June 30, 2022

Top Biden adviser says Biden has no concerns about Trump’s election lawsuits

President Donald Trump has a number of lawyers working on election-related litigation around the country, but so far have come up mostly short of victories of the significance required to alter the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

It’s not surprising then that one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisers, Kate Bedingfield, revealed over the weekend that the Biden campaign has virtually no concerns, whatsoever, of Trump’s legal efforts to overturn the results of the election, according to The Hill.

Bedingfield, Biden’s top communications adviser, and deputy campaign manager took to the Fox News airwaves on Sunday and made the claim of confidence to “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace.

“I think what we’ve seen over the course of the last few weeks are these lawsuits … have been laughed out of court after court after court throughout the country. They are getting no traction,” Bedingfield said.

According to Fox News, Bedingfield doubled down and continued to hammer Trump’s lawyers’ legal efforts, writing them off as a “PR stunt” and a “sideshow.” She also ripped the Trump team for trying to “subvert the democratic system.”

Wallace quizzed Bedingfield on how the Biden transition team might act, including if they’re considering legal action, in order to receive the blessing of the General Services Administration, a little-known government outfit that provides resources — including money — for an incoming administration.

“What will move things forward is the GSA administrator signing the piece of paper. She should ascertain the results of the election so we can move forward with the transition,” Bedingfield said, while adding that litigating the GSA to act “is not a panacea.”

Adding to her confidence that the Biden team isn’t taking into consideration the numerous lawsuits still being filed by Trump’s legal teams, Bedingfield told the Fox News host that the Biden campaign will be making a number of Cabinet announcements on Tuesday.

It’s a wild guess, but I have a feeling President Donald Trump might have something to say about those announcements, come Tuesday.

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Auntcon (@guest_1078471)
1 year ago

Of course not…the dems have bought and paid for him…too bad he is defective…Obama 3rd term..impeach him,

Jenn (@guest_1078477)
Reply to  Auntcon
1 year ago

This country has never had a worse president than Obama. The people are just so out of touch that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

MHK (@guest_1078488)
Reply to  Jenn
1 year ago


4 years of NO ahead. 47 years and 0 accomplisments.


Brenda Harrell (@guest_1078526)
Reply to  MHK
1 year ago

Amen to that!

Don (@guest_1078532)
Reply to  MHK
1 year ago


Avatar666 (@guest_1078762)
Reply to  MHK
1 year ago

Depends on how you look at it. Joe has himself a millionaire on a government salary. It’s true he has 0 accomplishments he did for the people to brag about,

Bill Senior (@guest_1078510)
Reply to  Jenn
1 year ago

They are “Brain Dead” or NEVER had one!

Anna (@guest_1078527)
Reply to  Jenn
1 year ago

this is such a crooked 2020 election , the dominion System is competition against Smartmatic which has a type of legal document stating it can not be in competition in the USA why has been allowed to operate in the USA ???, Hugo Chavez used this voting system to cheat in his elections when he was alive!!! If they made poll worker sign an Affidavit of accountability/liability, & place cameras in their cars from the time ballots are placed in their cars until the time their shift is over & they turn the cameras in when they turn in the last group of ballots. & sign documents ending their shifts which means they can no longer touch a ballot. or go to a poll. this would not happen.

Babs (@guest_1078955)
Reply to  Jenn
1 year ago

Yes! Over 65% of the people voted against Barry Soetoro, aka Obama!👏🏻

Pat Digristine (@guest_1078500)
Reply to  Auntcon
1 year ago

Your right, Obama should be in jail now for spying on President Trumps campaign. What is going to happen to Joe Biden and Hunter Biden, aren’t they going to be investigated? Also, Hillary, she belongs in jail, how come we never hear any of these stories. Money talks!

Avatar666 (@guest_1078781)
Reply to  Pat Digristine
1 year ago

You’re right Pat. The FBI (Comey) let Hillary off by saying she made an “extremely grave mistake” instead of committing “gross negligence” when she broke so many security laws she got off the hook. Of course, there was no “intent” involved so “no reasonable DA” would think of prosecuting the case. Her husband did her one better with “what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” By now I think most of us know how the system works, i.e., the “elites” are above the law, and we have to follow the law that they make.

