August 14, 2022

The election is not over

Mainstream media outfits believe that they have the power to determine the outcome of a US presidential election. Outlets Fox News, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, etc., prematurely declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election on Saturday, and Biden is calling himself the president-elect. Both Biden and the news media have created their own alternate reality, but the election is not over in the real world.

As President Trump so aptly pointed out, news outlets do not have the power to declare the winner. States must certify the winner of an election, and no state has done so yet. These news outlets and the Biden campaign need to back off and stop acting like the election is decided. They need to let the legal process work, assuring that every legal vote is counted before they pop the corks.

President Trump, providing leadership in protecting election integrity for the American people, points out that the election is not over until the 50 states certify the winners. He is also pursuing investigations and lawsuits to get to the bottom of voting irregularities and potential fraud in the 2020 election.

The most fundamental problem with the 2020 election is the universal mail-in ballot scheme hatched and pushed relentlessly by the Democrats. President Trump and the Republicans sounded the alarm about potential fraud with universal mail-in voting, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the Democrats pushed kept arguing and demanding all summer the universal mail-in ballot all summer. The Democrats knowingly jeopardized the integrity of the election months before November 4. 

Even before the election, mail-in ballots were causing chaos as Pennsylvanians made duplicate requests for ballots, which then had to be rejected, causing concern that the state would not be able to certify their election results by the December 8 deadline.

US postal worker whistleblowers from Pennsylvania have reported that ballots that received on November 4th were backdated to November 3rd to count them.

Besides mail-in voting, tabulation software and poll workers have also drawn attention. Dominion Voting software “glitches” in at least one Michigan county flipped votes for President Trump over to Biden. Tabulation software in Georgia rejected 160,000 ballots for adjudication.  Poll workers in Detroit barred observers from watching the vote counting.

Irregularities and illegal activity characterize the elections in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other states. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich in a call for Attorney General Barr to get involved, put it this way, “The Philadelphia machine is corrupt. The Atlanta machine is corrupt. The machine in Detroit is corrupt. And they are trying to steal the presidency. And we should not allow them to do that.”

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Spurn (@guest_1071926)
1 year ago

There will be no faith in future elections unless the courts step in now to rectify this corrupt election cycle. There has to be integrity in the election process. Interference in elections is a Felony. Where is the Attorney General? President Trump call in you AG for a face to face meeting this is a crime. Fie.

Beth A Lumos (@guest_1071957)
Reply to  Spurn
1 year ago


Michael s humaker (@guest_1071994)
Reply to  Beth A Lumos
1 year ago

I believe the term is “10 days of darkness”. DOJ must wait 10 days after election to get involved. Look for 11/13 ish.

David Paquette (@guest_1072041)
Reply to  Beth A Lumos
1 year ago

Barr and Durham could have put a stop to this crap by arresting Biden and his son which there is plenty of evidence of corruption. That was enough to disqualify the scumbag, ARE YOU ALSO BIAS MR.BARR? Do the job or get out!!!

Breaker 19 (@guest_1072092)
Reply to  Beth A Lumos
1 year ago

Barr will have to appoint another special investigator while he sets on hi rear and do nothing like he has been doing. With all the evidence out there, not one of the Democrats have been indited.

phyllis elliott (@guest_1072205)
Reply to  Breaker 19
1 year ago

two laws one for me 7 you amother law for all the people that have their hands in deep pockets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IS APPLIED TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1phyllis elliott

Shelley R Mason (@guest_1071927)
1 year ago

So there is hope that this awful thing won’t happen.See most of the democratic voters are totally ignorant of what their candidates are up to. Everyone will find out.

James Friend (@guest_1071940)
1 year ago

I’m a disabled veteran and I can’t believe how corrupt the democrats are. It sickens me and everyone else! joe biden will get what he has coming! A 4×4 jail cell with his son Hunter and the rest of the democrats! This will all come out in the end. This man and woman that is to be our President and VP will not happen. God will take care of us

De Wayne Franklin (@guest_1071972)
Reply to  James Friend
1 year ago

Amen Brother!!

Deb Mull (@guest_1072031)
Reply to  James Friend
1 year ago

Well said James and thanks for your faith and comments! I also believe that it will all come out in the end!

