May 13, 2021

Trump says 2019 hospital visit was not related to ‘series of mini-strokes’

New York Times correspondent Michael Schmidt claimed in a new book that Vice President Mike Pence was informed to ready himself to assume presidential duties after President Trump was briefly hospitalized in 2019.

Donald Trump just responded to the allegation on Tuesday, tweeting that the incident “Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS,” and White House physician Dr. Sean Conley also issued a statement affirming the president’s claim. 

Speculation ran wild in November of 2019 after it was revealed that Donald Trump made an unannounced visit to Walter Reed hospital. The White House said at the time that the visit was made as a part of his annual physical exam, and Trump tweeted the morning after the visit that “everything very good.”

Schmidt claims that there was a much more serious underlying medical problem in his forthcoming book, which was obtained by CNN this week.

“In the hours leading up to Trump’s trip to the hospital, word went out in the West Wing for the vice president to be on standby to take over the powers of the presidency temporarily if Trump had to undergo a procedure that would have required him to be anesthetized,” Schmidt wrote, though he cited no sources to back up his claim.

Trump has dealt with an onslaught of speculation about his health from the left as many on the right question the cognitive health of opponent Joe Biden.

Trump responded on Tuesday, “It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate – FAKE NEWS. Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!”

Trump’s tweet is already igniting further speculation about his health, as Schmidt’s book did not allege that Trump specifically received treatment for a stroke. #TrumpStroke was trending on Twitter with over 60,000 tweets on Tuesday morning.

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52 Responses

    1. It’s called diversion.Take the spotlight off Biden, because of his obvious mental problem(s) and shift it on Trump. Shameful!

      1. Yep they have no narrative left…they know they r in trouble nov..landslide coming……and crooks going to jail


    3. They did .lol They just got the names wrong. You know how they blame Trump but it is actually the other side?

      1. Bet me Helen. Your so called beloved Donald Trump lies and snows people like you and everyone else who responded favorably for this so called president. He has divided the country. 4 more years of him…..heaven help us.

        1. “Heaven help us”, if Creepy, Sleepy Uncle Joe gets elected President. We will be up the creek without a paddle. Abortion on demand, highest taxes ever, a President who isn’t, “all there” at 3:00am, when the red phone rings, or the Jihadists decide to lob a missile in our direction.

        2. TDS (Trump derangement Syndrome) at its best the democrats have done nothing since Bill Clinton oh that’s right crappy Obama care the right to pay for crappy health care services they have done nothing for 20 years and we are to believe that sleepy joe who has been there for 47 yrs all of sudden for year 48 is magically do something yes he is lining his pockets off shore Bank accounts for him and his criminal family that’s why he is running he will be cashing out while crazy Bernie AOC Pelosi Schumer will run the country in other words the inmates of the asylum will be running the show !!!! TRUMP202
          Vote straight red ticket make media cry again!!!!!!!!

    4. Take the spotlight off Biden’s dementia. Trump has never called his wife his sister nor his sister or daughter his wife. I had a client at one time during my many years as a caregiver of clients with brain trauma, dementia and Alzheimers that often confused his wife and I. He had severe brain trauma from an accident of colliding with a semi. Biden often reminds me of him with the cognitive mistakes he makes.

    5. Perfect response! Yes, why don’t we have those news rooms telling us the truth about Biden’s seriously increasing lack of mental capacity…that any presidential candidate should have! It infuriates me, that a single health check up which everyone should have once a year..especially our president, would stimulate these fake reporters to make up this stuff…maybe he also had a brain tumor removed over lunch!!!!

  1. Seems to me if I can remember correctly that is called slander. I would sue the piss out of Schmidt. For slander and defamation of character that or shove my fist down his Throat lol President Trump has to be one hell of a man to keep taking all these lies and still want to serve the U.S. I have to much of a temper

    1. I agree with you… but, get ready, it’s just the beginning of lies and more lies that the left will use to try and keep him from winning the election… It’s gonna get bad because they know Biden doesn’t have a chance of winning….I just wish he would start exposing them for their corruption


    2. Me too! I would have long ago, done some serous damage to someone’s face….he has to have the most controlled temper I have ever seen…and maybe, that is what the president has to have…God Bless Him for that! Can you just imagine a newsflash that says our President Trump smashed the Korean president in the mouth…or perhaps, on our shores, Schumer! I would dance around the room!

    1. Louis you’re 100% correct . It’s just like obama picked him because he’s a useful Idiot . They know Biden is Soo Corrupt they could get away with anything and everything . But Thank Goodness President Trump Will be re-elected and by even More than he beat Crooked Hilary !!

