May 23, 2022

Top Biden staffer suggests Amy Coney Barrett’s faith disqualifies her from SCOTUS

As Senate Republicans charge ahead with plans to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, Democrats are scrambling for ways to block the process.

Case in point, a top Biden campaign aide has reportedly suggested that Barrett’s strong Catholic faith should disqualify her from being placed on the high court.

According to a report from the National Review, Biden campaign Deputy Data Director for Pennsylvania Nikitha Rai made the argument on Monday during a Twitter exchange with Brookings Institute Senior Fellow Shadi Hami.

The Review reported:

Hamid had responded to a tweet that said Barrett was a trustee at a Catholic school that opposed same-sex marriage as homosexual acts are “at odds with Scripture.” Hamid replied, “Wait, why is this news? Isn’t this the standard position for any orthodox Catholic?”

“Unfortunately yes,” Rai said.

When Hamid pointed out that Orthodox Muslims and Jews generally hold the same view, Rai said, “True. I’d heavily prefer views like that not be elevated to SCOTUS, but unfortunately our current culture is relatively intolerant. It will be awhile before those types of beliefs are so taboo that they’re disqualifiers.”

This isn’t the first time that a prominent Democrat has questioned Barrett’s ability to remain impartial as a judge. During Barrett’s 7th Circuit Court of Appeals confirmation hearings in 2017, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) said she was “concerned” about Barrett’s conservative Catholic values.

“Why is it that so many of us on this side have this very uncomfortable feeling that dogma and law are two different things, and I think whatever a religion is, it has its own dogma,” Feinstein said at the time. “The law is totally different. … The conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”

Democrats are obviously shy about opening up a full-on assault on Barrett’s outspoken faith, as the party relies heavily on Democratic Catholic voters to continue supporting their cause. However, Barrett’s squeaky-clean record leaves leftists with no other plan of attack.

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William Clifford (@guest_1056509)
1 year ago

Why is pelosi’s best friend & compadre not banned from the Senate? Is Shumer not a Jew? Let’s him be the oppressor that he is and resign immediately and tka his girlfriend Nancy with him!

K (@guest_1056668)
Reply to  William Clifford
1 year ago

And I have a question. What religion is this person who thinks they know our Constitution? Nikitha Rae, a Biden staffer
Please tell me is she Muslim?

Joz Lee (@guest_1056672)
Reply to  William Clifford
1 year ago

Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. …rigorous Roman Catholic
Justice Clarence Thomas – Yale (J.D.)….a first step to becoming a Catholic priest.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Columbia (LL.B) Jewish
Justice Stephen G. Breyer – Harvard (LL.B).. Jewish
Justice Samuel A. Alito, Jr. … Catholic
Justice Sonia Sotomayor – Yale (J.D.) Catholic
Justice Elena Kagan – Harvard (J.D.) Jewish
Justice Neil M. Gorsuch – Harvard (J.D.) he considers himself a Catholic & member of a Protestant church
Brett Kavanaugh – Yale ….. Catholic
and now?
Amy Coney Barrett, a devout Catholic, Barrett 7 children (2 adopted)
ahhhhh: The judge’s faith became an issue during her confirmation hearing in 2017 when Dianne Feinstein famously complained that “the dogma lives loudly within you. And that’s of concern.”
Feinstein’s mother, who insisted on her transferal from a Jewish day school to a prestigious local Catholic school; however, Senator Feinstein lists her own religion as Judaism.[12] Feinstein graduated from Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco in 1951 and from Stanford University in 1955 with a Bachelor of Arts in History.[2]

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1056687)
Reply to  Joz Lee
1 year ago

