October 2, 2022

Top Biden immigration official resigns amid explosion of Haitian immigration crisis

Of all the situations President Joe Biden has bungled, the border crisis is one of the worst. The people who are advising him are not about to go down with him, however.

Harold Koh has become the second official to resign from the administration amid the Haitian immigration crisis, the Daily Caller reported. Koh left in protestation about the way immigrants were being expelled via Title 42.

The provision allows for migrants who have gathered for entry at the souther border to be turned away on the basis of public health concerns. However, Koh, who served an advisor in former President Barack Obama’s State Department where Biden was vice president, called the measure “inhumane” and “not worthy of this Administration that I so strongly support” in a memo.

“I believe this Administration’s current implementation of the Title 42 authority continues to violate our legal obligation not to expel or return (‘refouler’) individuals who fear persecution, death, or torture, especially migrants fleeing from Haiti,” he wrote. “Lawful, more humane alternatives plainly exist,” Koh added.

“[O]ur actions and approaches regarding Afghan refugees stand in stark contrast to the continuing use of Title 42 to rebuff the pleas of thousands of Haitians and myriad others arriving at the Southern Border who are fleeing violence, persecution, or torture,” Koh said. Instead, the advisor offered his own solutions.

Koh said Title 42 return flights “especially” to Haiti need be halted while those aboard those flights need to be advised of their final destination. He also suggested vetting include “reasonable possibility of fear” evaluation prior to deportation while also ascertaining whether they can be relocated to other places where they have family or legal status to be there.

This is the second high-profile official to resign over the debacle with Haitian immigrants. Ambassador Daniel Foote, who had served as special envoy for Haiti, left last month over the “inhumane, counterproductive decision to deport thousands of Haitian refugees.”

Thousands of migrants are gathering at the southern border, and Biden is doing little to stem the tide. The people in the administration around him are likely getting fed up with his inaction, and it’s only a matter of time until voters surely will as well.





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