August 1, 2021

The “selective memory” of James Comey

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee the day after the first presidential debate. The hearing, chaired by Senator Lindsay Graham was called to question Comey about the investigation of Crossfire Hurricane, otherwise known as “Russian collusion.”

Mr. Comey seemed to suffer from “selective” memory as Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) labeled it. It’s really a Democrat strategy refined by Bill and Hillary Clinton back in the 90’s.

Comey’s answers to probing questions from Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Josh Hawley (R-MO), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Blackburn, and others were usually “I don’t recall” or “that’s all I remember” or “I don’t know for sure.” He pointed the committee to Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s December 2019 report on the FISA warrant process to spy on Carter Page.

Although Comey could not remember any items that would implicate him in inappropriate behavior he seemed to be able to recall enough to deny that there was no exculpatory evidence in Carter Page’s emails. When reminded that FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith had recently pled guilty to tampering one of Page’s emails to remove the exculpatory information, Comey definitely remembered that there was no CIA confirmation that Page worked for them. But there was, and Clinesmith admitted it.

Representative Peter King (R-NY), familiar with the former FBI director, was surprised that Comey didn’t recall much of anything. He described Comey as a person with an amazing and detail-oriented memory.

Rather than try to get to the bottom of the issues the IG report revealed, the Democrats on the committee used their time to attack the president and Attorney General William Barr. Even as Republican senators tried to get to the bottom of the FBI spying on the Trump campaign, Democrats coddled and gave Comey opportunities to run their most recent arguments against the Trump administration.

Sens. Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Dick Blumenthal (R-CT) led Comey to discuss the president’s $400 million-plus debt implying that the president would be a security risk.

Blumenthal also brought up white supremacists and Chris Wallace’s question during the presidential debate and he and Comey “tched-tched” together about how racist President Trump is.

Sen Diane Feinstein (D-CA), the ranking member of the committee, defended the FBI’s actions in pursuing Crossfire Hurricane while ignoring the newly declassified information that Hillary Clinton may have been colluding with the Russians to damage the Trump campaign. She denied that the Steele Dossier played a significant part in the investigation, even though the Horowitz report detailed the dossier as the main evidence used for granting FISA warrants to investigate Carter Page.

The Democrat strategy of lying, denying, and distracting is undermining the rule of law in the United States. They have nothing but contempt for the country and its institutions, and they are willing to do anything to maintain and increase their power.

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70 Responses

  1. He is a total disgrace and liar. He is covering his own A$$. Funny how he remembers conversations with Trump but nothing else. It is total BS. He should be charged with with holding information. His arrogant A$$ belongs in jail.

    1. Sorry I didn’t read your comment first, cause I wrote basically the same thing…lol
      Wait until he decides to write and publish a book, his memory will magically come back.

    2. Coney – cronies, this should be the new headline. I’m a Vietnam veteran that got dumped in a war we shouldn’t have been in, with no intention to win. I still love my country. The best country in the world, we are free to speak, work, become millionaires or lay on our lazy but’s and collect welfare. Stop the looters, haters, and communists followers that know nothing about communist, Marxist, pigs that will take all listed off the records. There is only on level under communism, the common. Like it or not you work for what you get, no free ride, no work that developers millionaires. No disabled, handicap, no old age pensions, nothing that cost the communists party $ period. When you not productive you simply disappear. Yes I know many will laugh at this, but first pick up a few books and learn the truth.

      1. Oh no I’m not laughing you are correct sir and thank you for serving I have many in my family who served and lost there life’s because PSTD. Democrats are shameful

    3. He definitely is a crooked, corrupt, lying, power hungry, full of himself individual!!!!
      Unfortunately, him and all the rest of his comrades will never get convicted for anything!!
      Why, because all these people, at their level, never took any decisions by themselves, they got the orders coming from higher up and they will never risc to implicate their “ boses”, and reveal their precious agenda … we must understand that !!!

      1. And how are the American people suppose to ever feel comfortable in voting, when we gave so much corruption and people who never get prosecuted. How many more criminals do we have in our government? I feel absolutely sick over what they have done to our country. We have to get prosecutions or the American people will never be able to trust our government

      2. This time we have an outsider as president. We may finally see justice served and some folks may see jail time.

      1. That’s what I’ve been saying. That would certainly jog his memory when the examiner said “deceptive” !!!!! Let’s try again…let’s face it, everyone knows he belongs in prison.

    4. Demon Rats are absolutely superior over everyone when it comes to misinformation and outright lying. I can’t imagine lying it would be on my conscious so bad plus it’s a sin. Having said that I believe Demon Rats have no conscious and are selling their souls to remain in power. A day of reckoning is in their future.