Excellent “FACT CHECKING”. You beat me to it. First of all, there is supposed to be a “separation of church and state” in our government. This is NOT OK unless you are a liberal radical DEM, “GOOSE_STEPPING” to the DEM party line! Once again, the hypocrites in the DEM party reveal they are willing to use the most OUTRAGEOUS, UN-AMERICAN, DISCRIMINATORY TACTICS EVER SEEN IN MODERN POLITICS! This is NOT the old DEM party, this is a new, evil party, that their rank and file will realize if they really look at what is going on! The real evil plan here is IF Biden won, he would not be able to handle the stress of office for long, which means HARRIS would take over! She was too radical for the rank and file and was rejected by the party for the Presidential candidacy. Biden slipped her in to appease, and hopefully get the vote, of the ANARCHISTS/COMMUNISTS who have invaded the DEM party. I live in TAIWAN, but am a US CITIZEN, BORN IN MICHIGAN. I KNOW COMMUNIST CHINA AS I WORKED WITH TAIWAN COMPANIES IN CHINA FOR THE LAST 20 YEARS. THE MODERN DEM PARTY WOULD CHANGE THEIR NAME IF THEY HAD THE LEAST SHRED OF HONESTY. THERE IS NOTHING “DEMOCRATIC” ABOUT THEM NOW. IT IS POWER AND CONTROL, THAT’S ALL THEY AND THEIR COMMUNIST CHINESE COMRADES WANT!

Bubbelove (@guest_1056705)
Reply to  William Clifford
1 year ago

Why are the anti-American and anti-Semite muslims allowed to be part of our lawmakers? As a Jew, I would be very happy to have Judge Barrett on the Supreme Court. I wish her the very best.

Sandy (@guest_1056517)
1 year ago

Democrats are religious begets, that was not a reason for other candidates so Democrats nonlinear have a problem with Catholic’s . Shameful.

bobbie (@guest_1056612)
Reply to  Sandy
1 year ago

They (the democrats) are the white supremecists that they keep hounding our President about!!! Yeah, let’s do denounce them as being violent!!!

Elizabeth Davis (@guest_1056717)
Reply to  Sandy
1 year ago

Wasn.t the democrats the ones that put in a Catholic president? How did that work out? Seem to be okay

Mark (@guest_1056528)
1 year ago

I guess someone didn’t like my reply on this matter, another Liberal site it looks like

Stuart (@guest_1056531)
1 year ago

Barrett’s faith has nothing to do with her during put in the supreme Court! You Democrats have committed treason and Terrorist attacks on America! You Democrats have done absolutely nothing for the United States and the people! Back off!

mary (@guest_1056594)
Reply to  Stuart
1 year ago

totally agree

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1056609)
Reply to  Stuart
1 year ago

Thank You, Sir. I’m surprised anyone could possible entertain such nonsense as factual.

HHolt (@guest_1056532)
1 year ago

This particular SCOTUS pick is especially refreshing to the rest in that she adds more fairness to the evaluation of the Constitution…..OUR CONSTITUTION!!

Bill (@guest_1056644)
Reply to  HHolt
1 year ago

Amen to that

Kathy (@guest_1056535)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is Catholic? So the democratics are going to say he can’t run for President since Amy should not be a judge?

Henrietta Conway (@guest_1056613)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

Good point!

Roselee Irvine (@guest_1056623)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

Right on! Good question.
Their act is delay, delay to get their sway and way. But failure is coming.. Amen..

Elizabeth Davis (@guest_1056718)
Reply to  Kathy
1 year ago

The Democrats put in a Catholic president Pres. Kennedy

Grumpy (@guest_1056545)
1 year ago

The is no religious test to be in Government! That would be illegal as is Frankenstein’s comment!

Paul (@guest_1056627)
Reply to  Grumpy
1 year ago

Check out article VI, clause 3 of the Constitution!

Dale E Smith (@guest_1056642)
Reply to  Paul
1 year ago

Right on!

RowZ (@guest_1056684)
Reply to  Grumpy
1 year ago

YES!! To most Americans, it would be very dangerous not to have a God-fearing judge on the bench! It is not only garbage…it is anti-American. We are a nation “under God.”

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1056547)
1 year ago

This whole subject is nonsense. The Marxist Dems are desperate and they are dredging for any rotting garbage they can find to throw into the mix. Or, are they just planning their evening meals?

Geri (@guest_1056558)
1 year ago

If Amy Coney Barrett fair disqualifies her from SCOTUS, Biden’s Catholic faith should disqualify him from running for POTUS….they are both Catholics!

