May 13, 2021

Thousands of ballots discovered during Georgia audits

As the mainstream media continues to insist that Americans move forward and acknowledge the preliminary results of the 2020 election, there are a number of reasons — like what’s happened in Georgia this week — why so many are resistant to accepting the election outcome.

According to the Daily Wire, election officials in Georgia are now investigating a third incident in which a memory card loaded with official votes might have been misplaced, as thousands of missing votes are discovered in counties all over the Peach state. 

News of the potentially missing votes, in a county President Donald Trump led by nearly 50 points, came from Secretary of State official Gabriel Sterling as the state performed an audit of the ballots.

On Monday in Floyd County, during the state recount, officials found 2,600 votes in the heavily Trump-favored county that were not counted as a result of employees not uploading the results from a ballot machine memory card.

Officials insisted at the time that the discovery of the memory car was “concerning,” but that it “doesn’t appear to be a widespread issue.”

According to WSBTV, the issue was apparently so concerning that the Secretary of State’s office called for the resignation of the Floyd County election official in charge.

The issue was apparently more widespread than the state originally believed, as on Tuesday in Fayette County, a similar instance of officially recorded votes not being uploaded was discovered, this time to the tune of 2,755 votes. Of those votes, 1,577 were allocated for Trump.

Adding in the latest Walton County situation, albeit a smaller vote total that was unaccounted for, one has to wonder at what point will state officials consider this issue “widespread,” as the situation has unfolded in three counties in just two days.

It’s true that the previously missing votes won’t amount to enough to overturn the election results, but if it is discovered that similar situations happened in additional counties, Georgia officials might be in for a new round of legal challenges by the president’s legal team.

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44 Responses

  1. It is evident that this presidential election is full of fraud, and each legal vote must be counted. How the US Supreme court can just stand-by and not get involved is the strangest darn thing any law abiding citizen could ever imagine. If the US Supreme Court thinks for one minute that they are safe from these lawless individual thugs, I can’t wait to see their reaction when their institution is likewise destroyed by these same Hugo Chavez groups.

    1. Well said, These bunch Of Air Head Democrats Can;t See the Writing on the wall GOD HAS a Plan For You and You Had Better Get Right With Him Soon Because He Will Come Before You Know IT Read Revelations in The Bible It’s Near!!

    2. You are so correct, these people are totally lawless at this point. Is like watching a person get beaten by a mob and seating back to watch. Where is the justice of the law? People are getting threatened and they are backing off. This nothing but a beaten in public view. May God save us.

    3. They have to go through all legal proceedings at the State level before it can be taken to the US Supreme Court and the Justices have to agree to hear the case. It’s sort of like the Court of Last Resort; however, there are Constitutional issues involved so it will most likely be heard. In a perfect world, this would have been an honest and fair election not filled with fraud and deceit. Unfortunately, a perfect world doesn’t exist when you have Liberals wanting to change and destroy our Constitution and America…Soros has dug his claws in deeply!

    4. SCOTUS can’t get involved until someone petitions them. That will happen when the Presidents team is finished with the lower courts.

    1. This man in he black robe is a rogue agent for the marxist donkey party. He has shady businessess with them, I dont trust at all his twisted ways.

      1. No James, most likely when Bush Sr. who has been involved with the Deep State long before he was elected. It was Bush who first publicly spoke those famous words “A One World Order”.

      2. I have always thought that ovomit and the democratic party devised a plan where they could establish some kind of behind the curtains ovomit second term. He never intended to go away. Harris is desperate for a big name, easy to manipulate and control; and sleepy Joe who has somehow recovered from his vampire-like obsession, mumbling, stumbling, “Ah, come on man!” act is as complicit as the day is long.
        This election is nothing more than an ovomit sick, narcissistic power grab and they had (or so they thought) a perfect plan with the manipulation of the voting machine. I read that Pelosi’s former chief of staff has connections to the computer company too. So there appears to be plenty of opportunity to make connections!

      3. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry pushed with bot feet to get Ovomit elected over crooked Hillary with the promise that she’ ll get her turn on 2016. Everything Ovomit did was through executive order as the boys the weren’t gona let him do much other then deporting people and cages for children at the border.

      4. Ovomit was elected to show the world, specially the Middle East at the time, that we weren’t a resist nation. With the promise that Hillary will get her chance in 2016. How ever, unexpectedly, in come D.J.T. to ruin the plans on mean and despicable Hillary. Before leaving post, Ovomit sets it all up to overthrow Trump but as we have witnessed that wasn’t an easy task as Trump is New Yorker in a mission who has shown the boys in DC how to get it done for the people. He stepped all over them without been a member of the clubhouse. The boys got mad and set the clubhouse on fire. This fire will burn endlessly now. Only Gods grace can save us.

