July 1, 2022

Top Trump antagonist Adam Schiff humiliated by debunking of Russia bounty story

Ever since President Joe Biden took office in January, a growing number of the claims, promises, and criticisms he and his surrogates employed during the 2020 campaign have been revealed as misleading at best and outright dishonest at worst, and now another of those highly-publicized assertions from last year has just been outed as false.

In a turn of events that is particularly humiliating for House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), previous reports that the Russian government placed bounties on the heads of American soldiers in Afghanistan – claims he touted as evidence of former President Donald Trump’s deference to Vladimir Putin – have now been debunked by none other than the Biden administration itself, as the Daily Caller reports.

During the presidential campaign last year, then-candidate Biden accepted as fact the claim that Russia had been providing payments to members of the Taliban to kill U.S. service members in Afghanistan, using it as a cudgel against the sitting president. When questioned on the subject during an October debate with Trump, Biden said, “I don’t understand why this president is unwilling to take on Putin when he’s actually paying bounties to kill American soldiers,” as NBC News noted.

The story, first raised by the New York Times last summer, caused a significant partisan uproar at the time, prompting Trump at the time to denounce it as “just another made up by Fake News tale that is told only to damage me and the Republican Party,” adding that intelligence officials had reached “no consensus” on the claims, according to Fox News. A senior official told the outlet last summer that the claim was founded on “several streams of intelligence of concern,” including reports that were in some parts contradictory and subject to interpretation.

Schiff, however, was among those on the left who immediately piled on then-President Trump, accepting the unverified allegation as truth that Republicans were unwilling to confront Putin about something that placed American troops “in danger,” later tweeting, “Americans are outraged by reports that Russia offered bounties on U.S. troops. The only American who isn’t? Donald Trump. Trump is again taking the Kremlin’s side and calling it a hoax.”

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) also jumped at the chance to slam Trump over the spurious bounty allegations last summer, tweeting, “Now I get why @realDonaldTrump won’t stand up to Putin for bounties on our troops. Does Trump act as a Russia agent? Yes. But, Trump also thinks any US troops killed by Russia bounties are suckers” or “losers.” He hasn’t defended them. He never will.”

However, on Thursday, a senior official inside the Biden administration admitted that the intelligence community had just “low to moderate” confidence in the premise underlying the bounty story, indicating that it remains unproven and may indeed be entirely false, Fox News added.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked whether the current president has regrets about raising the issue so forcefully against Trump last year, merely replying that she would not “speak to the previous administration,” but argued that there had been “enough concern” at the time for intelligence officials to “truly look into it.”

Given Schiff’s unwavering prior dedication to wholly unsupported allegations of Trump–Russia collusion, of which he claimed to have seen “ample evidence…in plain sight,” it should probably come as no surprise that he was fully on board with spreading the bounty falsehood as well. Unfortunately, shame or remorse about repeatedly lying to the American people simply isn’t part of the Democrats’ modus operandi, especially when Donald Trump is involved.

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EX_101 (@guest_1213490)
1 year ago

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I User (@guest_1214480)
Reply to  EX_101
1 year ago

you lie!!!

Resa (@guest_1214556)
Reply to  I User
1 year ago

Amen to that but they LIE all the time!! That is part of what they are! ONLY PART!! There is so much more that you don’t know about them!

Saddlebum (@guest_1214916)
Reply to  Resa
1 year ago

This is another one that has no business breathing our AMERICAN air yet here it is in our political system. This guy will tell a lie when the truth sounds better. We have got to purge every one of these things before they really do destroy our America. They have got to go

Lin (@guest_1215033)
Reply to  I User
1 year ago

He is nothing but a liar! He needs to be removed! And Swallewell too!

dan (@guest_1214866)
Reply to  EX_101
1 year ago

stay off this site,moron,it’s a political site not for people to bloat their ego

Myan S. Witt (@guest_1213679)
1 year ago

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Democrat Liar (@guest_1214194)
Reply to  Myan S. Witt
1 year ago

Hahahaha even “full time students” are smart enough to make $84,254 a Month. So why are you still a student?

Jack (@guest_1213768)
1 year ago

Little Communist Adam Schiff and Communist Eric Swalwell are still not in prison or under arrest for being the Traitors that they are!

