May 24, 2022

‘The View’ host Joy Behar wipes out on live TV in wild fall

“The View” host Joy Behar began her latest program with a fall on live TV that became the most talked about part of the program.

Behar’s fall occurred during the opening walk-in of “The View” as the audience was standing to applaud the entry of the hosts.

“Twenty-five years, that has never happened. Who do I sue? Who do I sue?” Behar joked as she slowly recovered.

“My husband is at home laughing now, I bet,” she added.

“All right, well, that’s our show today. Thank you so much,” co-host Whoopi Goldberg joked.

Behar appeared uninjured, though one technical person ran to help as a safety precaution and her co-hosts circled to assist. The crowd continued to show support as her fall took place.

The television blooper is certainly the most viewed part of the Thursday program as viewers enjoy a good laugh over the matter.

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