I think you hit the nail on the head by saying “Money talks!” What really bugs me is how arrogant Joe Biden is. The corrupt cancer foundation he started when his son beau died (all the money went to high salaries, travel, expenses, etc., very little, if any, to cancer research). Him getting the prosecutor investigating Hunter’s role in Burisma fired…. and filmed, showing him bragging about it on national TV. The FBI covering up for the evidence on Hunters laptop (two of them) that we would have not know about except the computer repair guy kept a copy of the hard drive and gave it to Rudy Guilani.

Want to bet we’ll hear about that again if Joe becomes our President (through a rigged election)?

Raine (@guest_1078509)
Reply to  Auntcon
1 year ago

My thought also. oBummer has wanted a 3rd term and this is his plan. Pulling the strings and making the decisions behind the curtain, regardless if the strings are attached to Sleepy Joe or Headboard Harris.

Brenda Whitney (@guest_1078472)
1 year ago

Video always screws up, right? Isn’t that what Obama said? Well Trump is our president. I admire his strength! No one wants a low life crook to represent America!

Mary Jo Bankard (@guest_1078480)
Reply to  Brenda Whitney
1 year ago

You are so right, Brenda. This election was fradulent from the start. Insisting on mail in voting because of the Covid virus. And making up rules for voting up to November 3rd! Then, Trump being so far ahead before we went to bed on November 3rd. Pennsylvania and Michigan (maybe other places) stopped counting when Trump was so far ahead. We wake up on November 4th and Biden, miraculously, has tons of new votes. They were trucked in after midnight. There are so many eye witnesses to the fraud. Why wouldn’t they allow republican poll watchers (closer than 6 feet away) if they had nothing to hide.

Brenda (@guest_1078498)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

Obama has been shadowing behind the scenes!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1078523)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

The fraud started long before the election. The demonrats are threatening anyone and their families that tries to come out with the truth about their fraud.

Patty (@guest_1078473)
1 year ago


Laura (@guest_1078474)
1 year ago

Democrats lie cheat and steal anything they can get there hands. They’d better be careful because each one involved in this and when this goes to Supreme Court and Trump wins these people are all going to jail. They’ve got the evidence and they expect Trump to tell them not a chance it’s coming

Raine (@guest_1078512)
Reply to  Laura
1 year ago

Let’s just hope they go to jail. Remember, there are two sets of rules; one for honesty and one for Dirty Dems.

BDS (@guest_1078479)
1 year ago

Dems stole this election – they have proven our vote does not matter!!!!2024 expect more of the same!!! Welcome to Communist USA we r now a 1 party nation –
Dem motto:
Never in my life have I ever been more disgusted with our country that RINOS look the other way!!!!

MHK (@guest_1078489)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago


NO is the word for the next 4 years
and then:

TRUMP/PENCE 2024 to fix the damages AGAIN

Karole Conaway (@guest_1078524)
Reply to  MHK
1 year ago

If they get by with this, the demonrats will pack the court, increase the number of judges in the Supreme Court and there will never be another election.

Phyllis Little (@guest_1078481)
1 year ago

But wait till the lawsuits do kick in and serve to kick Biden out of the WH. That is inevitable because some of lawsuits not filed are powerful. Biden is not the legitimate Presidentand needs to go!

Donell Dean Sheridan (@guest_1078484)
1 year ago

Bought And Paid For By The Communist And His D. C. , State Thugs Lie Steal And Murder The Elderly Babies Disabled And His civilion Thugs Threton Steal Burn And Many other dirty tricks To be President Thats Biden And His Left Rats May God Burn Them All.

Jenn (@guest_1078485)
1 year ago

To all that replied in a negative way. I totally agree with each one of you!! I will never understand how the Dems (the shysters, crooks, etc) get away with all that they do. This disturbs me in that so many people are so quick to go against someone that has done nothing but help our country. He may brag about himself, but tell me who else has taken the time to point out the good things that he has done? NO ONE!! That is so sad, but no one cares & as long as they are making themselves look good & they are furthering themselves they do not take any time to tell someone else that they have done a good job. Instead these people don’t hesitate to take advantage of a crisis. I think that we all learned that when Obama & his cronies were in office (Piven & Cloward).

Marion (@guest_1078486)
1 year ago

Think about the rally’s President Trump had
Thousands of Americans attending,
Biden drew in a handful , most being media.
Of course the election was rigged by the
Do they really think the Trump voters are
That stupid to believe Biden won with votes
Coming in in the middle of the night!! ??

