August 12, 2022

The Truth Nobody Tells About Our Voting Rules

There aren’t a lot of people who tell the truth about voting rules. As the Senate takes up the bill the House just passed to drastically amend the rules that govern our elections, it seems like a good time to step back and examine what’s really going on. For some reason, the truth is missing from almost all the reporting, both in the liberal press and in conservative media.

Both Republicans and Democrats approach debates over the rules and systems for our elections with the same fundamental belief: Making voting easy helps Democrats, and making voting harder helps Republicans.

This premise is grounded in historical fact. For many years, older and higher-educated voters have turned out to vote in higher numbers on average than younger and lower-educated voters. Republicans used to be dominant with older and more educated people. This led to a common and still enduring belief among both Republicans and Democrats that Republican voters are more committed to getting their vote in and will therefore turn out in higher numbers, even in a strict system. The belief is the same on the other side: Democrats are less likely to turn out to vote on average, so systems that make voting easier are more likely to motivate marginally interested Democrats than Republicans. Again, there isn’t a ton of debate about this premise. Both parties believe it.

The first obvious point is that with all the voting realignment we are seeing, it’s no longer as clear that all these preconceived notions will hold true. Highly educated people are now voting Democrat more than they used to, and working people are voting Republican more than they used to. Many Republicans talk openly of becoming the party of the working class American. If they succeed, it could be Republicans who benefit from increasing voter turnout in the future.

The second point is that we like to pretend our debates about voting are detached from politics. If you want to understand just how politically motivated all politicians are when it comes to voting rules, just look at the shape of congressional districts. Politicians have drawn the lines in ways they think benefit their party, and they are the single most interested parties when it comes to our elections. Yet they get to make the rules. For some reason, the press plays along as we debate issues such as voter suppression and voter security. Those issues matter a lot, but every politician is thinking as much or more about getting more members of their own party elected as they are about the real merits of our voting policies. This is why Democrats openly push policies that will decrease the security of our elections. If your goal is more voters no matter what, then security is an afterthought, if it’s a thought at all. This is also partly why Republicans talk so much about security. Fewer voters helps Republicans. They know that.

The reality is we are going to change the way we vote as technology advances. For Republicans, constantly trying to impede this is not a good long-term strategy. Virtually every part of our country has been made more efficient through the use of technology, yet many of our counties still vote with hole punches through paper. That’s not going to last. Putting aside privacy concerns, there’s probably no more secure way to vote than with our phones and a biometric key such as a fingerprint or eye scan. That sort of thing is coming, and when it does, a lot more people will likely vote. Republicans should be prepared for that day.

Democrats’ desire to pretend security concerns don’t exist at all is fueling a total lack of confidence in our system. At a time when people are already showing a historic lack of trust in our leaders and our leading institutions, trust in our elections is paramount for our country’s stability. Huge numbers of Democrats did not trust the outcome of our 2016 election, and even more Republicans felt that way in 2020, yet Democrats in the House just passed a bill that would completely undercut whatever confidence currently exists in our election system. The bill is now in the Senate. It’s a disaster.

The problems with the Democrats’ partisan election “reform” bill are too numerous to go through here, but the Daily Caller and others have summarized them well.

One provision in particular gives away their partisan motivations. The bill would ban states from requiring voters to show an ID when voting or even when requesting absentee or mail-in ballots. Thirty-six states have ID laws in place that this federal law would preempt. Even aside from the fact that our Constitution puts states in charge of these issues, why would you ever want to ban IDs for voting? Isn’t that an invitation for voter fraud? Proponents of the ban say ID requirements suppress the vote, especially in minority communities — but we require identification for so many things in our day-to-day lives that it would be impossible to get by without one. You couldn’t cash a check, rent a car, buy beer or wine or do hundreds of other tasks without one. To pretend that a simple security measure like identification is somehow voter suppression is to give away your partisan motivation.

We need a voting system that lets any eligible voter who wants to vote do so conveniently, and we need systems in place to assure voters that our elections are fair. The Democrats’ proposed partisan voting law misses this balance altogether.

