August 14, 2022

Trump administration issues executive order REVERSING immigration stance

Just when the media thought they had a club to bash Trump with, he fooled them – again. It’s a maneuver that we’ve seen Trump pull off countless times – and it never gets old.

This time it was about a trivial immigration rule that may have affected the visa’s of international students staying in the US, if their colleges don’t hold classes this fall on campus. The media thought they had a winning story to harp on during the election – “Orange Man forces hard-working college students to leave school.”

Trump just pulled the rug out from under that one.

The AP reported just this afternoon in breaking news:

Of course, the media will portray this as a reversal for Trump. But in reality, it’s an embarrassment for them.

They screamed at him for days, calling him a bigot, a racist, and a nativist because of this policy. In one swoop, he rescinded the policy, as if to say “what do you think now?” Of course, they’ll still scream “racist,” because it doesn’t matter what he does. It’s not the facts that matter, it’s the narrative.

But moderates that Trump needs in November will see right through the media’s rage. They’ll have to wonder why the left is so furiously foaming at the mouth even while Trump is pragmatic and flexible on policy. They’ll see who the real haters and extremists are.

The reality is that Trump is the moderate and reasonable choice in 2020. He’s in favor of legal, smart and hardworking immigrants that come to America to contribute. His grandfather was just such an immigrant.

What he won’t do is compromise Americans security for political reasons, like the open-borders Democrats.

That’s why he’ll win in 2020.

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chief1937 (@guest_1023214)
2 years ago

Trump/Pence for leadership in 2020 Action not words/promises.

Larry (@guest_1023331)
2 years ago

Kick all of the foreign students out of the US

Theodore (@guest_1023395)
Reply to  Larry
2 years ago

Many are using their degrees to do exactly what we’ve been dealing with all summer. Trump is my man and I’m voting for him I don’t care who gets in my way.

Linda (@guest_1023402)
Reply to  Larry
2 years ago

So they come to America, get educated by our country and then take that knowledge back to their own country and then use it against the U S A> ]
We should not ever educate those who are not Americans because they use that against us. American students do not get everything free==so why should others get this free!

Gary m (@guest_1023467)
Reply to  Linda
2 years ago

Other countries should build their own schools. I am tried of foreign students crowding our own kids out of our schools. Send them home.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1023342)
2 years ago

Trump 2020! <kick the chinese students out!!!! ASAP! let the dems boil in their own vomit.

Gary m (@guest_1023435)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
2 years ago

Are Chinese nationals spies, the CCP says so, so should we deport all Chinese nationals.

Linda Sandsness (@guest_1023364)
2 years ago

YES! Let them go home to school online! Save our funds that are supporting them! Them living in our neighborhoods just gives the traitors within cover for their deeds. Case in point, the University in California that just caught a spy?

Julia (@guest_1023371)
2 years ago

I wish all students from all foreign countries that work against the US be rounded up and sent back home ASAP!

Gary m (@guest_1023438)
Reply to  Julia
2 years ago

At their own expense.

Theodore (@guest_1023396)
2 years ago

Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence, Trump, Pence…

P Lightfoot (@guest_1023483)
2 years ago

Chinese spies locked up not deported what would China do to an American spy

Barry.w.vann (@guest_1023576)
2 years ago

If you’re not a citizen of this country, you have no right to be in our schools and take the communist professors with you when you get the hell out of this country cause we don’t want you here! You communist bastards should be hung the second you set for on American soil.

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1027285)
2 years ago

Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.



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