Democrat Liar (@guest_1214200)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

They and most other DEMOCRATS are working hard to destroy the USA. Even up to, and including sleeping with the enemy (Swalwell shacked up with Chinese Spy, Fang Fang for a year, and his DEMOCRAT cohorts are fine with it.)

Bob (@guest_1214794)
Reply to  Democrat Liar
1 year ago

President, Democrats, and the media are nothing but liars. Do not believe what they say and half of what you see.

JOSEPH LUCENTI (@guest_1214381)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

IT IS NOT OVER YET !!! Little idiot Schiff face will get his due.

Lets do it. (@guest_1214464)
Reply to  Jack
1 year ago

Talk is cheap we need action we need to take by our country now.It’s time to go to war!!!!!!! no more talking.

Darrel. S Davidson (@guest_1213773)
1 year ago


Douglas King (@guest_1213797)
1 year ago

Schiff and Swalwell are both useless and completely dishonest. In an honest political climate they would be out of office.

Margaret (@guest_1213847)
Reply to  Douglas King
1 year ago

Schiff and his Chinese buddy Eric should both be gone ,they are as evil as the devil. One day I hope and pray it bites them in the butt, hope it hurts like hell.

Jackie (@guest_1214899)
Reply to  Margaret
1 year ago

They could easily end up in hell! That is one place they can’t get out of no matter what they do.

Irene Grooms (@guest_1214352)
Reply to  Douglas King
1 year ago


purpleturtle (@guest_1214619)
Reply to  Douglas King
1 year ago


IlliniGuy (@guest_1213816)
1 year ago

Schiff and Swalwell have no integrity or honor. As such they have no conscience. They’re both part of Biden’s satanic cult fostered by Obama, the anti-Christ. Disgusting.

Michael C (@guest_1213821)
1 year ago

It sure seems to me that this The American Digest is a censoring part of the Demoratic party, so i’m sure this comment will be censored as well.

Linda C. Harvin (@guest_1213832)
1 year ago

I would love to see a list of honest politicians in Washington!!!!!!! How many do you think there would be? I am referring to honest, as GOD sees it!!!!!!!

Roger A Short (@guest_1213883)
1 year ago

If it were a question of which state has the dumbest people in the country, California makes a good case to be that. When the people of a state elect fools like Pelosi, Schiff, Swalwell, Waters, Newsom, etc. you have to be pretty dumb!

Mary Murphy (@guest_1214941)
Reply to  Roger A Short
1 year ago


Texas Tea Partier (@guest_1213896)
1 year ago

Shiftless? No, no, no…….he has the proof. He has the evidence! B.S. Adam Schiff is the lowest form of human life.

Trump4EVER (@guest_1213944)
1 year ago

Unfortunately, I live in the state of Can-I-F***ya and you’re absolutely correct!! There are those of us who haven’t drank the kool-aid, but WOW, I have to admit that this state of fruits and nuts produces THEE most corrupt and evil group of DemonRats in any one state!! My saying is that this state is “first with the worst”. New York runs a very close second in this race. I can’t wait until Grabbin’ Gruesome, our lying, cheating, EVIL governor is recalled!! What a glorious day that will be!! Then we get Nasty Piglosi, Adam Shi–TT, Eric Fartswell, Maxine someone oughtta swat her and Diane Not so Fine-stein the hell out of there! We need to wake these demonRats in this state the hell up and out of their comas!! Oh, and get rid of the teachers union!!

Major (@guest_1214936)
Reply to  Trump4EVER
1 year ago

Hi Trump4EVER: I sent you a lengthy reply but it did not get posted. The Communist teachers’ union was set up to dumb down America’s youth by feeding them Marxist propaganda. The only way to stop them is to bust up the union. Dumbing down the American youth was just one of 45 Communist goals to takeover America from within.

Michael Hughes (@guest_1213991)
1 year ago

Being humiliated has had no permanent downside for Schiff. After all, his stooge got “elected”, didn’t he? Schiff still remains king of his little ant hill, doesn’t he?

Rodger Shull (@guest_1214204)
1 year ago

If you are to believe,schiff or swalwell , are honest Americans, and are out for the RANK and FILE American Citizens, then you are not a person I want to be around, I HATE STUPID IGNORANT people, and that might be you. schiff and swalwell, take their orders from piss-lous. And not from their oath of office. They are like her and many others, COMMUNIST, who want you and me to be their SLAVES. I say INDICT and ARREST and TRIAL and LOCKEM UP to await their punishment .