Neil Patel co-founded The Daily Caller, one of America’s fastest-growing online news outlets, which regularly breaks news and distributes it to over 15 million monthly readers. Patel also co-founded The Daily Caller News Foundation, a nonprofit news company that trains journalists, produces fact-checks and conducts longer-term investigative reporting. The Daily Caller News Foundation licenses its content free of charge to over 300 news outlets, reaching potentially hundreds of millions of people per month. To find out more about Neil Patel and read features by other Creators writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators website at


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Rev4God (@guest_1179037)
1 year ago

Just another attempt of the left to get away with fraud.

Concerned (@guest_1179079)
Reply to  Rev4God
1 year ago


DWB (@guest_1179222)
Reply to  Rev4God
1 year ago

Agree with you 100%.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1179071)
1 year ago

Election reform ideas:

Watermark, QSR code ballots
Color code by state.
Computers count ballots & match signatures from Dbase.
24/7 observers to Count rooms
No late ballots
NO ballot harvesting
Voter ID seen
Drop boxes?
Produce ballots in secure site ( hard to counterfeit)
Scan with UV for authentic ballots: Watermark, QSR code.
Robots handle ballots
Indie Voting Board by locals estd
Uniform Voting Guidelines set up
Boost FEC powers

Concerned (@guest_1179084)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Great ideas. The democrats would never go for that! It would help prevent fraud, they need the ability To be able to change the voted.

ginger barker (@guest_1179682)
Reply to  Concerned
1 year ago

I agree they want go any way they can’t change I think we the people should impeach these folks and make them an example of our power. They all have broken laws we should hold them accountable . Our country has lost the right way to do things . They work for us not the other way around. When we show them we our going to stop them they will scatter and we will win . We have to fight for America just like our Military does stand our ground it will be hard at first but these lying people needs to learn who makes this country right and strong. As for the voting problem as long as they can use tech. to change votes it will always be in our minds was it rigged. Maybe we need to have ID. and proof that we live in that state and proof you are legal American.

CrustyOldGeezer (@guest_1179286)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago



If India, with a BILLION MORE PEOPLE than the US can do it in ONE DAY by providing POLLING PLACES IN CONVENIENT LOCATIONS, with well trained staff, and plenty of parking to get rid of the hours long waits.

As to ‘voter suppression’, all voters are probably going to bring at least ONE EYE!

bob onit (@guest_1179074)
1 year ago

like duh ! Bet they have ID when cashing ”the covid check”

James (@guest_1179083)
1 year ago

There is nothing wrong with showing an ID card at the pole, or a copy of an id in the mail in vote.

Phillip Owens SFC Ret (@guest_1179109)
1 year ago

The unfortunate part of the entire discussion is the unreliability of the truth!! Each side believes they are right in the debate and their point of view is the correct one!
However, based upon history and reality perhaps neither one is totally correct and as a result we wind up with unreliable election results and considerable cheating in order to maintain power!

It is an undeniable fact that both parties are concerned about the power they control and the reality comes down to which one is willing to compromise their integrity to achieve their desired results! What does that leave the rest of the nation with? Unreliable, untruthful, liars and cheats, none of who truly represent anything but themselves!

Politics has become the single most despicable profession there is today, and is often criminal in its actions!

Linda Hott (@guest_1179188)
Reply to  Phillip Owens SFC Ret
1 year ago

Term limits, plain and simple. all the way around would stop all this nonsense!

horntex (@guest_1179117)
1 year ago

Democrats will not consider any voter reform that closes the door to election fraud.

Jeff (@guest_1179126)
1 year ago

“there’s probably no more secure way to vote than with our phones”

That may give someone a feeling that they’re the only one voting with their ID but remember…it’s not who votes…it’s who COUNTS the votes.

Once you cast your vote by phone, what happens to it? If it was for the candidate(s) you selected but who the counters don’t want to win, your vote can simply be discarded or changed to their favored candidate(s) and you would be totally unaware of it being stolen from you. Electronics are great in making life simple but they don’t offer much confidence when they’re controlled by nefarious entities like Dominion and the Democrats. Even if Dominion voting machines were seized for forensic audit, the software within them could be changed within hours of the results broadcast.

The main reason that the Dominion machines were suspect was because Biden and other local Democrats won in a relatively small county (Antrim) in Michigan which leaned Republican. The immediate audit revealed the “glitch” and they “corrected” it, but all the other Dominion machines throughout the nation were allowed to have their fraudulent results certified.

