May 28, 2022

The UK lifts testing requirement for those with the COVID-19 vaccine

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that his administration would end the testing requirements for vaccinated travelers flying to England. 

The primer minister said he hoped to show the world that they are “open for business, open for travelers,” according to a report from The Washington Examiner

“Travelers who are double vaccinated currently have to take a rapid COVID-19 test within two days of arriving in the United Kingdom,” The Examiner reported.

“The change getting rid of this requirement in England is expected to go into effect Feb. 11, coinciding with the spring midterm break in many English schools, according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

“Border testing of vaccinated travelers has outlived its usefulness,” Shapps told the Associated Press. “Today, we are setting Britain free.”

In addition to the calming of the testing requirements for vaccinated, the unvaccinated might also get a break as they will be getting rid of the quarantine requirements for the unvaccinated. 

Travelers going to England without proof of vaccination will be required to take tests before their travels; however, there will also be an easing of the requirements for masks later in the week. 

Johnson said that his country will rely on testing and vaccinations for monitoring the virus saying that he believes that the peak of the Omicron variant has since passed. 

Restrictions were heightened in December due to what was expected to be a brutal COVID-19 season with the newest variant. However, hospitalizations and deaths related to COVID-19 have remained low, despite the nation bracing for a huge impact. 

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