May 23, 2022

Title 42 upheld in court, affirms swift Trump deportation policy

A U.S. appeals court affirmed Title 42 on Friday in a ruling that will allow the government to continue to deny illegal immigrants to cross the southern border.

The Trump era policy established to turn away illegal immigrants at the border over public health reasons, was affirmed in the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C.

The one exception to the ruling is that the court decision ruled migrants could not be returned to nations where the individuals were in danger.

“It is likely that [Title 42] grants the Executive sweeping authority to prohibit aliens from entering the United States during a public-health emergency; that the Executive may expel aliens who violate such a prohibition; and that under…the Convention Against Torture, the Executive cannot expel aliens to countries where their ‘life or freedom would be threatened,'” the three-judge panel wrote.

According to the report, President Joe Biden’s first year in office saw 1.1 million expulsions. However, many more remained in the nation, including thousands of Haitians who gathered at the border in Del Rio.

The new ruling affirms the soundness of the border policy, but how it is implemented is still to be seen as the Biden administration has often neglected to do.

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