May 25, 2022

Trump administration denies Minnesota appeal for disaster relief funds after riots

Democrat governors and mayors have allowed violence and riots to run rampant in their cities for weeks in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd.

In Minneapolis, ground zero for the entire mess, rioters destroyed 1,500 buildings which resulted in over $500 million in damages. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz (D) asked the Trump administration for funds to begin the rebuilding process, but Donald Trump said “no.” 

Walz requested that Trump declare Minnesota a “major disaster” area in order to access $16 million worth of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) dollars.

Trump rejected the request after FEMA declared that a “thorough review” of the matter determined that “the impact to public infrastructure is within the capabilities of the local and state governments to recover from.”

Remember, Donald Trump offered to involve the military in order to quell the violence in the twin cities area, but his attempts to prevent the damage were rebuffed.

After the Trump administration opted to require Minnesota leaders to take responsibility for the damage they allowed, the whining began. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey complained that “with local government budgets already stretched thin by the pandemic, the need for compassion and support from the federal level could not be more critical.”

“This decision is another sad reminder that Americans cannot look to this president’s administration for support, even in our darkest hours,” St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter huffed.

At least one Minnesota politician agreed with Trump’s decision, though. Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) said that “If the federal government is expected to assist in the clean-up of these unfortunate weeks, it has an obligation to every American — prior to the release of funding — to fully understand the events which allowed for this level of destruction to occur and ensure it never happens again.”

Of course, Minnesota has no intention of preventing such violence and riots in the future. In fact, Democrat leaders of the state tacitly encouraged violent protesting and have pledged to dismantle police forces in Minneapolis altogether.

Unfortunately for the good people of Minnesota, Democrat leaders cannot be allowed to rely on the safety net of the federal government any longer, and Donald Trump’s decision — though harsh — is a step in the right direction of holding destructive Democrat leaders accountable for their actions.

Do you agree with Trump’s decision? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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RJE (@guest_1022267)
1 year ago

O LD FART SAYS ITS about time we got a man with a backbone. Trump 2020

JOHN COOPER (@guest_1022270)
1 year ago

When the governor and mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul refused the US government to intervene ad stop the rioting they were saying “Don’t bother us, we can take care of the situation.” Now they want the feds to clean up their mess. Thanks to a man of knowledge and intelligence in the White House they will have to clean up their own mess.

Jim (@guest_1022275)
1 year ago

Good for President Trump! Remember, he offered to help them stop and prevent damage and was rebuked, so why should the citizens of the US end up paying for the damage these worthless one created?

Betty (@guest_1022353)
1 year ago

I hope the GOOD people of Minnesota will fix their problem with the next election. As long as they elect liberal people they will continue to have problems like this. I fully expect for this to get worse and continue to be a problem. Too many people have decided that they should be taken care of without any effort to work on their part. The rest should not have to pay to support the ones that make no effort to take care of themselves.

harold Blackburn (@guest_1022354)
1 year ago

Stand firm prez you are the man These states that stand by and back these people that riot and
burn and destroy thier cities should not depend on the tax payers to bail them out……..This country
should stand for law and order and protect our police and not the thugs that loot and kill the people

JANE (@guest_1022360)
1 year ago

I am in support of OUR PRESIDENT’S DECISION. If one allows damages then they should be responsible for the

Anthony J. Orecchio (@guest_1022369)
1 year ago

I support the President 100%. It’s about time we have a President that knows when to say NO. The Democraps should pay for their own stupidity. Way to go Minnesota! Way to screw things up. Minnesota’s leaders could have prevented all of their problems.

Ron Ross (@guest_1022371)
1 year ago

The President is correct. MINN. Democrats rebuffed the help and now are whining over their porridge and whey as they sat on their tuffets too long without a brain

larry ossler (@guest_1022386)
1 year ago

Somebody should ask all democratic mayors/governors if they are COMMUNISTS? Their reply should be interesting since their democratic party has optioned to be not liberal but anti-american/communists.

John (@guest_1022393)
1 year ago

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Deborha Schmitt (@guest_1022404)
1 year ago

I completely agree with President Trump! This could have been prevented at the local and the state level. Neither level of elected officials made an attempt to keep the protests in check. This was not a peaceful protest but rioting and looting allowed to occur by elected officials. The federal government has nothing to do with this behavior. Our federal dollars should not be used to clean up a mess that should never have been allowed to escalate to that level.

Esther Meyers (@guest_1022479)
Reply to  Deborha Schmitt
1 year ago

Well said

Paul Wilson (@guest_1022790)
Reply to  Deborha Schmitt
1 year ago

I wouldn’t allow any of them to get a danm dime of tax payers money the demons hate trump but they want our money to fix their destruction every one of them should be thrown out of office.