    5. So what does all this window shopping really prove…..nothing, except the fact that NO Democrat will ever be tried or punished in any way for all the corrupt bs they have been proved to have committed….just a waste of time to even pretend the spineless Repubs will ever stand up or do anything to bring these law breaking people to justice…well we actually have NO justice system anymore

    6. You are right. FBI&all our Intel&LEOS are trained to remember,observe details. He does not have a “recall” problem,Comey has a lying,corrupt&seditious SOB!

    7. It is time for the working people of our country to get to know who are those that are the real and true enemies are , like Chris Wallace for one , within the news media , and there are a whole bunch like his kind within the news media alone , not counting their boss who hire such people , that goes up to the managers , to those who own their companies , those are the types of people that been misleading we the people of our country since this nation became our country , and today we are seeing first hand who are those behind their fake news , like this paste debate for one , With Trump VR . Biden as it should of been Biden in the hot seat to prove to we the people that he has what it takes , to make our country better then what our president Donald J. Trump has already proven to we the people of country alone , even with all the attacks he been under ,ever since day one , that never let up , and still going on today , and to me alone , not counting all the millions and millions of other people in our country , already know that Joe Biden can never do what Trump has done , even with no attacks put on him , and our PRESIDENT , DONALD J. TRUMP has already proven to we his people ,that he is there for all of us , and not just for some of us , except for those that put their evil attacks on him , as they may feel the agony of pain in the near future , and that is what those types of people like Clintons , Nancy Pelosi , to Biden been afraid of , as they make up the old timers in politics . and the news been protecting them , with fake and misleading news , and with the cat out of the bag , it should not be to long before the real show begins , as I for one see it.

    8. I agree-but there is still too many “swamp creatures” in government that will not do anything to hold the liar accountable but instead will protect him from paying a price for his evil wrong doings..

    9. What this arrogant, disgusting, worthless piece of schitt has done to the rule of law, is beyond contempt! Comey will rot in Hell!

  2. Clean out the FBI of all those committing sedition & treason by planning & trying to execute a coup to oust our duly elected President Trump. You have all the evidence that you need! The DOJ needs to get off the pot & do your job . We’re tired of waiting. Tell Haspell to release all the documents . She will be on the ‘chopping block’ as well. Playing this political game is wasting precious time & ensuring that many will be losing their seats because of it.

    1. Unfortunately, it looks like the corruption runs so deep and there are so many crooks at so many levels in this huge government that grew over time (on our backs, of course) and they will never allow us to remove any of them from their very comfortable positions they got glued on for the rest of their lives .
      I’m afraid we allowed them to build themselves this very fancy, lavish lifestyle along with the power to do anything to make sure they will never lose it ( loopholes to hide all and any eventual “ irregularities “ that would God forbid
      put their position in danger of being exposed)
      After all, who are we, to dare to judge them, right ???

    2. Anyone involved including Obama,
      Biden, Clinton and kerry all should be behind bars they do nothing but lie are corrupt to the core and treasonous traitors as they we’re all involved from Obama on down
      Release all the Evidence to the public NOW we the people have the right to know everything as it’s our tax payers $$ paying for it all and have the right to know everything before the Elections

      1. Commie signed off on the Fisa warrant without looking at steel or said it was credible that is a crime screw comey he don’t haft to remember anything he broke the law that’s what counts.

      2. Ditto. Great reply. If the main characters are not put in jail, including Obama and Clinton and as you say, they probably won’t. We need to hold our politicians feet to the fire to see to it they are.

      3. You are right! They should all be in jail for what they have done to our country not to mention President Trump, General Flynn, Carter page etc-

    3. Those type of people like you mentioned above , should all be hung or shot and killed , because we the people need them all put out of lives , once and for all , as we do not need them put in jails , where the working people of our country need not have to pay to house , feed , cloth and have guards to watch over them , as we need them around no longer , as we have heard enough of their evil crap already , as we all felt the pain of their evil doings far to long already , and it time for all of them to say their last good by .

  3. This is absolutely treason and all should be hung as it was before. Make no mistake we are in a war. We need to take the gloves off and get nasty like the democrats. No more being nice. Let’s beat them at their own game. Take over the media now. Wake the F*** up. This is the land of the free not the few.

  4. Selective memory seems to be a contagious disease. But only Democrats seem to contract it from one another. If you don’t believe that then just ask one Democrat to tell you the truth on something.

