October 3, 2022

The Fox News blacklist

After former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich uttered leftist billionaire George Soros’ name twice on a recent Outnumbered show, Fox hosts Marie Harf and Melissa Harris shushed him, saying that Soros did not need to be brought into the discussion.

Lead host Harris Faulkner remained awkwardly silent and the segment ended with Gingrich asking why saying Soros’s name was “verboten” in the discussion of how Soros has influenced the election of countless radical leftist district attorneys.

In a definite shift, Fox News seems to be running interference for Soros, covering up the radical billionaire’s interference in US elections. As recently as July, Fox News ran a story on Soros funding radical progressive prosecutor campaigns throughout the US.

But it seems that Soros must not be linked to radical prosecutors on Fox News anymore. It is a puzzling position for Fox News because Soros’ campaign contributions through his numerous front organizations is a matter of public record.

Laura Loomer, who recently won the Congressional Republican primary in Florida without the help of Fox News, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites that banned her, discussed the muzzling of Speaker Gingrich with Michelle Malkin, another former conservative Fox News contributor.

Both Loomer and Malkin agreed that Fox News does have a blacklist, and they are both on it. Speaker Gingrich will end up on it if he keeps telling the truth about Soros and his radical progressive prosecutors.


Update: The day after this incident, host Harris Faulkner took time during Outnumbered to comment on the incident, insisting that there is no censoring on Outnumbered. It remains to be seen if Fox News will allow discussion of George Soros’s part in installing radical prosecutors in US cities again.


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