MHK (@guest_1078491)
Reply to  Marion
1 year ago


NO is the word for the next 4 years
and then:

TRUMP/PENCE 2024 to fix the damages AGAIN

mbr722 (@guest_1078493)
Reply to  Marion
1 year ago

Thanks Marion. Great post!

Kathleen McDowell (@guest_1078487)
1 year ago

We are a one party nation now thanks to the Democratic Party and all the people that wanted their candidates in office. I really hope that the Trump legal team can find the evidence and go to court, but time is short and that may not be possible. This was an important election, and millions of voters were not thinking or caring enough or it was just rigged by high tech companies. Venezuela here we come.

Sandra (@guest_1078496)
1 year ago

Biden and the Deep State are that confident they pulled off the largest of the many horrendous crimes that have been ongoing for 4 years (and earlier)…Let’s see what POTUS has in store for them all. He survived everything that they did to him all this time, so why would he allow this debacle now? He won’t.

Tony Rosado (@guest_1078497)
1 year ago

In order to keep our present Commander in Chief in office.
We the people must unite ourselves together.
Also, we must stop talking and start taking actions immediately.
Yes, we may have a little problem with BLM and Atifa
militias which have been attacking loyal Trump supporters causing serious and permanent injuries.
Just wearing or carrying anything with Trump on it you become a target.
If you also notice, the Democratic swamp creatures are alouding them to attack and destroyed properties and vehicles.
We need to strongly unite and start fighting back with any means necessary.
We gotta stop being attacked and the Law Enforcement officers are being told to stand
down and don’t get involved
As they’re watching Felonies
being committed in their presence. We can’t blame those good officers they are just following orders from top
piss poor Leadership.
We must come together as one and fight back those hard core criminals once and for all.
They even attacked families with small children and woman
Enough is Enough we gotta stick together and begin to stand strong and United.
United were strong but if we’re divided we become weak.
You can’t be nice with Bidens people. If they wanna fight dirty we shall fight back dirty.
We gotta help out Trump he’s always stood up for us.
Trump 2020, 2024
God Bless America
God Bless the entire Trump family they’ve suffered enough already for our Great Nation.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1078501)
1 year ago

I don’t know how many Loyal Americans are in this fight but, those of us that refuse to let liars, cheaters and traitors run our Republic into the ground will make sure that they face the extreme justice that they deserve!

Rowdywolf (@guest_1078507)
Reply to  LONE WOLF
1 year ago

Amen brother 👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Luiz Paulo W . Leao (@guest_1078515)
Reply to  Rowdywolf
1 year ago

Yes amen brother hold on react strong!

Janet (@guest_1078505)
1 year ago

I’m just sitting patiently waiting for Trump’s legal team to work their magic and shock the world. I have no doubt that we WIll have 4 more wonderful yrs of President Trump. Biden and the rest of the liars and crooks will go away, but beware and be ready for the lunatics from the left to roam the streets again, rioting, burning and acting uncivilized as usual once Trump does overturn the election. God help us all.

Bill Senior (@guest_1078511)
1 year ago

They are “Brain Dead” or NEVER had one!

This is Not a duplicate!!!!!!!!

Janice Prescott (@guest_1078516)
1 year ago

GOD HELP US. If they can get by with fixing an election, what in the hell will they pull on us for the next 4 years? I really don’t want to be here to find out. I’m getting up there in age, so with luck I won’t be.

David Archuleta (@guest_1078528)
1 year ago

Thank you all for not giving up. Remember what he said, “ we will win,win,win. Don’t listen to the b.s. from the opposite direction. He will not quit.
It is a shameful disregard of morality & humanity to consider having these egotistical hypocrites be our governance.

verona verona (@guest_1078535)
1 year ago

Does the courts know what the word dE_au_t means???!!! If it can be applied in this case!

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1078564)
1 year ago


Lily Smith (@guest_1078582)
1 year ago

Very Very sad day in America if Biden takes office not only because Trump is a great President, however we know the election was stolen they should not be able to get away with it

Neta (@guest_1079048)
1 year ago

Can you just imagine the smile on Soros face at this moment. He thinks he has accomplished his most important roll in life. Destroying the United States! He is really old, but I understand he has two sons waiting to continue his evil works.



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