July 1, 2022

Trump administration denies Minnesota appeal for disaster relief funds after riots

Democrat governors and mayors have allowed violence and riots to run rampant in their cities for weeks in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

In Minneapolis, ground zero for the entire mess, rioters destroyed 1,500 buildings which resulted in over $500 million in damages. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) asked the Trump administration for funds to begin the rebuilding process, but Donald Trump said “no.” 

Walz requested that Trump declare Minnesota a “major disaster” area in order to access $16 million worth of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) dollars.

Trump rejected the request after FEMA declared that a “thorough review” of the matter determined that “the impact to public infrastructure is within the capabilities of the local and state governments to recover from.”

Remember, Donald Trump offered to involve the military in order to quell the violence in the twin cities area, but his attempts to prevent the damage were rebuffed.

After the Trump administration opted to require Minnesota leaders to take responsibility for the damage they allowed, the whining began. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey complained that “with local government budgets already stretched thin by the pandemic, the need for compassion and support from the federal level could not be more critical.”

“This decision is another sad reminder that Americans cannot look to this president’s administration for support, even in our darkest hours,” St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter huffed.

At least one Minnesota politician agreed with Trump’s decision, though. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said that “If the federal government is expected to assist in the clean-up of these unfortunate weeks, it has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again.”

Of course, Minnesota has no intention of preventing such violence and riots in the future. In fact, Democrat leaders of the state tacitly encouraged violent protesting and have pledged to dismantle police forces in Minneapolis altogether.

Unfortunately for the good people of Minnesota, Democrat leaders cannot be allowed to rely on the safety net of the federal government any longer, and Donald Trump’s decision — though harsh — is a step in the right direction of holding destructive Democrat leaders accountable for their actions.

Do you agree with Trump’s decision? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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Anne Mag (@guest_1021966)
1 year ago

I agree with President Trump. No tax payers money for these cities whose idiotic mayors and governors allowed lawlessness to occur in their cities. They are law makers who are supposed to be intelligent and educated but their decision to allow lawlessness shows they are now unfit to be leaders anymore. They need to be voted out. I’m proud of our President Trump who is tough and is working tirelessly to make USA great again and he doesn’t even get salary for it. He donates his salary to charity. May God bless you President Trump. God bless USA!

Marilyn Bauer (@guest_1021975)
1 year ago

Trump is right. He is right so much of the time and the Democrats are constantly after what ever he does to help the military or any thing else. Other Presidents have done some of the same things but when President Trump does it and it is his right as President to do, the Democrats are going to take away his right to do that or investigate him for whatever. If the Democrats would work as hard for Americans as they are trying to destroy our President and our country. The Democrats are all for destroying America and it’s citizens.

GI (@guest_1021977)
1 year ago

Agree !! Ask BLM (bigots lying Marxist) and all their funding supporters to Help you !!

Paul Holden (@guest_1021982)
1 year ago

President Trump it totally right, these liberal Democrats can do all their whining, that is what theyare good at. They do not represent the bulk of the population of this country. Let those supposedly in charge take charge and prevent the chaos and mayhem and all the destruction. The honest people of Minnesota should not be stuck with the bill for all the damage. The twit of a governor in my state would probably like to request help for damage here, the nonsense that occurred in Seattle. The vandals causing all the damage should have been apprehended and convicted for their crimes. Make them pay through the nose for all the havoc they caused.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1021984)
1 year ago

Accountability , mayor’s and govener , created this mess , you find a way ! Raise city taxes on the protesters and democrates and news media that supported it . Take that !

Donald Keller (@guest_1021996)
1 year ago

Accountability is one of the biggest problems in our country and we’re seeing the true colors of democrats over the years coming to a head. I hope people can see the results with their tax dollars. Sad but true!

Robert (@guest_1021997)
1 year ago

Trump is and has been the best thing for this Country since sliced bread

Tatyana (@guest_1022028)
1 year ago

President Trump is absolutely right! The governor and the mayor let the city be destroyed, now they have to clean up their mess themselves!