CatherinePMurillo (@guest_1214298)
1 year ago

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Wharf Rat (@guest_1214325)
1 year ago

That little t*rd and all his other cohorts are not humiliated – never have been and never will with the sycophantic media covering for every blessed piece of excrement that is uttered by these anti american so called politicians. Only way to humiliate them is to beat them at the ballot box and then hope that whatever they touch fails miserably since that is what they planned for every American that does not toe the leftist woke lying cheating line.

tenny (@guest_1214719)
Reply to  Wharf Rat
1 year ago

But why are people still watching cnn, nbc, cbs, and the rest , we all no that they lie to you all day and night,
We the people should ban those channels from our TV’S and life, maybe if we just shut down there stations , we could shut them down. Stand up at there location like all these rioters are doing, we can stop there income ,if we stop watching those channels. They are lieng to you every time they open there mouth, why would any one want to here all that lies. anyway. Pull Canceling them like they did our President Trump.

Jim Smith (@guest_1214349)
1 year ago

Yes ; obviously Californians have to be some of the dumbest or most misinformed people in the country ,otherwise how could they keep putting these knuckleheads like Watters,Pelosi Swalwell, Schiff in office , come on people get smart while you still have a state to save! WAKE UP ,DON”T BE WOKE

Sharon (@guest_1214369)
1 year ago

Adam Schiff is and always has been the criminal liar Pos he is,
He should not be in congress ,but in prison .
He’s a disgrace to the people. Pos

Frances Clift (@guest_1214416)
1 year ago

I agree that Schiff is a zero

Don (@guest_1214455)
1 year ago

Sorry but Californians are too stupid to put his career in flames.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1214502)
1 year ago

Hooray, was told he was bad for CA State way back then too
Same creep day 1
Snake Schiff

Katydid (@guest_1214513)
1 year ago

Don’t worry, Schiff will find another false story to build up his ego. He is such a disgrace.

Aolt (@guest_1214805)
1 year ago

The UnAmerican Digest strikes again. Just to verify that Putin didn’t pull this cretinous attack, why not ask him? And then also ask him if he has ordered his major opposition poisened? Adam Schiff has more credibility, more balls, a higher intellect and integrity than all you Trump idiot sycophants put together.

John Kellerman (@guest_1215110)
Reply to  Aolt
1 year ago

Although, did you post that before the heroin needle or after?

McMudd (@guest_1214823)
1 year ago

Adam Schiff was most likely the anonymous leak as he had been several times during the trump administration. 3 years of regurgitating the Russian fraud. A year of spewing his own manufactured Ukraine fantasy. then this.Everything out of his mouth is a lie. Swawell sleeping with a chinese spy yet they both still sit on the intelligence committee. How is this possible? They both belong in jail if not even worse for being the treasonous traitors they are. Especially Schiff,who illegally obtained the presidents & american citizens phone records,manufactured the Ukraine fraud & the phoney whistleblower,denied the POTUS His constitutional rights during his secret hearings. & everyone who voted to impeach the POTUS with no crime or misdemeanor committee reason & should be charged according !

franklin archambault (@guest_1214828)
1 year ago

I remember when the Taliban asked for American help to form a democratic government but was snubbed by the democants and left to swing in the windf

Charles silket (@guest_1214835)
1 year ago

Send him and Nancy both home in 2022

THOMAS (@guest_1214871)
1 year ago

Now you know why people always say that Biden is full of “Schiff”!

mema23 (@guest_1214997)
1 year ago

schiff is a liar and an idiot. How do people in his district keep reelecting him?
are the that dumb? The man would sell his soul for a dollar. How much money did he have when he first came to congress? What is his wealth now? How did he get there? Voters in his district should be asking these questions.

Brenda (@guest_1215208)
1 year ago

Biden, does not care if he is spouting a lie. His only goal was to be president, by hook or crook. Look at the lie he continued to repeat, regarding Georgia’s new election laws. Even repeating the lies after he received four Pinocchio’s. Eric Swalwell repeating the Russia Hoax lies, and he was sleeping with a Chinese spy.



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