Geri (@guest_1056562)
Reply to  Geri
1 year ago

faith, not fair…

Ann Fortney (@guest_1056578)
Reply to  Geri
1 year ago

Nancy claims she is Catholic also, if what she says is true; then she needs to leave office. Shoot I am guessing most of the people in Congress is religious and follow a religious group.

Elizabeth Davis (@guest_1056719)
Reply to  Ann Fortney
1 year ago

How about President Kennedy (Democrat)

Bubbelove (@guest_1056723)
Reply to  Geri
1 year ago

Biden cannot receive communion in his church because he believes in abortion. Some Catholic he is – not. He goes hand in hand with Pelosi. And Feinstein, Jewish in name only, should go to hell because religious Jews do not believe in abortion either (unless, of course, the mother is in danger).
This is the Jewish girl speaking! My vote is certainly for Judge Barrett.

Carol (@guest_1056572)
1 year ago

Should we go around asking everybody what their faith is that’s just awful.

brice bell (@guest_1056576)
1 year ago

Obviously the Dumbocrats are grasping at straws while attempting to disqualify a very highly qualified nominee.

horntex (@guest_1056606)
1 year ago

Typical clueless Democrat Bimbo on Biden’s staff.
Her inexperience disqualifies her foolish comment.

STEVE UNDERWOOD (@guest_1056611)
1 year ago

If she worshiped Satan like the Democraps do they would vote her in on a red carpet .

Beverley Campbell (@guest_1056615)
1 year ago

I thought you could not discriminate for faith when hiring an individual. Tell me where this is different. If she can not be in a position of authority based on her religious beliefs, which are catholic. Sorry catholic is catholic, there is no religion recognized called “strong” catholic. Bixen is catholic and so is Polisi so they should be disqualify also and all catholucs in congress, no matter what side you sit on. Does that sound ridiculous, so are there attempts to come up with a just reason not to approve her. If the democrats refuse to opposing her base on any faith shame on them being discriminate.

roger barisdale (@guest_1056617)
1 year ago

This does not add up. If having strong faith is disqualifying . Why was RBG allowed to serve for decades.
Typical for the Democrats: “Garbage in Garbage out,”

Bubbelove (@guest_1056725)
Reply to  roger barisdale
1 year ago

I do not believe that Ginsburg had a STRONG RELIGIOUS faith. She was probably a Reform Jew. And yes, a strong Jew. She certainly was not an Orthodox Jew, but very culturally Jewish, and did a great deal in the Jewish community. Born a Jew, one is a Jew no matter how we practice.

Kenny (@guest_1056619)
1 year ago

If that is the case then Omar and the rest of the so called ” squad ” are disqualified from congress because of their faith

Stephen Norman (@guest_1056621)
1 year ago

Stupid headline

Good luck (@guest_1056624)
1 year ago

Joe Biden is Catholic so he cant be President, O, yes Pelosi is Catholic so she has to go. Just another stupid Democrat with another stupid idea . As has been said the Democrats make the rules but dont live by the rules.

Elizabeth Davis (@guest_1056720)
Reply to  Good luck
1 year ago

So was President Kennedy a democrat

Bernard Clark (@guest_1056625)
1 year ago

Communist Democrats only have one agenda.
That is to ruin America.
They don’t want Justice Barrett in there because they’re afraid of Her

Leland Earl Whitehouse (@guest_1056628)
1 year ago


Texas’s for Trump (@guest_1056629)
1 year ago

Democrats are royal pains in the [email protected]

dawn burchett (@guest_1056631)
1 year ago

yes yes yes

Katie Murphy (@guest_1056632)
1 year ago

Democrats are pains in the @ss.

Daniel Miekowski (@guest_1056634)
1 year ago

That is discrimination which is illegal according to the Constitution. But we know the democrats don’t go by the Constitution.

Leslie (@guest_1056637)
1 year ago

I could never vote Democratic, they lie,cheat,steal, anything for power. They have certainly showed their true colors.

