July 25, 2021

‘The Five’ Host Juan Williams diagnosed with COVID-19

Fox star Juan Williams has reportedly been diagnosed with COVID-19, the New York Times first reported on Thursday evening.

Willaims, co-host of Fox’s The Five and one of the network’s few liberal contributors, reportedly received a positive virus test just before his scheduled appearance on the show’s Thursday episode and is now isolating himself, according to sources familiar with his status,

William’s last appearance on The Five was on Wednesday, and the other co-hosts of the show appeared remotely for Thursday’s episode.

The Times reported that Williams returned from a several-week-long vacation on Monday and was tested for the virus soon after returning to the Fox News studio in Manhattan.

According to the Times:

Mr. Williams taped a live episode of “The Five” on Wednesday afternoon at Fox News’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, appearing on the set with several of his co-hosts, including the popular conservative commentators Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. The hosts, like guests on some other cable talk shows during the pandemic, sat about seven feet apart.

Fox News has not issued a public confirmation of the report, but the network did confirm that the show will be broadcast from home studios for the “foreseeable future.”

Williams did not isolate himself after returning from vacation and appeared on set with his The Five co-hosts multiple times this week before receiving the results of his COVID-19 test.

Of his current condition, Williams told the Daily Beast on Thursday that “I’m not great but I’m not dying or anything. I’m worried about myself and my family. My wife doesn’t want me to come back to the house right now. On lots of levels it’s concerning.”

“I’m just worried about my health and my family at this juncture,” Williams noted in his interview with the Daily Beast. “You have to guard against vagrant dark thoughts. The thing is what can do for you until things get bad?”

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71 Responses

  1. Prayers and hoping that you have an epiphany and see the light. But of course he can only spread the lies and mistruths that his audience dislikes about him. But I am sorry for your misfortune.

      1. I dislike him bur I don’t hate him. He is just another person who is trying to make a living by. selling his soul in the process.
        Shame on you, Juan

        1. I agree! I don’t wish him ill, I just wish him gone! He is a racist and a very ignorant person. He is so racist that he doesn’t care what happens to our Nation, just so he can push his hate! Another disgusting bigget,

  2. Hope he takes a Permanent Vacation He will not be missed. Maybe the five will get a few more watchers with him gone. Everyone is like me hoping its a permanent departure.

      1. I wrote to a few of the stations they do nothing but down play you story, claims, & they do not answer you , they don’t care about you , what happens to you , they make the big money , big pensions & they just about ruined their reputations for good. i say Pretty as a picture 7 phony as a 3 dollar bill

    1. I agree !!!!!!! I still will not watch the 5 or fox news unless it hanity ingram tucker IAM not when they called arizona I was so pissed I stopped watching is on newsmax much more trusting Trump 2020 he’s going to do it

    2. God speed however he is not my favorite. Again two week vacation no isolation no two week quarantine on returning & exposing other people. Typical liberal democrat. Like all the governors mayors etc do as I say not as I do even the so called Republican from NJ ex governor Christy remember the closed beach’s at the Jersey shore ???

    3. Another DemWit hypocrite who got caught going on vacation after telling everyone to stay safe and stay home

    4. Jack, I don’t agree because Fox has blown it and slowly going down the tube. We have already changed to NewsMax.

      1. amen no more Fox for me Newsmax & OAN Miss Hannity Tucker Judge Jennie Levin Laura I will tune in just to see their shows however not often

  3. I wonder. At least four people in Albuquer. were told they had tested positive for COVID, and they were NOT even tested. They had pulled out of a line after waiting FOUR hours to be tested. All the testing site had was an initial registration for testing for each one of them. Follow the $$ trail & I think we might get a more accurate count of the TRUTH!

  4. I hope Juan Williams stays home and nurses his covid – 19 illness, then maybe I’ll watch The Five if he stays home. I don’t wish this illness on anyone but I will not watch “The Five” as long as he is in attendance. Stay home Juan and when you fell better come back, then when you come back I’ll stop watching “The Five”!

  5. Sorry he’s sick but I hope he does not return to the five! He’s obnoxious and I refuse to watch or listen to his gibberish ! I hope he gets well and moves to cnn!

  6. Prayers for Juan Williams. I personally don’t like him and have stopped watching the five, now I will start watching again, But I will pray for him everyday.

  7. Juan is a dyed in the wool Democrat in a tin- foil hat. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard him utter anything but Democratic talking points. Wish he’d say something original sometime.

  8. Juan Williams ia a tiring personality, who has been around Fox, too long………he is a monotonous Democrat Robot………everything he says is predictable …………. he counters every Host, every time, and adds nothing positive to the conversation ………..! ! ! He vanished for a while, and you put the suspender guy in his place, who also turned out to be a turkey ! ! ! Why can’t you find an intelligent Democrat Host, rather than a DemoCrap puppet ! ! !

    I hope Juan gets better soon ! ! !

    Best Regards from a Veteran 85 year-old Fox listener !

