May 14, 2021

Top Whitmer aide caught vacationing in FL despite travel ‘warning’

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s (D) top aide has been spotted on vacation in Siesta Key, Florida, despite stern cautions against vacationing and the state’s travel warning issued by Whitmer herself due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Michigan has the worst COVID-19 rate in the nation. Tricia Foster, Whitmer’s chief operations officer, posted several photos on social media from Siesta Key, Florida, last week, reports Breitbart.The original posts were removed.

“This is a partisan attack from a garbage white nationalist website,” Whitmer spokesman Bobby Leddy said in a statement. “Trish Foster is fully recovered from Covidf and fully vaccinated.”

He pointed out the CDC issued new guidelines this week that support fully vaccinated people traveling within the U.S. without needing to be tested for the disease or self-quarantining themselves afterward.

Whitmer issued a travel warning to state residents on April 2, especially traveling to Florida.

“Whitmer said she is concerned about spring break and people traveling, with many going between Michigan and Florida,” the Detroit Free Press reported. “If people do travel, she said they should work from home and have school from home for a least a week when they return, assess whether they need a COVID-19 test and get vaccinated.”

“Students and families traveling across Michigan, to other states or out of the country risk being exposed to and carrying COVID-19 with them,” a press release from Whitmer’s office stated. “This, in turn, could fuel outbreaks within their households and the communities where they live or visit.”

Whitmer’s rules remain controversial, leading to frustration from many across her state. Her aide’s trip only strengthens the concern that the governor’s rules increasingly appear unhelpful and meaningless.

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24 Responses

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    1. Stephan, Gov. Whitmer is just another Communist Democrat, we must
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  3. How about illegals crossing the border? To be strewn all across America? Many bringing the Covid virus with them?

  4. She has always done this, she and gov. Newson, they put you guys in lockdown but they continue to do what ever they want, they don’t care about any of you.

  5. Whitmer MUST understand her future. She MUST divorce her husband. Then she must marry Bill Clinton. Then she must run for ‘Ruler of the World’.

  6. Of course these people are the elites and the peasants Have no right to complain about politician privilege

  7. I say do what you want and go where you want, because politicians do. Don’t put up with a double standard!

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