MARY ANN MALONEY (@guest_1056639)
1 year ago


Yvonne Shelton Crumpler (@guest_1056641)
1 year ago

There is nothing that Amy Coney Barrett is, or has done that disqualifies her from the position on the Supreme Court. The Democrats and the Dem’s “sheep” will lie when the truth would serve. This slander is a lie and there is nothing that prevents Ms. Barrett from serving on the Supreme Court. If our children were taught American history they would know that … even if their parents and the media do not. We the people are tired of Democrat lies and of the Democrats destroying of public parks, etc. Do they, the Dems, really think that the people are a bunch of ignorant folk who will believe anything they say.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1056646)
1 year ago

Biden’s top aid is a big Lying sack of sh-t and very stupid

moon (@guest_1056649)
1 year ago

well you dont want to publish my 1st comment, lets see if you will publishe this one. All demorats are full of bull S#IT.

Doris Frazier (@guest_1056654)
1 year ago

Nikitha Rai you are discriminating against Ms. Barretts religion which is wrong. Shame on you. Regardless of what her religion she is well qualified for the job and that is the main point. She follows the law and the Constitution which is more than I can say for any of the Democrats over the last 3+ years. Every time Pelosi claims Trump is going against the Constitution I have to bite my tongue. Democrats have become chronic liars and are disgusting and not for America. Obama administration did it for me and I left the party never to return. This country will be in serious trouble if Biden gets in. You can kiss America as we know it goodbye. It is sad and scary at the same time. I never in all my years thought I would ever see such violence and riots that are now happening.

P Lightfoot (@guest_1056655)
1 year ago

Demonrats are running so scared and it’s so obvious I gotta LMAO nervious Nazi is gonna have another breakdown her and bribe em can hide in the same basement and cry on each other’s shoulder they won’t be able to stack the court with swamp scum because they won’t be there to do it when the red tsunami comes nov. 3 rd go to the poles and vote RED for all

bill butler (@guest_1056656)
1 year ago

yes, JFK was catholic and many more now seated in our government are of the same faith.
So in reality none of them should be there and should immediately vacate their seats to comply with the Leftist idiots stupid illiterate thinking; put up or shut up or get the hell out.

aok (@guest_1056658)
1 year ago

o Has any DEMOCRAT since 1959 read our US Constitution?
It clearly says there shall be no enquiry concerning her religious beliefs.
o No democrat questioned RG’s religion when Clinton brought her for consideration did they?
o Was RG asked to approve of all personal lifestyles?
I guess, to answer my own question, maybe back in the 1990s a ‘few’ of the democrats STILL turned to the US Constitution for guidance. All Senators should study it again before they make decisions on placement in our SC
or quit their positions.

C Robertson (@guest_1056664)
1 year ago

If Amy Coney Barrett can be a supreme court judge because of her Catholic faith, then they need to immediately remove Nancy Pelosi from her position in the House of Representatives because she is definitely a Catholic and does nothing to hide it. If one can’t live her faith, then none of the rest should be able to either and while we are at it what about the ones who are touting their Muslim faith? We would have to get rid of all of the Democrats like AOC and Ilhan Omar. I’m not so sure the person spouting off about Amy Coney Barrett even wants to start going that direction.

Michael G Warren (@guest_1056667)
1 year ago

ACB is the BEST…deserves to be on the SCOTUS!! MAGA!!

Tony (@guest_1056677)
1 year ago

Where is my comment I gave . or is their to much truth in it to be shone .

Elaine (@guest_1056681)
1 year ago

Who is this dammmmmmmmm idiot . Who are these morons that say such stupid stuff.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1056690)
1 year ago

Top staffer , isn’t that a gopher ? Someone who’s goes for this and goes for that ?

WJH (@guest_1056710)
1 year ago

Quid Pro Joe then is disqualified for POTUS because he is Catholic.
Harris is disqualified for she is an anchor baby. She is not a “Natural Born Citizen” period.

Marylin (@guest_1056715)
1 year ago

If Amy goes because she is Catholic then let’s vote out Nancy and Biden as they are also Catholic. It’s a must. ,!!



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