June 30, 2022

The Democrats’ Dangerous Delegitimization of the Election

In a recent deep dive in The Washington Post’s Outlook section, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” exploring various potential outcomes of the 2020 presidential election, found that in “every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically.” According to the Post, any other outcome is destined to spark “violence” and a “constitutional crisis.”

Or, in other words, nice country you got there…

Every assumption in the article, written by Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown University law professor and co-founder of the Transition Integrity Project, is awash in the conspiratorial paranoia that’s infected the modern Democratic Party. It’s a world where Trump officials — played, quite implausibly, by Joe Biden partisans Michael Steele and Bill Kristol — are “ruthless and unconstrained right out of the gate” but the genteel statesmen of Team Biden “struggled to get out of reaction mode.” It is a place where Republicans aren’t only reflexively seditious and autocratic, but a “highly politicized” Supreme Court tries to steal the election.

In their “war game” scenarios, however, it’s the Democrats who refuse to accept the will of courts to adhere to the constitutionally prescribed system rather than hysteria, and it’s the Democrats who wishcast the wholly imaginary “popular vote” into existence.

One of the scenarios, we learn, “doesn’t look that different from 2016” — a contest in which, it must be pointed out, not one vote has been proven to be uncounted or altered. In that outcome, America is confronted with “a big popular win for Mr. Biden, and a narrow electoral defeat.”

In the real world, incidentally, that scenario is called a “Trump victory.”

In the fictional war game, however, John Podesta, playing the role of Biden, contends that his party won’t let him concede the race, and instead alleges “voter suppression” — the catchall go-to every time a Democrat loses — and persuades the Democratic governors of Trump-won states such as Wisconsin and Michigan to send pro-Biden electors to the Electoral College. In the meantime, California, Oregon and Washington threaten to secede from the union if Trump takes office. The Democratic House unilaterally names Biden president. “At that point in the scenario,” The New York Times’ Ben Smith explains, “the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.”

This scenario is what a real-life “coup” might resemble. It is, needless to say, utterly insane that Democrats would destroy the nation’s longstanding and peaceful transition because they refuse to accept the mandated process of electing the president. All of which is to say the proactive — and retroactive — delegitimization of the Trump presidency has been a successful four-year project. It permeates the entire Democratic Party’s information complex.

First, Democrats convinced millions of Americans that a handful of inept and puerile social media ads were enough to overturn a presidential election in the most powerful nation on earth. By 2017, a majority of Democrats believed that vote tallies had been tampered with by Russians, somehow without a trace of evidence.

Since then, Democrats have been working to convince themselves there is no legitimate way in which Trump could win the election again. A large number of high-profile left-wing columnists have laid the groundwork to make this case and high-profile politicians have joined them. Hillary Clinton’s advice to Biden not long ago was to not concede defeat on the night of the Nov. 3 election no matter what happens. In January, during the impeachment trial, Representative Adam Schiff said, “The President’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has noted that “Let the election decide'” is a “dangerous position” position because Trump is already “jeopardizing the integrity of the 2020 elections.”

It’s worth pointing out as well is that the dynamics of the presidential election would be completely different if the popular vote actually existed. But candidates do not compete for the popular vote, so they can neither “win” nor “lose” it. If they did try to win the popular vote, they would cater to the largest population centers, and no one else, and elections would look very different. I’m not sure that that setup would work out for Democrats exactly as they imagine, but it doesn’t matter. A popular vote undercuts federalism, one of the foundational ideas of the founding. And that’s the point.

A recent USA Today poll found that 28% of Biden’s supporters say they aren’t prepared to accept a Trump victory as “fairly won,” and 19% of Trump’s supporters say the same about a potential Biden victory. So a significant minority of American voters don’t believe the next election will be legitimate before it has even been conducted. What happens when every long line at the polls and every Facebook meme and every delayed mail-in ballot is turned into a nefarious plot by the enemy to snatch democracy from the rightful winner? It’s going to be ugly, indeed. If their “war games” are to be believed, then that’s what Democrats are counting on.

David Harsanyi is a senior writer at National Review and the author of the book “First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History With the Gun.” To read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate webpage at www.creators.com.


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Carol (@guest_1044721)
1 year ago

If there’s a “war”, just remember folks the G D communistic, Marxist Democrats initiated it with their underhanded, slimy tactics. They have been at it since the doors were closed after the 2016 election. They have NOT been doing the jobs they were elected to perform! Are we getting sick of all this? I know I am. In fact, really angry is more accurate. I’ve lived many, many years. Just a reminder…..don’t rile up an old lady!

