September 30, 2022

Trial of Ghislaine Maxwell confirms horrifying allegations about pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein appears to have been a prolific pedophilic monster. Now the trial of his alleged co-conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell reveals he may have had the help of a willing accomplice.

Witnesses at Maxwell’s trial alleged she had an active role in their abuse as minors at the hands of Epstein, the Daily Caller reported. One victim even alleged that Maxwell was present during a sexual encounter between Epstein and the then-underage girl.

A witness identified only as “Jane” said she was 14 when Epstein allegedly had several sexual encounters with her in 1994. She further claimed that Maxwell had a part in luring her to Epstein’s mansion with the promise of help with her singing career.

The alleged victim, who is now in her 40’s, was at a summer camp when she met Epstein and Maxwell. The pair flaunted their wealth and boasted about financial support they gave to the camp and other scholarships to students.

Only the year before, Jane’s father had died family was having money troubles ever since. Epstein and Maxwell allegedly leveraged that vulnerability to victimize her, including an encounter when Epstein led her to a pool and exposed himself to her before committing a lewd act.

“He pulled me on top of himself and proceeded to masturbate on me and then he got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned himself up,” Jane said in her testimony. “I was terrified and felt gross and I felt ashamed.”

Maxwell has been charged with six counts of sex trafficking but has pleaded not guilty, The Hill reported. She will face four alleged victims and other witnesses in a trial that will likely run into early next year. Prosecutors called Maxwell and Epstein “partners in crime” for the alleged sex trafficking they engaged in for decades.

Epstein faced his final and eternal judgment after dying in prison in August 2019, but Maxwell will have to deal with the law on this side of the grave first. If the allegations are true, she is just as guilty of the crimes against these young girls and deserves to rot in prison.




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