser slashes NSC staff to bare minimum

Donald Trump has prioritized draining the swamp since day one of his presidency, and according to bombshell new report on Tuesday, the White House is not exempt from that goal.

National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien revealed on Tuesday that in service of that goal, he’s in the process of removing half of the staffers on the bloated National Security Council.

The NSC under Barack Obama ballooned to 240 staffers from the 115 employed by the Bush administration, and Republicans have long complained about the bureaucratic redundancy within the advisory board.

When O’Brien took over from ousted NSA John Bolton in September of 2019, Trump instructed him to make “substantial” cuts to the size of the council. O’Brien revealed that his goal is to reduce NSC staff to just 105 members by the end of the summer.

A top White House official told the New York Post that “the staffing reduction is not performance-based and will be carried out by returning staffers on assignment from the State and Defense departments and the FBI.”

O’Brien explained in a statement to the Post on Tuesday that “Under previous administrations, the NSC more than doubled in size and duplicated many of the functions of DoD, State and the intelligence community.”

“Under President Trump, we have brought the NSC back to its proper size and role as a coordinating body,” O’Brien continued.

Women now make up 50 percent of the Council’s leadership, and 12 of the council’s 24 directorates are lead by women.

“We require the best leaders, many of whom are women,” said O’Brien. “Our goal is always to find the very best professionals for each job, and I am very proud of the team we have assembled at the NSC to further President Trump’s agenda.”

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52 Responses

  1. This makes perfect sense glad it’s finally getting hopefully non performing individuals aren’t simply being reassigned. If the other didn’t need them then they should be let go

  2. It saddens me to see the democrats turning into a socialist communist party. What once was a respected American group has now turned their backs on their own citizens, and instead of working for and helping their people they have abandoned us for law breaking illegals, who break the law while others stand in line to become legal citizens. They even reward these lawbreakers by giving them freebies of all kinds. Very sad.

  3. We don’t hear about reducing government very often. Keep up the good work as the swamp is still full!

    1. The swamp has never before been overstocked with Trump’s lackey’s and boneheads as now. He should be in jail with his cronies

        1. Yeah! No wonder with all obama’s sneaky bills & extra employees the government debate went up so much!

      1. Maybe you are part of the swamp . You better gets better candidate and it still will be another 4 more years of president Trump .

      2. Dennis, this is just one of a myriad on the net. Do SOME research.
        “Judiciary Report – Obama Fires 600 George W. Bush Appointees
        Obama Fires 600 George W. Bush Appointees. Department Of Defense Employees Fired. DOD and FBI Spying . December 4. 2008. President-elect Barack Obama. In a move that is closer to his campaign promise of change, President-elect Barack Obama has fired 600 George W. Bush appointees from the Defense Department.”

      3. It is obvious you do not understand english or else you are simply a trouble maker who avoids truth. Read the post as printed size has reduced(meaning less) not increased (meaning made larger). Can’t believe any knowledgeable person could misunderstand this article.

  4. I agree with it 100%. The amount of workers seem to exceed the amount needed. Our government need not be in the business of hiring people just to fulfil job quota. They need to work non-essentials should get a real job, not a slacker!

  5. It is about time we start hearing about reductions. I hope they continue to reduce and save some money.

  6. You notice…there’s always a bonehead troll putting down the president. I could fill a library with the massive misdeeds of Obama and company, but to what effect? When you’ve been fed crap all your life, you regurgitate it.

    In the meantime…MAGA!

  7. Great move! The government is top heavy and needs to be cut down! obama hires need to go from every department!

  8. Great Job. Our objective should be to place the very best most qualified people within the National Security Council whether man of woman. Sex has no variable on who is best qualified for a position in every government agency. We seek only those who stand faithfully in defense of this nation the greatest one in the world. That position as the very best came close to being destroyed as Democrats use much different qualifications to fill government positions. Let’s first determine what will maintain national strength and best serve we the people before seeking those who would absolutely the best at the work they have been chosen to fulfill. The left uses positions to benefit those who are faithful to the party and to hell with what is best for we the people and the nation we control according to the Constitution and bill of rights. God bless America.

  9. President Trump knows in the real world of business, and the USA is one of the largest businesses in the world, it is absolutely essential to generate wealth by reducing waste and redundancy. You can not run a successful business today, paying others to stand around and watch others do the work.

    Conservatives create jobs which generate value. The value of making stuff, offering supporting services, etc., boosts opportunities for people who want to chart their own destiny, while reducing unemployment

    Liberals mask unemployment by creating unessential positions within the Government that generate no real value.

  10. To really drain the Swamp will take time. I hope that swamp includes Demorats like Pelosi and the rest of her useless party. Getting rid of Pelosi is half the battle. Biden sunk his chances of becoming President with his racial slurs. Whats sad is the Demorats are using Biden to do their dirty work.

  11. Great job President Trump and administration!!! Thank you!!! Let’s get that swamp drained!!! Trump 2020!!!

  12. In 1987 my father who was 88 said the swamp needs drained too bad he couldn’t be here to see it THANK PRESIDEt TRUMP we need you to get the evil satanic people OUT


  14. Great News ! Keep Draining That Deep State Swamp #PresidentTrump, So Much Corruption !! We Finally Have A President With Balls That Cares About Our Country & The People, I Have 2 Children In The Military Both On The Trump Train, I Am Turning CT. Purple, Lots Of Support For You Here !

  15. Obama was not for draining the swamp but for draining America!!! Just like the democrat/liberals in there now!!!

  16. Great job, that’s how companies do it when they merge! After a short period of time they reduce all redundancies within all departments. That is how it’s done. Most of you don’t experience this! As you proceed in this process you keep the best to take you far into the future! Obama’s abuse the country by though their ingnorance, they immediately went to live high off the hog. Drain the swamp!!

    1. Daniel, you are on target. Only government grows at exponential rates of ineptness, increasing dead wood. Business cuts all dead wood. Vast difference. Good for PRESIDENT Trump’s administration…continue to DRAIN THE SWAMP~!!!

  17. The White House National Security Council is the principal forum used by the President of the United States for consideration of national security, military, and foreign policy matters with senior national security advisors and Cabinet officials and is part of the Executive Office of the President of the United States.
    NSC members are:
    The president
    The vice president
    The secretary of the Department of State
    The secretary of Defense
    The secretary of the Army
    The secretary of the Navy
    The secretary of the Air Force
    The Secretary of Energy
    The chairman of the National Security Resources Board

    The law also requires two advisers to the National Security Council. They are:

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff serves as the military adviser to the council
    The director of National Intelligence Services serves as the intelligence adviser to the council

    The president has the discretion to invite other members of his staff, administration, and cabinet to join the National Security Council. In the past, the president’s chief of staff and chief counsel, the Treasury secretary, the assistant to the president for economic policy, and the attorney general have been invited to attend meetings of the National Security Council.

    The more members you have, the less effective the council becomes. Obama appointing over 200 members has resulted in an ineffective bloated bureaucracy.

  18. I feel as if ALL of Oboma’s “cronies” should be fired. You know if they were for Obama— they sure aren’t going to be for PRESIDENT TRUMP!! He has done a terrific job since he took office. Keep sweeping the offices clean🥰🥰🥰

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