    1. Always wondering, would that “ selective memory” work for any of the Republicans in some similar cases(not to mention in any of the regular people’s cases) ?
      I’m sure it will NOT !
      For sure, we have a dual justice system : one for us, the “ nobody’s “ and one for the elites
      ( of course, excluding the ones with the R in front of their names)
      In fact, the media seem to become the only
      institution to decide the rights/ wrongs in our lives …

    1. I’m praying to God for that too, and also, I’m praying to God to still protect us all from all the evil people trying to destroy our way of life !
      Unfortunately, too many of us turned their face away from God, lately …
      If we will not do our part, I’m afraid God could not help us anymore

  5. Comey is Sgt reincarnated. I see nothing I hear nothing I remember nothing, should be in jail with Hillary and the rest of them.

  6. I insist that Barr indict all these people right now. I don’t care if the democrats try to accuse Barr of election tampering. What the hell do you think the democrats and the NYPost did by releasing trump taxes. That is election tampering. I WANT THESE “F”ers in prison. We have a right to see and here what happened

  7. I think he is being coached by Hillary. Everytime she testified her typical answer was, “I don’t recall”, and she got away with it. Looks like Comey is using the same tactics.

  8. He is denying what he knows to protect himself. He can remember but he is up to his nose with all he said about president Trump. I remember when he said on National TV, the SOB does not belong in the oval office in the White House. He and the Demon crats will get their when God is tired of their negative actions toward our president. Hillary Clinton and her campaign paid for this fake RUSSIAN DOSSIER. They should all be in prison serving their life sentences.

  9. Any person who has access to American intelligence and is in a position of trust and authority that can’t remember or has a selective memory about information he has clearance to should be removed immediately. No take back or re-dos.
    When he was sworn in to his position and receive the security clearance he has, he has no room for excuses or memory lapses.

  10. Just because Comey can’t remember his actions it doesn’t mean he didn’t do them! Arrest his butt and try him for treason!

  11. They should get Comey for countless acts / crimes of at least perjury alone , they KNOW he is lying every time he “can’t remember” or whatever similar .

  12. Why were the Dem Senators asking questions that have absolutely nothing to do with Russiagate? The spying has been proven, so isn’t it the Senator’s job to identify the guilty? Why aren’t our elected officials doing their job? I’m so tired of all the delays, blockages, incompetence, and lies.

  13. Every Democrat in government should be hanged. I,ll be glad to pull the lever, and when asked, I will not remenber!!!!!!

  14. Get the firing squad and take them all out. I am so sick of their lies and their smirks. Useless pieces of c r a p . I hope they all meet their maker soon, like this instant.

  15. Until the American people can watch these treasonous scumbags hanging from a rope we are never going to believe in justice, or in our “media”, or in any politician of either party. The corruption in Washington was nearly complete before we miraculously elected President Trump ! He stands ALONE as the voice of the American people and he is the lone defender of our constitution ! Everyone else works for the globalist ruling elites who desire is to disarm, impoverish, and enslave the American people. Government control by the leftists is self-destruction !! If you doubt that, why are we all watching their cities burn ??

  16. I’m disgusted with the whole lot of democrats. Twenty five million dollars spent on a hoax and they are getting away with it,it makes me sick that the democrats have sunk so low to try and ruin a President they will pay for this in the polls.

    1. It’s even worse, not only destroying the President, but the whole country !!!
      Praying to God they will pay for it at the polls.
      Unless they will still manage somehow to do any of theirs usual shenanigans and win
      That will definitely be the end of our country

  17. Remember what bin Aladen quoted. To kill the snake (U.S.A. ) we must do it from within the belly of the snake. Change their laws and the people must obey.

  18. The Demon-rats who scheme together, should be hung together. Set the example for treason. And that this is a serious offense. But everyone involved needs to fear this…..not just the scapegoats. The Master of the plan especially…Ms. Clinton.

  19. Comey kneels in front of his lover , Peter Strock , and pacifies , while dried up trim , hemrroid ridden Hillary waits for her turn .

  20. Charge him with perjury! He can remember, but won’t give up Obama almighty who set the whole thing up! Water board him, he will remember!

  21. I really can’t add anything more. You all nailed to the core. Lock them up now. Stop playing games w we the people. We the people are fed up w government allowing it period..

  22. He is a traitor! Give him and ALL of them a LIE detector test, so he can’t say i don’t remember. Enough is enough they need to go to jail.

  23. What an absolute liar! He oversaw the investigation, now he can’t remember? Really? Guess he doesn’t remember investigating Killary either. And letting her off the hook. He needs to be held in contempt, charged with duplicity and his part in all of it. If he doesn’t tell the truth, a stretch in prison might jog his memory, or he will be the victim of another arkancide? Is that what he is afraid of? Something isn’t right!!!

  24. What this arrogant, disgusting, worthless piece of schitt has done to the rule of law, is beyond contempt! Comey will rot in Hell!

  25. If indeed Comey cannot remember anything other than his name . . . .legally can he be subject to a lie detector test???

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