June 15, 2021

Trump administration announces new sanctions on Chinese government

President Trump has come out in full force against the Chinese Communist Party, much to the dismay of Democrats attempting to appease the Chinese regime.

The Trump administration announced on Friday that the Treasury Department is dropping the hammer on the Chinese Communist Party’s operations in Xinjiang, in the form of hefty economic sanctions.

Xinjian is the once-autonomous region where the CCP has been engaged in brutal cultural genocide against Uyghur Muslims. According to reports, those identified as Uyghur Muslims are subject to invasive surveillance, herded into camps, and forced to undergo sterilizations and abortions.

The Daily Caller reported:

The sanctions pertain to China’s Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), a paramilitary group which operates much of the economy of Xinjiang and orchestrates the persecution of minorities, according to Axios.

The sanctions also hit Sun Jinlong and Peng Jiarui, two high-level CCP members who have held senior positions within the XPCC, according to Treasury Department press release.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin affirmed in a statement that “the United States is committed to using the full breadth of its financial powers to hold human rights abusers accountable in Xinjiang and across the world.”

President Trump has amped up the pressure on China in recent weeks for a number of the Chinese’ government’s disastrous and dangerous actions, such as the mishandling of COVID-19, infringing on Hong Kong’s autonomy, and the horrifying oppression of the Uyghur Muslims.

While Trump has taken bold action to punish China for violating the human rights of its citizens, Democrats in the US government continue to run cover for the CCP, refusing to acknowledge China’s blatant misdeeds.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) lauded China as a “respectable nation” during a Senate hearing on Thursday, despite the CCP’s well-documented abuse of its own people and disregard for its fellow global citizens.

Do you think Trump has done enough to push back against China? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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98 Responses

  1. I don’t want Trump to let up one little bit. China is a vicious nation and they should pay royally for unleashing the Covid 19 on the world!

    1. Trump is on the right track re. China.
      The problem is that like indicting Obama and FBI officials, its too late in the campaign and perhaps in the Trump administration.

      1. Yep we need a miracle I really really really big miracle.
        don’t get me wrong he should keep putting the pressure on them they have done a lot of harm to this world and the Democrats are in their pockets.

      2. I agree with Peter Thayr. If, if Trump is not reflected, the swamp not only continues, but gets deeper, especially if the squad is reelect. O C needs to go back to bar tending.

      1. I think we should enforce sanctions on every member of the Democrats in Congress. These people are good for nothing treasonous sleaze balls!

    2. I agreed with you, China thanks to Barackcaca H. Obasama and all DemocRats have been so abusive, taking a lot of advantage economically, technical, top Secrets and more. At least Trump is acting and doing For America. Not playing around with BS like those DemocRats.

      1. I am sure that Obama played more golf and wasted more time and money than Trump ever has or will. Trump loves America, Obama tried and is still trying to destroy America.

    3. Not only do I believe that China send the Virus did the countries around the world they feel like that they were about to be the most powerful country in the world and they almost dead thank God Donald Trump was elected president of our United States and I believe there are some people going around spreading the Virus my gut tells me that the Democratic Party is involved look at Biden he’s tied to ChinaFor a lot of money him and his son God bless the USA God bless the Trump administration God bless our patriots

    4. No true American wants any mercy shown to the barbaric CCP. Pres. Trump is truly the greatest President and he will take of all Americans and oppressed people. God bless our President and his family.

    1. Put mire and mire hard sanctions on them. Squeeze them hard and don’t stop, out these commies out of biz with trade and cripple the commi govt.

  2. No…. not enough! Keep ratcheting up the sanctions. RINO Neil Bush and Hunter BIDEN have lucrative deals in China. THOSE organizations should be SANCTIONED so they don’t profit by supporting the PRC!!!

    1. Totally agree…take down the crooked Biden’s and Bushes.
      China is a communist country and no true Americans should have any involvement allowing the communists party to prosper!

  3. We stand 100% with mr. Trump. The others are if the blind lead the blind, they all will fall in the ditch.

  4. I am very happy with how you run the government and praying you will be elected by a landslide against these Democrats that have been very hateful since day 1

  5. Keep up the pressure don’t stop they would take it as a weakness and the Chinese sure read our president wrong thought he was going to be easy like Obama and Joe Biden but they have run into someone who knows money and leverage and knows how to use it

  6. China should be held 100% accountable for miss leading the world about Covid 19. Mr. Trump will have to do it no one else has the balls to do it. Thanks for a good job Mr.Trump.

  7. We stand 100% behind President Trump, the best President and we hope and pray that he’ll continue making and keeping America great for the next 4 years.

  8. Do everything to sanction China for all the evil abuses! We’re behind you, President Trump.
    Unlike those pansy Democrats who wish to appease anything that’s against God and America.

  9. China deserves everything they get for what they did to America and around the world. Human life was taken from us, and I hope and pray whatever our President can do to make China pay. They need to pay to the fullest for their crime.

