July 23, 2021

Trump administration announces new sanctions on Chinese government

President Trump has come out in full force against the Chinese Communist Party, much to the dismay of Democrats attempting to appease the Chinese regime.

The Trump administration announced on Friday that the Treasury Department is dropping the hammer on the Chinese Communist Party’s operations in Xinjiang, in the form of hefty economic sanctions.

Xinjian is the once-autonomous region where the CCP has been engaged in brutal cultural genocide against Uyghur Muslims. According to reports, those identified as Uyghur Muslims are subject to invasive surveillance, herded into camps, and forced to undergo sterilizations and abortions.

The Daily Caller reported:

The sanctions pertain to China’s Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), a paramilitary group which operates much of the economy of Xinjiang and orchestrates the persecution of minorities, according to Axios.

The sanctions also hit Sun Jinlong and Peng Jiarui, two high-level CCP members who have held senior positions within the XPCC, according to Treasury Department press release.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin affirmed in a statement that “the United States is committed to using the full breadth of its financial powers to hold human rights abusers accountable in Xinjiang and across the world.”

President Trump has amped up the pressure on China in recent weeks for a number of the Chinese’ government’s disastrous and dangerous actions, such as the mishandling of COVID-19, infringing on Hong Kong’s autonomy, and the horrifying oppression of the Uyghur Muslims.

While Trump has taken bold action to punish China for violating the human rights of its citizens, Democrats in the US government continue to run cover for the CCP, refusing to acknowledge China’s blatant misdeeds.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) lauded China as a “respectable nation” during a Senate hearing on Thursday, despite the CCP’s well-documented abuse of its own people and disregard for its fellow global citizens.

Do you think Trump has done enough to push back against China? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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98 Responses

  1. I think that all of the scum that is so much in
    love with China should be sent there for ever
    and never allowed to return to U.S.A. like Pelosi,
    Bill Gates & his wife, AOC, and all of the communist
    scum bags that are in our government get rid of
    all of the dirty lying, thieving stupid idiotic a**holes.
    Then see what an improvement there is. YOU ARE

    1. Yes, you got it right. Those that hate America should move stay gone. They Can’t go there Soon enough

      1. Move and stay gone? What’s wrong with putting them, in JAIL where they belong? TREASON is a criminal offense, why let them leave and plot against America from somewhere else. Punish them for their choices and let others know what happens when they do horrible things against the people in this Nation.

        1. If you put them in Jail you must pay for there stay. Most of Americas Jails are not realy punishment.

  2. Good job .Lord instill in Mr Trumps head wisdom of Solomon..Let Him be wise as a serpent yet harmless as a dove. Order his steps .clear the way to second term of presidency open doors no man can shut…shut doors no man can open.Give him victory over all Americas enemies including his.Those that are wolves in sheeps clothing ….calling themselves as friends with Evil in their Hearts unbeknowing.Fall dead upon The steps of the Whitehouse …whether it be Japan or china or Russia anyone desiring to Take Washington out completely..Let Mr Trump always be One Giant step ahead of Democrats or any person or persons acting in deception in his own party or administration. Lord grant Mr Trump decernment and reveal and expose their true nature out of their own mouth.May Gods Glory expose and dig Deeper and shout the TRUTH from the Rooftops in Jesus Name. ❤ 🇺🇸 ✝ ⛪

    1. Amen, Mary. We join our daily prayers with yours inasmuch as our prayers are the same. Where two or more are joined in my Name, I am. Blessings~ #REDTSUNAMI2020

    2. good job Mary but also the polices an actions of the anti-Christ is on the move now a lot of the mentions in revelation has come to light now i don’t know about you but i’m ready to go the devil is on the move look around look at what this generation is doing.

      1. Why was my comment not printed. I said much about the Democrats and Chinese, and Diane Feinstein and her Chinese connections, and investments.
        I resent this, my comments are just as critical as others.
        I did ask everyone to pray for our President. He has daily hard decisions to make, and needs Gods support as we do, always.
        I said more than Amen.

    3. Amen! God is always in in control. As long as we look up to GOD for everything. We must pray in Jesus’ name. If we let those scumbags take our GOD away from our beloved America, we’ll be in trouble. We must stand up to them. Remember what the BIBLE says…. If we don’t stand up for Jesus Christ, HE will say HE does not know us. Or something like that.

    4. Amen!!! Prayer to our Heavenly Father is what is needed now. Pray for our election and that God’s will be done.

  3. We pray for President Trump and his family everyday. That is what will bring us through. The Lord God has his back. The Democrates are all on a rampage. The bad smell of some very dirty people are uprising like former President Obama. He knows that they all have been exposed eh? What a very bad, sad way to be remembered. Does he enjoy campaigning at funerals? Sounds like to me it is more of an Alford plea?

  4. Obama, Biden, Nancy Pig-losi, Michael Bloomberg, Le Bron James, the NBA, and the rest of the Demo-Rats, have taken so much money from China, they now fully support the Communist Chinese Government!

    The Chinese Government knows all they have to do is throw money at these low life scum bag people, and they will tell the rest of us how stupid we are, for not supporting a Communist Murdering Government!

    Even now, Demo-Rats want illegals allowed into America, to look for work, even though America has 30 to 40 million legal Americans, looking for work!

    Trump is the only one looking out for America, and Americans!

    1. we need to vote all the dems out of office and limit the terms they can stay in office right now they think they have more power than our president plus they are suppose to be working for the best of our people it’s all about how much money they put in their pockets

  5. all I can say to our president is please don’t touch our Social Security and medicare we all worked hard for the little social security we get and it’s hard enough to make ends meet as it is plus we paid into it also we need our post office do away with that and more jobs will be lost please leave it alone

  6. Why was Feinstein never investigated over her chauffeur of 20 years that was a Chinese Spy? And this anti-American Senator has the nerve to call China a “respectable nation”, where does her allegiance reside?

  7. Yes , but we can always do more. I would love to see more Made In America on products instead of made in China, plus our products are Made better and last longer. We Need Trump for another 4Years.

  8. President Trump is doing a fantastic job in dealing with this horrible communist ruthless, immoral, evil, government system that causes more death and distruction than Hitler under the guise of being a respectable from of government! The Democrats in this country who have been selling out America for years should be never allowed to serve in government again! They should be in jail for life for treason!

  9. As TealTiki suggests to put them in jail. Better yet ban them from the US and let them go to China and suffer all of the conditions that they deny are happening and plus we wont waste tax payer dollars supporting them in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get rid of all of the Dems.

  10. President Trump put more pressure on China and the Demonrats and make them all cry again in November. Vote red or we will all regret it

  11. It is long over due, the government in China only cares about making themselves rich at the cost of the people. If the democrats think that China is such a nice place then let them move there.

  12. Yes the Democrats have been in power too long! We need to get rid of all the old-timers. We need term limits for all elected officials! Just like the president. Until that happens it will never change! It’s time to put it on the ballot and vote 🗳 them out!!! They will never do it themselves!

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