August 14, 2022

The Hypocrisy of the Filibuster Busters

The effort to undo the Senate’s legislative filibuster is an un-American, Constitution-eroding, radical play to nationalize politics by empowering slim and fleeting majorities to institute wide-ranging, generational policies.

Judging from the media coverage, you might be under the impression that Mitch McConnell has some kind of duty to “diffuse” the Democrats’ threats of “filibuster reform” — “reform” is the euphemism for liberals destroying long-held Senate norms — by preemptively acquiescing to their demands before he even knows what they are.

Few reporters seem to have even the slightest bit of curiosity as to why a filibuster emergency didn’t come up during the Trump administration when Democrats were constantly — in unprecedented fashion, even — using the parliamentary tool against the president? Democrats filibustered the GOP when it was running the House, Senate and presidency; they filibustered a COVID-relief bill and Tim Scott’s criminal justice bill, just to name two. The Senate GOP had to end debate on judicial nominees and break filibusters 314 times in President Donald Trump’s single term. To put that in perspective, every other president in the history of the United States has faced, combined, 244 of those roll-call votes over a filibuster.

Democrats say they can’t pass any important bills to “fund new roads” or “expand early voting” or “protect migrant children.” There no such bills. There are boondoggle voting, immigration and “infrastructure” bills stuffed with policies that should be none of the federal government’s concern. But if Democrats are intent on compelling states to live under centralized rule, well, then yes, they should hit the 60-vote threshold — at the very least — to make it happen.

Then again, some issues are clearly a matter of federal concern — judicial appointments, for example. The Senate only has a simple-majority threshold on those cases because Harry Reid, not McConnell, blew up that 60-vote threshold for short-term political gain in 2013 when he thought his party would be running Washington for the foreseeable future. Democrats can, of course, rectify this huge mistake and reinstitute the proper threshold. They have the power to do so right now.

It has also become popular to assert that McConnell would likely destroy the filibuster if given a chance. Where is the evidence for this? Republicans enjoyed complete control of the government for two years in 2016-17, and not once did McConnell even threaten to overturn the legislative filibuster when he could have jammed through all kinds of huge bills.

Democrats, on the other hand, have shown no inclination to function under any consistent principle in this regard — other than perhaps the quest for power. In 2017, 30 Democrats signed a letter written by Susan Collins defending the filibuster as an imperative tool in maintaining the “deliberative” composure of legislature. Dick Durbin argued in 2018 that abolishing the filibuster “would be the end of the Senate.” Now, the second-highest-ranking senator maintains that “the filibuster has a death grip on American democracy.” Why? “Senator McConnell taught me that I was wrong. He managed to use and abuse the filibuster so many times and stopped the Senate in its track.”

What in holy hell is Durbin talking about? Republicans haven’t used the filibuster since 2014. What recent bill of theirs has needed to overcome a filibuster? As far as we know, Democrats do not have the 50 votes needed to pass a national minimum wage increase. Do they have the votes for the “infrastructure” bill? We don’t know. Do they have the votes to push through a tax hike? If so, they don’t need a filibuster, they can use reconciliation.

Moreover, it takes preternatural chutzpah for Joe Biden to claim that “democracy” is having a difficult time functioning less than a week after he signed a wholly partisan, nearly $2 trillion Democratic Party wish list. There is a far better argument to be made that the founders would have recoiled from the thought of that monstrosity being rammed through the legislature without any debate or buy-in from half the states. The real problem with the modern Senate, some of us would argue, isn’t the existence of the filibuster but the existence of reconciliation — which allows for lawmakers to avoid the 60-vote threshold in certain cases. But this debate is contrived by liberals and the media for one purpose only: to empower Democrats to lord over half of the country without debate or compromise.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer at National Review and the author of the book “First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History With the Gun.” To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at


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Samuel Meachem (@guest_1179901)
1 year ago

Sure, the Democrats want it when the Republicans have control of the Senate, but they want it to end when they have control. This is sick and crooked.

sturgis (@guest_1180117)
Reply to  Samuel Meachem
1 year ago

I say kill them all and let GOD sort them out!!!

Beverly Padjune (@guest_1181412)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

I agree!!!

James (@guest_1179948)
1 year ago

Our current leaders seem to be either dementia based farts or neophyte children with no experience. The experience with brains only have a few that are willing to make any sort of comment,

Richard Antti (@guest_1179952)
1 year ago

The democrats want every thing they want but at what cost to the country! It’s about time they are told to get study!

Linda (@guest_1180073)
Reply to  Richard Antti
1 year ago

I think they all need to be Put in a mental study!!! They act like they have no mind !!!!!

Doris St Aubin (@guest_1180154)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

walking dead their brain was ate oh no they have no brain

ginger barker (@guest_1180721)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

They are working through the devil. You can see what they are after they want us to bow to them they think they are God We need to take our country back and put God first read your bible revevlations talks about our country and the antichrist it is here. We have sealed our fate when we changed his commandments and he says we can’t do that. We should understand we only bow down to him and worship him only . We are to worship him on the 6th day and rest on the 7th day he said this in commandment 4. We changed this through the years. The antichrist and our government did this. They have the devil in Washington doing everything the Lord said in the bible . You will see they are going through the last days . We Christians will be going through some rough days ahead please read your bibles and prepare yourselves for we are the ones they will be after

Susan Staley (@guest_1180056)
1 year ago

The filibuster is essential. Has anyone ever seen Mr Smith goes to Washington 1939. It’s over the public opinion opposing his filibuster. It’s in the Constitution. What do the democrats want, to rewrite it. No, they will not. Fight back Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw, Kevin McCarthy who I think should be speaker and many others argue about the insane bull of the democrats, who ARE paid off by Pelosi, she gets her money from GEORGE SOROS.

Susan Staley (@guest_1180066)
1 year ago

We can do this Americans, it’s been going on for years, I now think since 1945, the big plan for the Chinese communists who are now in Mao land. That’s what Xi Jinping wants. And George Soros biggest goal. Destroy America. The old fart is 89, and this is still his greatest goal. NOW AS AMERICANS FIGHT BACK, PUSH BACK AT THIS CRAZY IDEA, PUSH BACK IN THE SCHOOLS WHO THINK THEY CAN PUSH THE WOKE PROGRAM. THAT IS CHINESE COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA. IN CASE NOBODY KNEW THAT.

Susan Staley (@guest_1180071)
1 year ago

All of you, find the filibuster in the Constitution. It’s pretty clear why we have filibusters. It’s to shut the hell out of some bill that the democrats or Republicans or government wants to put through that will be detrimental and harmful to the legal American people. That’s why Pelosi is leading the charge to dump the filibuster.

Susan Staley (@guest_1180078)
1 year ago

Trust President Trump, take the Pfizer vaccine. It’s safe.

Chuck (@guest_1180121)
1 year ago

Constitution? What’s that?

xconcern (@guest_1180749)
1 year ago

One of the first things Republicans need to do is get rid of McConnell !

Billy (@guest_1180939)
1 year ago

Crooks trying to rule us all.

zortilo nrel (@guest_1190157)
1 year ago

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froleprotrem (@guest_1224133)
1 year ago

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