  9. Juan’s job is to present a counterpoint to the arguments of the Right, and to offer some intelligent insight into why the Left has taken their positions and agendas, rather than just rubber-stamp the others on The Five panel. Too often I find myself in total disagreement with his arguments but respect him for his courage to do battle in the lion’s den, even when his positions are indefensible. My wife of 48 years is recovering from her own bout with the Wuhan virus and I do not wish this plague on anyone. Have strength and survive, Juan…we need your voice on The Five panel, illogical as it may seems at times!

  10. I hope for a speedy recovery for Juan Williams,and also hope he considers Hydroxichlorine as a “Quick Recovery” remedy. While I don’t agree with his political views,Juan is a human being and family man. My Prayers go out to him and his family. Keep in mind, readers, there always has to be a “Foil” on a discussion show, and I think Juan is liked and respected as a person, but not for his personal “political” opinions!

  11. Juan came back from a “several week long vacation”. He did not self isolate after returning. Wait a minute. I thought we were all supposed to “follow the science and CDC”. We’re all told NOT to travel and self isolate if we do have to travel. Oh, that’s right. That’s only for conservatives and anyone that supports Trump, NOT for all the communists on the other side, trying to convince us all that they are not trying to get us all used to being controlled.
    Likely Juan went out of country, too, as he is from another nation originally, and I believe he travels there every year. I don’t blame his wife for not wanting him home. Hell, I wouldn’t want him there when he was healthy.

  12. Jessie Waters is the only one on the Five that doesn’t’ back down to the left wing mob.Sad to say but the rest of them seem to be leaning more and more to the left. Sorry but I’m done with Fox.
    Goodbye Fox
    Hello Newsmax.

  13. I hope and pray for Juan’s recovery. I don’t agree with his politics, but I think he is a decent man. I really had wished that Democrats would have given President Trump the benefit of the doubt, but it never happened. They believed and propagated deceit towards our President.

  14. Perhaps this is his just due. Karmic justice . I don’t wish harm on him, but won’t miss him either. Bad views, nasty disposition, the darkness has a hold on him.

  15. I am home with COVID and it is not fun. Why didn’t JUAN WILLIAMS follow the rules and isolate after his vacation? I thought Americans were told it best NOT to travel? Do as I say; not as I do? I hope for the best for Juan Williams and his family; I do not wish COVID on anyone. That said….I really cannot stand the man and his politics. He blames President Trump for everything. I watch The Five because of Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld. I love it when The Five has Judge Jeannine Pirro on as a guest. I have written Fox stating I wish Williams was not on The Five and was totally disgusted when they had Donna Brazille on as a guest; could not understand that after she gave Hillary Clinton the questions to the debate with her and Sanders. I tape The Five and fast forward when Juan Williams speaks….I have no interest in what he has to say.

  16. I can’t stand Juan Williams. I find him to be one of the most annoying and rudest people on fox. He never has anything of interest to hear and is just another desperate liberal democrat. Another thing, I am so tired of him always putting pictures up of his spoiled grandkids that looks like brats. With that being sad, I wish him a very
    speedy recovery and that this teaches him a lesson on how annoying and uninteresting he really is.

  17. Now is the time to get him off of Fox for good. I don’t watch The Five if he is on. Can’t stand him. Send him over to MSNBC with the other losers.

  18. Sorry that anybody gets sick with this Chinese Virus… But maybe Biden can call up China who has funded him and family thru their bagman Hunter billions$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The Chinese own all these Dems. But the good news is I no longer have to mute or change the channel when WIlliams drones on and on. Hooray. Maybe Fox should give him a “show” and then would not have to listen to the hot air.

  19. Yeah like old Juan said when Trump caught COVID, just rolled his eyes and shook his head. This idiot is a Liberal activist not a journalist. What comes around, goes around parasite…

  20. We quit watching LIBERAL Fox and went to NEWSMAX . They are straight and do give conservatives a voice . We stopped watching Hannity and tucker because if they’re too stupid to realize that working on a LIBERAL channel is eventually going to take them down too . Last week , Fox had ratings UNDER , FAKE NEWS cnn and msnbc , that proves that LIBERAL Fox is on a sinking ship and they are going to go down too . PISS on LIBERAL Fox !!!!

  21. I know Juan is a Democrat and I don’t agree with him 99% of the time but God bless him and hos family. I’m a full fledged Republican but there’s a lot of hate in this room. I thought we Republicans were God fearing people a little less hate would be a good thing for our nation. God bless America and Merry Christmas to everyone.

  22. I can’t stand Juan Williams. I find him to be one of the most annoying and rudest people on fox. He never has anything of interest to hear and is just another desperate liberal democrat. Another thing, I am so tired of him always putting pictures up of his spoiled grandkids that looks like brats. With that being sad, I wish him a very
    speedy recovery and that this teaches him a lesson on how annoying and uninteresting he really is.

  23. He will not be missed. Maybe I can watch the Five now that he is not there. Going on vacation and telling everyone else to stay home! Really? Karma!!!!!

  24. I did not like Juan Williams on the 5. So when he was on I would go to a different channel like News Max or OAN . I hope Juan gets better.

  25. He needs to add Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to his diet everyday to kill the proteins in the covid-19 virus and all viruses. It worked in the Philippines, it works for people here in the United States.

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