Thomas Duhs (@guest_1179164)
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

Exactly Jeff, If you got a chance to see “Proof” by Mike Lindell before it was banned from being seen it was a great expose of how the six states were able to steal the election through cyber manipulation of results. I hope the Republicans got wise to this form of fraud and come up with cyber techs who can defend against future intrusions.

Amy Syrell (@guest_1179140)
1 year ago

We have an established Election Day. Why can’t we make it a National Holiday and limit voting to that day. The only people that are allowed to vote by mail should be limited to those in military service and stationed out of the country, those that are so physically disabled as to be unable to get to a polling place, and those that are too ill to leave their homes. Normal voting hours are anywhere from 7 am to 9 pm. Since it would be a National Holiday, the vast majority of citizens should be able to get to a voting location during voting hours. If you are certified to be voting via mail, your ballot must be received by Election Day. If you fail to request a ballot in time, that is not the fault of the election commissioners and you will be marked as a non-voter for that cycle. And we all should definitely follow the existing LEGAL voting legislation and laws.

Randy Justice (@guest_1179142)
1 year ago


Diane (@guest_1179240)
1 year ago

I personally received 4 mail in ballots ,I tossed them and voted in person I’ll always wonder if they were counted even if I tossed them. How many dead persons voted and illegal persons . I called our city clerk and complained I think I should have asked for
A mail in ballot if I wanted ,not just show up in my mail box, we need voter I d just like our driver license. I also was an election judge for 10 years never seen such crap going on.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1179442)
Reply to  Diane
1 year ago

I live in Taiwan, but am from Michigan. I tried to find out if my ABSENTEE BALLOT was counted, and all I could find out is that it was received! ABSENTEE BALLOTS are NOT THE SAME AS MAIL IN BALLOTS, despite the DEMS repeatedly saying they are. For me to vote I had to provide my Social Security Number, my valid Michigan Drivers license number, and my address, both in Michigan AND Taiwan! I am quite sure a MAIL IN BALLOT arrived at my last address in Michigan! One of the BIGGEST ISSUES OF THE LAST ELECTION IS NONE OF THE STATES CLEANED UP THEIR VOTER’S ROLLS! JUSTICE WATCH FOUGHT FOR YEARS TO GET DIFFERENT STATES TO DO IT, WITH LIMITED SUCCESS!

Ken of Mo (@guest_1179389)
1 year ago

Republicans don’t want voting to be harder theu want it to be verifiable and safe from fraud. Democrats want it to be able to make it easyer to defraud the system.

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1179447)
Reply to  Ken of Mo
1 year ago

The DEMS used a “convenient” virus as an excuse to not require valid ID and vote IN PERSON! This has worked VERY WELL FOR YEARS, and countries around the world, DURING THE VIRUS, continued to vote in person and REQUIRE ID! I blame the DEM media and idiots in Congress for allowing this to happen! Here in Taiwan, we have already pretty much gone back to normal, AND WE NEVER SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY! Now CHINA is using ECONOMIC WARFARE against Australia, (banning their wine), and Taiwan by (banning PINEAPPLES)! Believe me, the people in China don’t appreciate this, but the government is not to be questioned in that totalitarian state. They sure are pushing Biden’s boys around, eh? Biden can’t even climb the steps into AF1!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1179435)
1 year ago

Implementing new technology is long overdue, but partisan Democratic state bureaucracies bringing in “custom” voting programs that send votes to off shore locations, for “calibration” is NOT NECESSARY, and smells fraudulent! As a Michigander, I want hands off the ELECTORAL CONGRESS as the heartland will lose control of their lives if the LEFTIST coasts take over! I am sorry, there IS NO ONE CURRENTLY IN US POLITICS WHO HAS SHOWN ME THEY ARE MORE INTELLIGENT THAN OUR FOUNDING FATHERS! Only LIBERAL idiots think they are! If we lose the ELECTORAL COLLEGE than I would be the first to propose a ban on SHIPPING FOOD TO THE COASTS! These city people think their food just comes from the store!

Billy (@guest_1180099)
1 year ago

The left has basicly said , its our way or nothing . Brings us to a Dictatorship or a Communist state. This not to my liking ,how about you?

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