October 2, 2022

Third of Americans favor abolishing Supreme Court if it hands down rulings Americans don’t support

The institutions and systems that have made America what it is are under attack. It seems that many American people don’t know the value of what they have  — but they will once it’s gone.

A new survey found that 1 in 3 Americans would be in favor of abolishing the Supreme Court if it made unpopular decisions, TheBlaze reported. This is a sharp increase from the 1 in 5 who thought so in 2019.

The survey asked whether respondents agreed or disagreed with the statement, “If the Supreme Court started making a lot of rulings that most Americans disagreed with, it might be better to do away with the Court altogether.” Of the U.S. adults surveyed, 11% strongly agreed while 23% somewhat agreed for a total of 34%.

Another statement drew similar striking results. When asked if they agree or disagree with that “Congress should pass legislation saying the Supreme Court can no longer rule on that issue or topic” if the lawmakers didn’t like a ruling, 38% said either they strongly or somewhat agreed with that statement.

In 2018, just 28% agreed with that sentiment, meaning the idea gained a full 10 points in just a few years. These responses suggest a troubling shift in attitudes toward the high court.

“Respect for judicial independence appears to be eroding,” Kathleen Hall Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center that conducted the survey, said. “The willingness of more than 1 in 3 Americans to entertain the idea of abolishing the court or stripping jurisdiction from it is alarming.”

The judiciary is one of the three branches of government the framers envisioned would provide the proper checks and balances to prevent tyranny. With Americans becoming more eager to abolish the court, the threat of a tyrannical government getting a foothold becomes real.

Many people may disagree with court decisions — especially conservatives who often lose the most ground — but that doesn’t mean it’s time to tear down the entire institution. Even if an imperfect system, America was built the way it was to limit the power of government against the people. Unfortunately, people will only realize how well it worked once the system is destroyed.




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