Kenneth Wortman (@guest_1022044)
1 year ago

Governor Waltz and the mayor of Minneapolis and St Paul are the responsible parties. It is not the federal governments or tax payers responsibility to fix your idiotic decisions. You all with your city councilman and advisors make the choice to support Antifa and black lives matter peaceful protest. These protest were violent and destroy the lives of business entrepreneurs and the neighborhoods. It is the responsibility of the governor the mayors, advisors and city councilman to reach into their pockets to make this right. Again it is not the tax payers or federal governments responsibility.

Lee GRAHAM (@guest_1022046)
1 year ago


Pam K (@guest_1022066)
1 year ago

Thank God for President Trump. He knows when to say No to those idiots in Minneapolis, they should be voted out.

Jacquelyn (@guest_1022092)
Reply to  Pam K
1 year ago

I completely agree! They kicked back and allow them to destroy now let them kick out the dollars to repair!

Nancy (@guest_1022129)
Reply to  Pam K
1 year ago

I completely agree with our president. This could have been prevented at the local and the state level. Neither level of elected officials made an attempt to keep the protests in check. This was not a peaceful protest but rioting and looting allowed to occur by elected officials. The federal government has nothing to do with this behavior. Our federal dollars should not be used to clean up a mess that should never have been allowed to escalate to that level.

susan (@guest_1022138)
Reply to  Pam K
1 year ago

I agree with President Trump . Democrats need to take RESPONSIBILITY for OUR actions. That is the ONLY WAY we learn …… voting for irresponsible officials have consequences .

susan (@guest_1022139)
Reply to  susan
1 year ago

….. their actions it should read

Larry E (@guest_1022068)
1 year ago

This is a man-made disaster that the so-called officials of Minnesota not only allowed but encouraged!!! They refused President Trump’ s help when it could have done some good and now have the audacity to beg for money!!! I say they made their bed, now let them lie in it!!! This would be different if it was a tornado or earthquake but they did this to themselves!!! Maybe they should ask George Soros for the money!!!

Lou (@guest_1022072)
1 year ago

Maybe Soros will give them the money to rebuild.

William Lockridge (@guest_1022227)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

Clinton should probably chip in too,

Carolyn (@guest_1022255)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

SOROS and Clinton and Obama HAVE been the ring leaders here so like you say!! LET HIM and THEM FIX THE MESSES!!

Michael Heckert (@guest_1022281)
Reply to  Lou
1 year ago

He has lots of money. He the one that paid the BLM to tear and burn the city down.

Geri1043 (@guest_1022076)
1 year ago

I agree with President Trump if you allow destruction in your cities why do you except the tax payers to clean up your mess you don’t deserve it idiots that’s a democrat for you.

David Warner (@guest_1022078)
1 year ago

They should have to pay them selfs cause there the ones letting it happen.

John Phinny (@guest_1022148)
Reply to  David Warner
1 year ago

My tax dollars should not be used to fix their stupidity.

brooks epley (@guest_1022085)
1 year ago

let the ones who did the deed pay for it to be fixed not every body eles pay for your mistakes you broke it you fix it where is resposibility for your acutions no free ride

William Lockridge (@guest_1022226)
Reply to  brooks epley
1 year ago

That’s something you don’t hear much anymore. I was raised that way. I was taught that, if you borrow tour neighbors’ lawnmower, and break it, guess what, your neighbor gets a new lawnmower. I don’t care if it was made in 1960. It worked when you took it. No one seems to want to take the responsibility for their actions anymore.

Leila (@guest_1022087)
1 year ago

I agree they should call Soros for help, to late to ask for our money to help. If they deside to do it again the governor will let them.