Patricia Welborn (@guest_1022967)
Reply to  Deborha Schmitt
1 year ago

I agree 100% with President Trump.

Jonathan V Preble (@guest_1022410)
1 year ago

There is no way the federal government should spend a dime to rebuild. Democrats let it happen so they need to live with it.

Kay Moore (@guest_1022414)
1 year ago

They had an offer Of help the governor said no it was a Love Feast and she did not want Trumps help. She shut eyes to the killings, rapes and destruction of business. She brought all the destruction, killings and anything else that happe. Let her suck it up.

Ily (@guest_1022415)
1 year ago

They let it happened, they should also be forced to fix it.

Jonathon Swift (@guest_1022419)
1 year ago

Excellent call from our duly elected president! Frey and Walz are idiots and fools! They let this ridiculous nonsense happen and then they have the nerve to ask for money! Demonrats! Mpls. has got to get themselves a Republican mayor and MN has to get a Republican governor!

Catherine Brannan (@guest_1022461)
1 year ago

You allowed it you take care of it.

Esther Meyers (@guest_1022476)
1 year ago

I agree with Trump,they were offered help they wouldn’t take it to bad for them,maybe now they can get their heads screwed on tight.

chief1937 (@guest_1022541)
1 year ago

Some people have all the nerve. Refusing assistance to prevent the damage then turn around and request the federal government provide tax payer monies to repair their damages. Way to go Mr. president they made their decision to shut the federal government out of defending their cities now they both governors and mayors can clean up their own mess by taxing their people which just may cost some of them their jobs and rightly so. Poor decisions sometimes are expensive.

Sharon (@guest_1022562)
1 year ago

Bill the Democrat Mayor and Governor. The police had already arrested the cop so these so called Democrat leaders are responsible for this riot to have ever happened. By doing nothing but encouraging the presence of these rioters they become responsible for aiding and abetting these thugs to loot, burn businesses and the murder of two people inside of Chop. You two and those who voted you into office should pay the penalty for your fascist decisions.

Ann Marie Wehnert (@guest_1022584)
1 year ago

He is absolutely right. These hoodlums need to feel the pressure and be made to pay for their crimes, including the leaders of the State and Cities. This is what they want, now they can pay. It should not be on the backs of those who do not agree with them.

Dar (@guest_1022627)
1 year ago

They can cancel the City Council’s guards and pay for repairs.

Kevin L Cornelius (@guest_1022722)
1 year ago

The American taxpayer is not responsible for the incompetent politicians lack of action that the voters of Minneapolis elected who allowed the destruction of so many businesses and other buildings. Here’s a novel idea: How about the voters vote out those who allowed and encouraged the destruction.

JG (@guest_1022748)
1 year ago

YEA I SURE DO>> and GOOD for him.. NOW to do some tough love on rioters and protesters.. AND on the ones destroying statues. PUT THEM BACK.. and either jail the rioters or protesters or draft them
Start teaching History in school

Lee (@guest_1022792)
1 year ago

No city or state which condoned this upheaval and destruction is worthy of Federal Government funding. Non-residents in the affected areas have no responsibility to bail out the Democrat-led cities or states. Let the residents of those affected cities or states foot the bill!

Barry w vann (@guest_1022938)
1 year ago

Good for president Trump. We’ve finally got a president with some balls. Now it’s time to start shooting these communist bastards. You spineless white people better stand up for your rights or YOU will be destroyed.

Karen Tanner (@guest_1023213)
1 year ago

I ABSOLUTELY agree with President Trump in the decision concerning the mayors and democratic leaders, governor, etc. President Trump DID OFFER to send in the troops to help when these POLITICIANS were allowing all of the destruction was taking place. THEY allowed their citizens to be victimized, looted, and buildings to be destroyed. These democratic politicians don’t deserve the monies to rebuild with tax payers money. I think it takes a lot of nerve to blame President Trump for ALL their woes. Anyone who believes in or backs the Democrats get exactly what they deserve, NOTHING. THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF WHINING BABIES THAT STILL WANT TO BE NURSED ON A TEET. Thank you President Trump for your decision not to bail these spoiled leaders out. That’s what is wrong with this country today. Spoiled, selfish people Who have NO shame and they WON’T take responsibility for their actions. Remember, what goes around comes around. You reap your own destruction. So, if you want to blame anyone for what is taking place, blame YOURSELVES!!!!!!!

Patricia Phillips (@guest_1031480)
1 year ago

I agree with Trump’s decision. The Democrats brought this mess on themselves. Trump offered to send them help and they refused it !
Now it’s their problem to rebuild their cities !!

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