  2. to answer you with a mimimal of words, they want him to be the TROJAN horse to get the likes of Odunnuthin back in the Whitehouse. he has used his time, but can be a Vice President. if uncle sniffy suddenly dies, or is baker acted, or 25th amendmented, v.p ROUNDHEELS can appoint Barry Soretos as her v.p. this gives him the entry through the backdoor, to the whitehouse. have you seen all the polls lately asking if the American people would support a third term from this imposter??? they are doing this to get a feel for what they plan to do if for some miraculous event Uncle sniffy is elected. Just vote red all the way down to dogcatcher on November 3, 2020, and dash the hopes of the uneducated whose sole purpose is to get President Trump out. they would vote for a radish if they thought it could beat Trump!!!!!

    1. I fear, southern proud, that you may have hit the nail on its head. Certainly makes sense to me, since we all know how totally crooked the DemWit party is anyway.

    2. No, Barry cannot be the vice president! No one can be vice president without being eligible for the presidency and since Barry has already done the maximum of years as president, he is not eligible to be vp! He was never constitutionally eligible to be president in the first place and was nothing but a fraud and an usurper of the office. One must be a “natural born citizen” to be eligible for the presidency or vp. A natural born citizen is one born on U.S. soil to a citizen father and a citizen mother, PERIOD. His Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen, ever. Kamala Harris is also not eligible to be vp or president, should they somehow win, and Biden is taken out because of his health issues. She was born in California, but both of her parents were foreign nationals, not citizens.

  3. Like the President says. It NEVER ENDS with the DONKEYS! They just have to fearmonger fearmonger fearmonger. When are they going to be honest for a change and TELL the TRUTH? As Mary Jo says above, why dont they report on Bidens condition? oh but he’s so healthy !!! These people are liars, dishonorable, not journalists, mean spirited and they will be hit by KARMA by losing their ratings to ZERO!

    1. I wait with baited breath for that to happen…better take’s going to be a long wait. The news is so biased that anything they say is supposedly GOLD…I think they forget, we the voters can see through the smut, dirt and out and outright lies…if it smells like a pig, it is one! The real Biden is being used by the democrat party…he’s like a 5 year old being led to every thing they want hm to speak at…but like a 5 year old, can;t remember all of his lines…so he just says whatever comes into his addled mind…, we have see this happen…multiple times. The man is a sorry candidate for the presidency…what other countries must think of our country and the fool they have for a Democrat party…VOTE TRUMP!

      1. It’s not that they forget they just think if you’re not a liberal you’re too stupid to comprehend what they’re up too. In their minds if we support Donald Trump we must be stupid.

  4. those reports come from people who need psychiatric help!! They would sue someone who said these things about them. !

    1. I believe that anything that comes out of the New York Times is trash and I wouldn’t believe anything they say Even if they say the sky is cloudy I’m gonna look at it and see for myself the New York Times is 2nd to only Adam Schitt for brains
      TRUMP 2020 SEMPER FI. U.S.M.C.

  5. I personally agree with the President. It’s the Democates boy, “Biden”, that has probably had mini strokes, because that happens with people that have dementia and without doubt Biden has dementia. My husband has had many mini strokes and he has dementia. If it isn’t one thing the Demos are making up, it’s another. Do people believe all this crap that the Demos are putting out, because if they are, they all need their brains examined. I love that everyone in the world is writing a book and it’s even worse that people are spending money on these books, which mostly are filled with lies. Gee! I need to find a subject to write a book on.

    1. I agree Jan. Think I will write a book about how crooked our government had gotten under the previous administration and their followers with the title being ” My Government’s decay during my life time.” Should make the best sellers list the first month out. Only difference I intend to plaster a warning on mine that says( May contain some errors Buyer be ware.) With people being so accustomed to false news I figure being honest it should prosper greatly. Sound like a winner?

  6. The demo-bums are saving a big HIT on Trump for Nov.2, 2020. I think it will, no I am sure it will be about his health. Some renowned surgeon of communist persuasion will say something like has stage 4 CA of the funny bone and has days to live. Prepare for that one.

  7. It’s just more Democratic Party lies every day they come up with more bs. It’s hard to believe that the Democratic Party acts like little kids. They have no business in our government they hate America they hate blacks whites brown their all about keeping our country divided we the hell with them come November three we’re voting all of them out.

  8. Panicking Democrats are at it again. With all their previous attempts to unseat our president they are now on a false claim about his health. When will they realize all this false accusations path is only making Trump look better as it shows they fear him because he is not a politician but a business man that they can’t sway with their rhetoric and lies. Trump/Pence 2020 new house leader also.

  9. What a bunch of low down dirty underhanded Democrats They are digging there grave deeper and deeper. They started al the BlM and Antifa thinking when they won the white house they would stop it well guess again it will take our President to stopit not the low life Dems

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