Debby (@guest_1022365)
Reply to  Leila
1 year ago

This destruction by these Democrats are orders from the U.N. which is a haven for commies.Biden has said he will finish what Hussain wanted Transform America.STAND w/President Trump they hate You. Global take down.No Tax Money for there indirection.Gitmo Traitors

Esther B Jones (@guest_1022111)
1 year ago

They refused help while all this was festering. Each city and state is helping their own businesses that were looted or destroyed.
Don’t send our tax dollars to those ungrateful politicians.

Boyd A Hedin (@guest_1022120)
1 year ago

a resounding no to aid for stupidity!!

Shari Mikaelsson (@guest_1022127)
1 year ago

I agree. They should have done something to prevent all that damage. Maybe they should sue the groups that are responsible for the damage.

Nathan Baker (@guest_1022130)
1 year ago

Yes I fully support President Trumps decision NOT to send millions of dollars to help pay for their Democratic officials cowardice and stupidity!.

Laura Marble (@guest_1022137)
1 year ago

Absolutely I agree 100% with President Trump!!

Patricia Gow (@guest_1022141)
1 year ago

I absolutely agree with President Trump not to send aid to not send taxpayers dollars to an area where the stupidity and ignorance of the local and state government refused to take responsibility for the mess that was left there by thugs and other misfits. Clean up your own backyard.

Alice Smith (@guest_1022144)
1 year ago

Yes I agree fully with President Trump!

Pyara Chauhan (@guest_1022160)
1 year ago

The disaster that was visited on Minniapolis-St Paul should be a lesson for America that there is no place for violence on that scale to settle political and other differences. This is capable of wiping out the greatest and the most powerful nation on earth if it is allowed to fester. There is no question that the enemies of the US on the outside are busy taking advantage of disgruntled elements, not only to sow discord but also to encourage violence such as was witnessed in Minnesota. The sooner we unite to restore peaceful and democratic open discourse the better it will be for the nation.

Diane (@guest_1022161)
1 year ago

Finally. He gave them enough rope to hang themselves and they took it. Now deal with it. He offered, you rejected to make him look bad. You deserve what you chose .

Jeannie Storey (@guest_1022237)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

so agree with you Diane and our President is doing a wonderful job. He does not need to help them as he stated, they refused the help he offered so as far as I am concerned, it’s their mess let them fund it and clean it up! Thank you, President Trump! God’s got your back!

Barbara Magargal (@guest_1022164)
1 year ago

I totally agree with President Trumps decision. Nobody in Minnesota, New York and other democratic states even cared about their city. They just let the rioters have as much fun as they wanted, burn down building, deface buildings, statues, streets and on and on. Then they have the audacity to ask for help to rebuild……….NOT EVEN!!! They allowed this disaster, so they can figure out a way to fix it. Soro’s funded the rioting, let him pay for repairs! Or, maybe Hillary could throw some of her stolen money in the pot…

James (@guest_1022165)
1 year ago

Thank you Mr President. We the taxpayers applaud your strength and the fortitude to say NO!!!! Let these idiots clean up their own mess. Maybe, the good people of Minnesota will develop some backbone and recall these excuses that allowed this to happen. Let their damn taxes soar. This made my day!!!!!!

nikolay ryaboy (@guest_1022174)
1 year ago

In addition to what Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said, I would recommend that Governor and Mayer would immediately resign and others would be temporarily appointed instead of them antill the elections in November 2020 so that this would not happen again in the near future.

Eric Soesbe (@guest_1022185)
1 year ago

Absolutely and completely agree with Trump on refusing aid to a state (Minnesota) and city (Minneapolis) that refused to request federal support prior to their problems of rioting, vandalism, looting and failing to support their policemen and women in these outrageous acts of civil disobedience. The Democrat Governor and Mayor allowed the violence and rioting to begin and continue until they lost all possibility of control; hence, Trump is not willing to use federal funds to “ clean up” the damages, discord and undisciplined citizenry.

Jo (@guest_1022188)
1 year ago

Oh, yes, have Trump give them money to fix what they themselves allowed to be trashed and hey, later they can up the taxes if their voted in again. These people disgust me and I have no respect for them at all. They deserve no respect.

