May 24, 2022

Thousands of Russian troops pouring into Ukraine after days of build-up for “blitzkrieg-type operation.”

Russian President Vladamir Putin has been positioning troops along the Ukraine border, and it turns out their intentions were anything but peaceful.

Russia analyst Rebekah Irina Koffler has warned that a “blitzkrieg-type operation” against Ukraine could begin any minute, Fox News reported. Koffler had made the predictions Monday as the tensions continued to rise in the region.

“Having recognized the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and signed treaties today, Russia will almost certainly deploy armed forces, imminently, to occupy these breakaway territories,” Koffler said of the Putin’s strategic treatment of the territories. “Putin has already authorized the deployment of ‘peacekeeping’ troops into Eastern Ukraine.”

Koffler went on to caution that Putin would strike by the evening, though as of Tuesday, no troop advancement had been reported. Still, it’s undeniable that Putin is moving all of the pieces into place to prepare for an invasion or at least make a credible threat.

“Moscow is waging a propaganda campaign that lays out the pretext for an incursion into Ukraine proper,” Koffler noted. “Russia may launch a large-scale air and missile bombardment of key military and government command and control facilities in major Ukrainian cities, preceding a ground incursion,” she further predicted.

“I cannot rule out the possibility of Putin’s authorizing a ‘decapitation’ strategy, targeting Kyiv, to force Zelensky to flee, so Moscow can install a pro-Russian leader,” the Russia expert added. “At minimum, a crippling cyber warfare campaign will target Kyiv, including its power grid.”

Whether an invasion occurs immediately or down the road, Koffler does not think it will take very long for Russia to overtake Ukraine. “This will be a swift blitzkrieg type operation. Whether Putin decides to target only Eastern Ukraine or Ukraine proper, Moscow will declare victory on February 23, the Soviet Army Day,” she said.

That invasion came on Wednesday night, and thousands of troops that have sat on the border for weeks are now pouring into Ukraine. Americans have to be wondering how President Biden could let this happen.

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