May 6, 2021

Top Illinois Democrat implicated in massive corruption scandal

Illinois politics are well-known for high levels of corruption, a point proven by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) being recently caught in a massive corruption scandal. 

The growing bribery scandal involving utility company ComEd has caused Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker to call for Madigan’s resignation, though Madigan maintains that he is not involved in any corruption.

The Blaze reported on Sunday:

Federal prosecutors revealed last week that ComEd had agreed to pay $200 million to resolve the criminal case against them, in which they are accused of having arranged for jobs and vendor contracts for a person identified in charging documents as “public official A” in order to help get rate increases more quickly approved by the Illinois legislature.

In the plea documents, ComEd admitted to having effectively bribed this official in exchange for more favorable treatment from the Illinois legislature.

Although Madigan is not mentioned by name in the charging documents, the evidence is overwhelming that Madigan is the target of the investigation, which prosecutors described as “vibrant” and ongoing.

Federal investigators have issued subpoenas for AT&T, Walgreens, Rush University Medical Center, and “a host of political operatives and lobbyists,” which indicates that the corruption investigation may be much broader and implicate additional powerful figures beyond Madigan.

A spokesperson for Madigan admitted that his office had received subpoenas from federal investigators but that “he will cooperate and respond to those requests for documents, which he believes will clearly demonstrate that he has done nothing criminal or improper.”

According to local news outlet WBEZ, prosecutors are also seeking records concerning “members of Madigan’s political organization, the speaker’s law firm, four former state lawmakers, four former or current Chicago alderman and a Chinatown land deal that was a cornerstone of a federal corruption probe that brought down former Ald. Danny Solis.”

Only time will tell how deep the corruption goes in Illinois government. Pritzker admonished that “the speaker has a lot that he needs to answer for to authorities, to investigators, and most importantly, to the people of Illinois.”

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36 Responses

      1. Except Democrats-remember Clinton, Comey, Lynch, Obama, Biden, DeBlasio, Pelosi, A-OC, etal? I won’t hold my breath that any justice is in the works in this country.

      1. You mean the Democrat party way. Illinois and mainly Chicago has been known for their corrupt practices for many years. Once in a while one or two politicians get caught. But, it the normal way that the Democrat political machine has operated since the time of prohibition.

        1. That is the reason Al Capone lived there so he could pull his corruption. Chicago teaches crooks to be better crooks, just look at the Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

  1. Typical democrat. Another reason why the democrats want Trump gone. They are slowly being exposed by Trumps administration. This is why they are so scared to death of him. Scared of being exposed.

  2. A spokesperson for Madigan admitted that his office had received subpoenas from federal investigators but that “he will cooperate and respond to those requests for documents, which he believes will clearly demonstrate that he has done nothing criminal or improper and like a good Democrat will Shred, Burn, Destroy and Bleach Bit any evidence which might demonstrate his guilt” His defense attorney stated well “It Worked for Hillary…So Why Not”?

  3. Born and raised in Chicago IL. Spent 14 years on the CFD, I know just how politics in IL. As well specifically Chicago. It was that way for the 34 years I lived there and couldn’t take anymore.

  4. I’m NOT surprised. As long as we have Democrats in House, Senate,the Mayor and all their democratic Clan have NEVER NEVER done anything for the people. IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY TO FILL THEIR OWN POCKETS AND THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEN PEOPLE. This is going on for the last 52 years that I can remember. And Pritzker already voiced it out “WE MUST RAISE ALL TAXES” and Pritzker and the Clan GOT RAISE of $1800.00. It is obvious IT IS NOT RIGHT. these people need to go to JAIL. All we have is Crooks and Fraud in Illinois.

    1. DJ All across the country are be assulted by do nothing Democrats. We need president Trump to drain the swamp, it has been a slow processbut after he is sworn in this go around it will be very different. very different indeed.

  5. He will not be prosecuted because he is a democrat. The crime cartel known as the FBI will make sure all evidence is lost.

  6. I think that it is unfair to let ConEd pay a find because they get that money from the customer’s. In other words ConEd isn’t pay a penalty their customer’s will pay in a number of ways, ie: the management goes scott free and the customer pay higher rates, and receives poorer service. This is a travesty. The Federal Prosecutor has failed to protect the interest of the investors and the public at large.

  7. The current political war (including the riots, insurrection, Antifa, etc.) is a war between the criminal cartel that has ruled the US for decades (aka, Deep State) and Trump whose goal is to restore the rule of law and blind justice. The bad guys (at the highest levels) don’t want to be exposed and spend the rest of their lives in prison. So they’ve been trying every possible avenue to unseat the President, all to on avail (so far). If Trump losses this coming election, the current movement in the Judiciary to indict and prosecute the leading criminals will be terminated. The criminals will rule the US for generations after, maintaining the long-standing two-tier judicial system, filling their bank accounts with billions, and the law abiding conservatives and Christians will have no freedom of speech, power to enforce law, nor fraud-free elections.
    Sane Americans: vote for Trump, prosecute the criminals, and protect the Constitution and freedom!!!

  8. There is no “BLIND JUSTICE”, THEY KNOW EXACTELY WHAT THEY’RE DOING!! They are seasoned CROOKS!! Just like the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, Nadler, Schumer, Waters, Schiff and the Squad!!

  9. LMFAO – these people have been doing it for so long that it’s second nature to them and they think it’s their right to rip off taxpayers. LOOK AT DC.

  10. Remember, It is far better to elect a person that is already rich to political office then to elect a person who runs for office to get rich. For instance consider, Trump vs Biden or the Clintons.

  11. Theft, sexual crimes and corruption – permeate the entire power of the Democratic Party: from representatives of the House, Senate and to the presidential candidate .- Fraudsters!

  12. Illinois politics are well-known for high levels of corruption, a point proven by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan (D) being recently caught in massive corruption.

    Proof that all democrats in government are LIARS, TRAITORS, and TERRORIST against we the people of the USA

  13. It is difficult to stop corruption when it exists in upper management. It seems this day and time that the majority of our leaders are corrupt and could care less about our country so long as they get their piece of the pie. Vote Trump in November just maybe he can finally clean out the swamp in his second term especially if we give him the house also. Remove opposition by removing democrats from congress.

  14. In my opinion, there has never been an honest election in Illinois and never will be. How do you think the Democrats have stayed in power so long? The one and only way to throw the rascals out is the vote. Yet vote payoffs, dead voters, non-legitimate voters, including felons, will be counted in 2020 because that’s how it rolls in the entrenched Demoncrat leadership in Illinois. Many in down state Illinois have suggested for years that Chicago be a separate entity, left to continue to rot, so that the thinking citizens in the rest of the state can enjoy some untainted leadership. Unfortunately, that won’t happen. I was born in Illinois and lived there for 70 years. It’s always been that way Glad I’m in Florida, now. Best Governor ever. Yay DeSantis, yay Trump. Vote Republican in 2020.

  15. There is a lot of great comments and truths written here. It boils down to the fact that most Democrats are crooked and are protected by other Democrats at higher levels. Again, that is why they MUST defeat President Trump as he is honest about wanting a clean Government and removing the “Swamp”. Vote Republican in 2020.

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