Natalie Wood (@guest_1022200)
1 year ago

I agree with our President ! Very wise decision ! Trump 2020! And new Governers and Mayors in all democratic states .

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1022201)
1 year ago

Thank God our Commander-in-Chief has a much higher intellect than many lower level politicians. The response declares that the damage inflicted on public infrastructure is well within the financial ability of the local and state governments to handle. Add to that the savings state-wide on Police defunding and disbanding and Minnesota has more than enough funding to repair the damage.
By the way, just in case you haven’t read it; two board certified pathologists determined, independent of one another, that there is no physical, scientific evidence to indicate that George Floyd died of strangulation, nor did he die of asphyxiation. Call up the report and read it. It even states that, “Chauven did nothing to contribute to Floyd’s death.” It was also stated that Floyd complained that he couldn’t breath. The pathologists said that if Floyd could say “I can’t breathe,” he was able to breathe. A person who cannot breathe cannot speak.
As usual, the Democrat Communists react ignorantly before the investigation is conducted and the facts are known. Barack Hussein Obama did the same thing with the police matter involving Prof. Gates that as everyone now knows resulted in the beer party in the WH rose garden.
Oops ! Looks like the Communists in America used the wrong trigger mechanism to prematurely begin their coup of the United States. Law Abiding Americans. Arm yourselves heavily and load up on ammo to protect your families, your homes and yourselves. Train with your weapons and become very comfortable with them. If you are so inclined, start a militia group with your family and very close friends. Talk, plan, train. Develop tactics. Protect one another. Remember, the element of surprise plays to your advantage.
The Democratic Communist Party, Barack Hussein Obama, George Soros, and numerous other Dem supporters have pushed us to this point. Prepare for whatever’s to come.

Jim daquisto (@guest_1022202)
1 year ago

Great step in the right direction thanks Mr President
The state should be responsible for itself when they support things like looters and rioters
Reap what you sew

Anne (@guest_1022207)
1 year ago

I totally agree with President Trump’s decision to say “No” to Minnesota’s request for money to rebuild. The rioters and BLM should have been stopped before any of their stupid actions got out of hand. What they did was beyond disgusting and shameful.

Mea (@guest_1022213)
1 year ago

I agree 100% with the President. Thank you President Trump. Let this be a lesson to the militant BLM, to Ilhan Omar and the persons governing Minnesota. They are the authors of this debacle so let them pay for the damages. The “liberal squad” the champion of terrorism, the fake news network and the backer of all of them George Soros can pay to fix the city! One thing I know, a lesson life has taught me…. every damage in life has a price that needs to be paid. Let this be an example for other cities….. Seattle, New York, Atlanta, Chicago…..and too many others to state……that they cannot expect the Federal Government to bail them out of the crimes committed in their cities by terrorists. It was a blatant show of lawlessness and disregard by the local government of these cities toward the peaceful, law abiding citizens of the areas under their jurisdiction.

Mea (@guest_1022220)
1 year ago

Good Answer….
No, No and NO !!!

Lou (@guest_1022247)
1 year ago

I fully agree with the President as they refused his help and continued to allow these thugs to destroy the buildings. I think the Mayor and Governor should take the responsibility and go after those that did the destruction. Let Black Lives Matter organization and Antifa pay for their destruction. I always believed that if you are a parent and your child does damage to someone’s property. Then the parents should make that child work to pay for the wrong that they did, otherwise the child will never learn. What really ticks me off is that the Mayor tries to make the President look bad because he won’t pay for their bad decisions. Mayor Carter you allowed the wrong to be done so take the responsibility and clean your own mess up.

Joni Woollen (@guest_1022250)
1 year ago

It’s called tough love

Larry Beagle (@guest_1022253)
1 year ago

Thank you Mr. President
We can see where our tax dollars would have went if a Democrap was in the oval office.



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