May 26, 2022

Top Democrat wants world to transition to green energy in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Oregon Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley argued on Monday that the U.S. should focus on green energy in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its impact on gas prices.

Merkley shared the remarks on MSNBC’s “All In” on Monday.

“As long as there is a world market for oil, Russia will be able to sell its oil. And so, unfortunately, not all my colleagues yet understand that the way to undercut the power of Russia is to end our dependence on oil and have the world transition to renewable energy,” Merkley said.

“We should have a climate emergency. We should be transitioning to offshore wind, and we should be doing it in partnership and leading the world in this effort to end this addiction to oil, this damage to the climate, and the enrichment of people like Putin,” he added.

In contrast, former Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry said, “We are seeing the reality of reckless disregard of reality, and that’s what this administration is doing.”

Americans simply need lower gas prices in the short term, and no focus on green energy will offer help in that regard.

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