  10. I hope President Trump brings the Chinese to their knees.
    He needs to make their lives as miserable as he can.

    1. Trump needs everyone of us to vote on November 2, 2020!

      If you want America to be a place the world envies because we are a free people and our way of life can’t be matched then get out and support the Republicans and Pres. Trump!!!

      The Democrats have proven they want a government controlled society. They let millions of people suffer without any income or support during the beginning of the Covid 19 crisis. They won’t to take our president down and blame him for all of the fallout from the virus. Tell them not only no, BUT HELL NO! We support our president!!!
      Give them hell Donald!!

  11. We trust Trump totally, but Ihope we are considering sanctions on the CCP Feinstein’s, not only hiring spies but following their money!

  12. Yep we need a miracle I really really really big miracle.
    don’t get me wrong he should keep putting the pressure on them they have done a lot of harm to this world and the Democrats are in their pockets.
    So keep the pressure up and just keep drilling, as a Texan once said maybe we’ll hit oil.

  13. Remember, Biden said they are good folks. He was accusing Trump of being racist and a zenophobe for banning flights coming in from China. You have to wonder how many more Americans would have died if that incompetent clown had been in charge.

  14. Didn’t Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) lauded China as a “respectable nation” have a spy from China working for her? What do they have in the Dems?

  15. I appreciate your work . Keep up the actions against China. They must pay for all the damages to our country and for the theft of our intelligence. Lying and cheating will catch up to them. Stay strong USA.

  16. China owns Biden. He was accusing Trump of being racist and a zenophobe for banning flights coming in from China. You have to wonder how many more Americans would have died if that incompetent clown had been in charge.

  17. I don’t need anything bad enough to get it from China! I hope everyone will spend their money in the U.S.A. Support our small businesses. That will be a big payback when Americans don’t go to work and spend their paychecks in China. TRUMP 2020!

  18. Donald J. Trump is the very first President in American history who actually knows how to run the American Government correctly. Everyone in the U.S.A. needs to vote out of office every Democrat and replace them all with conservatives. The Democrats have just about destroyed our beloved country to impose communism on all of us.
    I agree every Communist Chinese consulate should be totally removed from the U.S.A.. The communist Chinese Government should also be removed from being able to trade with any of the Western Countries. Our Government needs to work effortlessly on combating Electro Magnetic Pulse created from a nuclear blasts that would destroy our country. We need to protect our armed forces from the EMP as well as our electric grid throughout the entire country.

  19. Although I am not a Muslim enthusiast, this is a humanitarian issue and the whole world should be fighting for religious freedom. Next, will be your freedom of religion in your country. Haven’t we learned anything from even ancient history?

  20. KARMA may be ready to deliver a blow to China: the largest dam in the world that was supposed to last 1000 yrs. is slightly buckled due to 1000 yr. rains & floods. If it bursts, it will substantially ruin China’s economy & affect their ability to feed it’s people, not to mention all the people displaced or who die in the flood. It may take out the Wujan Lab.

    So give it a go, KARMA!!

  21. Keep pushing President Trump! You know you have God standing with you and if be for you then NO weapon formed against you will prosper in the name of Jesus!!!


  23. Well I am a s.s and I can not remember when China has tried to steel all our knowledge technology.
    SINCE THE 50s they have stolen from AMERICA, I see them kill people on the news, and now LIE ABOUT IT.
    I thank should Stop all and any good in and out of CHINA and bring our plants back to America including GMC PLANT. STOP ALL FOO,D MEDICAL .

  24. It is good that we have a president that will stand up to the Chinnese Gov, the past presidents didn’t have the backbone to stand up to these so called people. Under the Obama adm. he paid Iran over 250 billion just so he could say he delt with them, the Chinese i don’t know but i’d bet he paid them off too. This president will take us the next 4 years and then who knows.

  25. Yes, I think that President Trump is doing a great job holding china accountable. I dont know that we can expect them to change.

  26. China deserves every sanction Trump can give them. I was just scammed by a Chinese company that 1) I didn’t know I was ordering something coming from China) and 2) the Chinese didn’t deliver the goods. I will not buy anything (goodbye Walmart) from China in the future. I will be shopping very carefully!!! 76 yrs old and learning!!

  27. Buy USA products and we will again be a country of manufacturing and control our own future and not put it in the hands of our enemies!!

    1. Our President can put whatever pressure required on the CCP to convince its leader to step up as far as I am concerned. Our pressure just needs to be consistent and progressive if necessary! Our President has been on the right track from the beginning.

  28. Trump is beginning to hold everyone accountable and it’s about time. Germany yesterday, China today. Trump in many ways didn’t want to be president but as a business man and someone who believed in America, I feel he must have felt the need to try to fix our economy and benefit our country as it should be,,,,, and not let it continue to be run into the ground .

    1. I agree. He loves America and her people. He knew he had what it would take to help save this wonderful nation!

  29. The Chinese communist has been our enemy;the Democrat Party and the left media has corrupted China Money .
    The President Trump has been doing right thing!
    Please to vote for President Trump and The Republican Party for protecting our country!

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