  2. If Biden wins it is not that he got more votes, but because the election was rigged in his favor. But nothing is final yet. Let us hope we find all the votes and then it will not be close with Trump as the victor.

  3. I believe that Joe biden did not win and he had the people on his shoulder de and to commit fruad against every American citizen who has voted this election and if that’s the case he should be tried and convicted of fruad and sent to prison for the rest of his life

  4. Disgusting is not a strong enough word for the entire situation. I wonder who paid for all the software glitches? I wonder who paid the poll workers to throw away Trump ballots? I wonder whose hair brained mail-in voting idea it really was?? And it seemed very well coordinated in this effort to do this dirty deed…..I wonder whose idea (or ideas) it really was??? Look at the bank accounts….and follow the money. I bet it leads back to none other than Soros. No wonder many countries banned him. We should do the same.

  5. The state needs to do a number of things. Like check 100% of the machines. Verify all Mail ballots meet the requirements of the law. Banish Stacy Abrams from the state.

    1. I totally agree I believe she is behind all of this in Georgia bc of her legal loss to Brian Kemp. She still hasn’t accepted it just like killary Clinton couldn’t accept her loss. They thought they had them bought and paid for. This was their revenge.

  6. It appears we live in a Third-World Country like Venezuela and Cuba. I never thought it would come to this. And shame on Facebook and Twitter by censoring conservative voices. That is just criminal.

  7. You know in the past 10 years since I’ve been in georgia we sit and watch the news daily and the most common comment on what we hear is crime crime crime and more crime it’s really sickening. And now a presidential election and though the fraud is wide spread, oh my it comes right back around to,”what the hell is going on in georgia”? Really sickening.

  8. What they need to do, is look for SOROS and put him in jail for the rest of his miserable life!! Can’t believe how many countries he’s been kicked out of! He is an evil maniac and shouldn’t be allowed
    among human beings!

  9. Trump has to go through sooo much, now he is the one who has to fix voter fraud in the USA, this has gone on for years.

    Trump should be exhausted he has to fix all of the Countries problems from several many of the Past Presidents…..

  10. I have a solution. Don’t use software from Venizuala and install it in our voting machines that are computerized.

  11. voter fraud is so clear, democrats are filthy they will do anything for power, what a horrible thing democrats have done to our democracy, how can you cheat on a president election, this should never happen in America, I have no respect for the democrat party, there are few good democrats but out weighted by the far left who are destroying the united states, shame shame on this evil party.

  12. The election was rigged starting 4 years ago. With a media providing what – 90% negative coverage with probably 75% false information or Democratic party lies. That had to effect the way some people viewed trump and even if a small percentage turned to Biden that was the margin of victory for him – that is if he did get the votes legally which I still have doubts on.

  13. This election was completely rigged from the beginning. Time for a do over election and none of the voting machines in the 10 states where the maximum election fraud occurred. Where the observers were not let in to view the counting these votes need to be impounded …… we will never have fair elections unless we get to the bottom of this NOW. Otherwise all future elections will be just like they are in Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, Venezula, Etc. Etc. Get ready to fight for your freedoms that is the only way we will ever get them back. 1776 all over again in 2020!!! This time is was not the British it was the Democrats!!!!

  14. All these dumocrat legislators need to go to jail ip to and including o biden and Obama and let’s not forget the Clinton’s
    No one who is not an american should be allowed to hold any public office in America
    Dump the squad

  15. The uncounted ballots that were found are the ones that they hid when they put in the fake ballots. They forgot to destroy them and someone else found them. Trading good ballots for fake ballots keeps the count the same!!!!!

  16. I am very disappointed that the Supreme Court did not stop this mail-in ballot votes. If they had stopped it; we would not be going through all of this malarkey right now!!! We could all see that this would happen if mail in ballots were allowed (there was no control over who could vote; and then when the DEMs had this planned so they could easily cheat the system, it was a given something like this would happen!!). If we could see this I am flabbergasted that the SCOTUS could not see it coming!!! Of course, all of the dead people who came up out their graves to vote is another issue. And the ballot harvesting (also called ballot stealing!) is another big issue. And, the huge, huge issue: #1) Why would you ever have someone from out of the country count the votes; again, rigged algorithms so vote switching could go on. The perpetrators must be caught and punished.

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