October 4, 2022

Trump administration completes promised 450 miles of border wall in 2020

President Donald Trump has always put the American people first. More importantly, he’s always made good on his campaign promises when possible.

The Washington Examiner reported on Tuesday that 450 miles of wall along the U.S.-Mexico border had been completed by the end of 2020 — just as the president had promised. According to acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan, the final sections were finished last month in time for a Dec. 31 briefing.

“He actually listened and heard from the experts, from the folks that are on the border — from the front lines of the American border every single day,” Morgan said, crediting the president’s assistance for the success. “He went down — he didn’t just hear them. He listened to — traveled down to the border, he learned about the border.”

The Defense Department’s Army Corps of Engineers coordinated the grand undertaking, sifting through bids and granting contracts to companies willing to work efficiently. At one point, as many as two miles of steel sections were erected a day, some towering near 30 feet.

During the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, Trump promised to erect a wall along half of the nearly 2,000-mile border that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Once in office, his efforts were stymied by Democrats who suddenly became penny pinchers, forcing Trump to declare a national emergency to secure the additional $10.5 billion necessary for the project that included new roads and lighting for the border wall area.

Although the total mileage for the project has fallen short of his original goal, Trump made good on a July 2020 promise to finish a whopping 221 miles by the end of the year to complete the 450 miles promised in Jan. that year.  “President Trump took office with the promise to build the wall and secure our southern border — a promise he has kept,” Chad Wolf, acting Homeland Security Secretary, said Tuesday in a statement. “From the start, the president listened to operators on the ground and has pushed for funding for physical infrastructure, access roads, lights, cameras, and sensors — a full package to secure our border.”

The completed sections may help thwart the inevitable onslaught of illegal immigration that will come with President-elect Joe Biden’s incoming administration. Shortly after winning the 2020 presidential election, Biden doubled down on his promise to push through “a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people in America” in his first hundred days, Fox News reported.

Trump made border security a priority in his campaign and administration. For too long, Democrats have pandered to illegal immigrants as a possible new voter base while Republicans saw the clear threat of allowing millions of people into the country unvetted.

The days of border security and America first are almost finished now, and the U.S. will once again be a free-for-all for asylum seekers, criminals and terrorists alike — there will be no way of knowing — under the new Biden administration. Are country will be worse off without Trump in so many ways.


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