October 3, 2022

Three killed, dozens injured across the nation in George Floyd protests

Rioters continued to rampage across the US on Saturday night, and the deaths from the senseless violence are beginning to stack up.

Saturday’s demonstrations ended with the deaths of three in Indianapolis and severe injuries to dozens more in Denver, Philadelphia, and New York City. 

Nearly every major city — and now even some smaller cities — has erupted in deadly, destructive violence after initially peaceful protestors gathered in Minneapolis to call for justice for George Floyd, a black man that died while in police custody on Monday.

Fox News reports that “Some 13 Philadelphia police officers were injured and more than a dozen people arrested as cars were burned and businesses vandalized before midnight.”

In addition to the explosion of violence in Philadelphia, “three people were shot and killed and at least two others wounded as protests morphed into mob violence, according to Police Chief Randal Taylor.”

Police vehicles were vandalized and set on fire Saturday evening in Manhattan, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Chicago, and dozens of other cities.

Mayors across the nation have begun calling National Guard troops to help quell the violence, and half a dozen mayors and governors have instituted curfews in cities most impacted by the violence.

The riots don’t show any signs of slowing, as police forces in cities all over the US struggle to control the mobs. Donald Trump vowed on Saturday to end the violence, declaring that “In America, justice is never achieved at the hands of an angry mob. I will not allow angry mobs to dominate.”


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