Teresa Hewitt (@guest_1072084)
Reply to  James Friend
1 year ago

Love your post James Friend! I agree! The Lord definitely will expose the lies towards the nation and he will take good care of ungodly people including democrats. I personally do believe that Jesus Christ will be returning someday soon.

Dar (@guest_1072102)
Reply to  James Friend
1 year ago

No doubt about it!

Will Harden (@guest_1071946)
1 year ago

I still can’t believe that the Democrats would do such a criminal thing.
So not only is Biden a crook but it took hundreds of Democrats to pull it off.
The future of our country is in danger when Biden has already been bought off by both Russia and China.
The very Gaul, the audacity of stepping so low as to fake an election is beyond me.
I had always hated Democrats but this takes the cake.
I hope that Rudy Juliani and Lindsley Graham can get the supreme court to intervene.

Gregg Heid (@guest_1071963)
1 year ago

Pray the truth comes out and more people turn to Christ through all of this corruption

Tammie J Henning (@guest_1071967)
Reply to  Gregg Heid
1 year ago


Christiann (@guest_1071964)
1 year ago

If the Supreme Court can ban Prayer from schools then they can also ban mail-in ballots!!

frank p ucci (@guest_1071965)
1 year ago

i agree with it all that it was voter fraud Trump won this 100% in a landslide!!

Charlotte (@guest_1071969)
1 year ago

I can not accept that Trump was not elected. He is the best President we have had in the last 40 years.

Bonnie (@guest_1071998)
1 year ago

Joe Biden, his son and all the rest will never see a day of jail time, all of it will just disappear, unfortunately.

Terry (@guest_1072012)
1 year ago

I’m really starting to truly DISLIKE all Democrat’s!!!!!

masr (@guest_1072066)
1 year ago

communists = liars thieves murderers

Jim (@guest_1072096)
1 year ago

Everyone just needs to sit, and wait. Lawsuits take time, recounts take time. Hopefully if they find what, what we all know to be true. Everyone found to have facilitated in this fraud should go to prison, hopefully in the cells next to Sleepy’s crime family. But the best part is going to be when Sleepy finds out he lost, PRICELESS! Hopefully the rest of the DEMIRATS in the house, and senate will have aneurism’s right their.

American for America (@guest_1072213)
1 year ago

I am leaning to what I think is reality, that is I don’t feel AG Barr is all in for Republicans let alone our President. I think the “investigation” that Durham is/was conducting would have been brought forward with at least one indictment prior to the election and this current mess would have been much reduced. If they supported Trump, they could have avoided speculation otherwise by coming forth!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1072704)
1 year ago

There is NO WAY that every legal ballot can be counted as TRUMP BALLOTS found discarded in ditches around the country apparently were NOT RETAINED, AND CANNOT BE VOTED! WRAY AND THE CORRUPT FBI HAS DECIDED THERE IS NO FRAUD! THEY DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SLOW WALKING AN INVESTIGATION OF BIDEN IN UKRAINE AND CHINA AND HIDING THE EVIDENCE UNTIL AFTER THE ELECTION! The PRESS continues to LIE that MAIL IN BALLOTS ARE THE SAME AS ABSENTEE BALLOTS! THEY ARE VERY DIFFERENT! I have to APPLY for a ballot, provide the last 4 digits of my Social Security number, my Michigan Drivers License number, my email address, AND my postal address in Michigan AND Taiwan! BALLOT HARVESTING, AND HANDLING OF MY BALLOT BY ANYONE WHO IS NOT IN THE US MAIL, OR HANDLING IT AS PART OF THEIR JOB IS GUILTY OF A FEDERAL CRIME UNDER ABSENTEE BALLOT LAWS! No one knows if these requirements were extended to the MAIL IN BALLOT SCHEME, as I have not been able to locate a copy of the Michigan Law regarding MAIL IN BALLOTS! The idiot DEMS are RUNNING DOWN THE ROAD WITH A BIDEN VICTORY. AS USUAL, BARR IS MISSING IN ACTION! Did anyone think even the corrupt radical DEMS would not try to pull off this fraud!? And we will not impeach Biden as HARRIS WOULD DELIVER REPARATIONS, TEAR DOWN OUR HISTORY, TAKE OUR GUNS AND END OUR WAY OF LIFE! SHE WOULD BE WORSE THAN BIDEN, IF THAT’S BELIEVABLE!

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