Toni Lane (@guest_1044862)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago


russell remmert (@guest_1044898)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

carol I agree they have almost destroyed America with there bs , nancy and chuckie and their mob need to be charged with treason

Robin Andrews (@guest_1044980)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

Absolutely Carol. It’s their war n hopefully they die in it.

Dorus Lucian I (@guest_1045013)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

If that will be their myopic strategy: democrats’ delegitimization of the 2020 election will destroy the legitimacy of their Party!

Judy (@guest_1045353)
Reply to  Carol
1 year ago

Amen! I am with you and praying everyday that the Lord who is greater than all will count the votes and make this election right for the one He sent , our Joseph , to win for We the People!

edward angell (@guest_1044733)
1 year ago

If you have nothing worth dying for you have nothing worth living for. Our freedoms are and always will be worth it. Lot of GREAT people already paid the ultimate price in our GREAT history. Don’t let them down by chickening out now. Man up. Bring it on you commie bastards. The red, white, and blue does not run!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1044738)
1 year ago

I agree Carol.! The dems will own the war theyre predicting, going against law and order inciting more and more VIOLENCE, they WANT the power at all costs. Theyre gonna pull a Maxine water, eric holder, mchele obma trick together with the hordes of BLM THUGS! God Bless the USA, our President who WILL WIN and protect the American way of life, her Constitution and her CITIZENRY!! Stand proud and READY AMERICANS WE WILL PREVAIL, TRUTH, GOD and COUNTRY WILL prevail against these Vandals.!

Glenn (@guest_1044764)
1 year ago

Democrat’s who do not believe peoples votes they should be deported and never again step foot in the Un=ited States the same goes for the Republicans if perhaps President Trump should loose. If they do not accept the peoples votes. Now if it found The Main Players of the Democrat party are found to have been the ones who stired up all the hate and discount wit be charged with high treason and sentenced by a top court of the land with full seance of the charge and charged with murder in such. Only the top Democratic party member not the people of the party who have been taken in by those who instigated the unlawful proceedings . 1. for being part of their hiring of protesters who did the looting and big city tear up. 2. False and hurtful and unlawful from the time President took office slamming all the good he has done for America including cleaning out the swamp even some of his own that were legally found out. proceeding with the criminal teariest as protesters . If the Democratic party hired in any way or made any type of promises that the said protesters were hired and they knew about it and condoned it are found to have stirred up a nation reason for not legal or rightful reason be inprisoned for life,or deported and all monies and wealth including land and more taken away sold and moneys be put back in the USA bank account to help the working people they robbed. If they are just deported and not given a life sentence they will give up all rights to be deported to Canad or Mexico a neighboring country.
Stop being a sissy your going to lose Please do not take the good people who believed in you down to. That’s a discrete to your party and the american people. Before you can suceed from USA as a state it has to be voted on and the states will not win that vote either. We are all Americans and it can not be bought accept it I did with Obama and I did not like him and he proved me right. Muslim Brotherhood have taken over a lot of eastern part of our country there is tons of proof plus parts of our homeland middle west. Thanks to him.
GOD BLESS AMERICA Like when I was born and during and After WWI and WWII. When everyone put there shoulder to the wheel and kept America Great. Amen

HHatfield (@guest_1044778)
1 year ago

God bless you, Glenn!

Cheryl (@guest_1044794)
1 year ago

Here we go Again spewing more propaganda thinking you will scare trump voters into voting for Biden. The only ones who are voting for Biden will be the far left idiots. Stop all the lies and most IMPORTANT stop acting like the majority of Americans are stupid. Just because Nancy Pelosi got caught saying it in a microphone that people are stupid doesn’t mean she’s right. She is stupid for all of her spending govt money on her wish lists. Remember she lives in California so she knew no salons were allowed to open and she didn’t wear a mask. Her excuse should have been, I’m Stupid.not blame anyone else.

Kim (@guest_1045630)
Reply to  Cheryl
1 year ago

Omg! I love your response, Cheryl! Spot on!

moon (@guest_1044798)
1 year ago

The GOP demorats will be the first elimnated; you can bet on it and so will there families.

Jack Hall (@guest_1044906)
1 year ago

That’s why the Gun stores are pretty empty. Good quality Guns are even hard to find online. NO AMMUNITION ANYWHERE! Because people are scared and they are stockpiling guns and esp ammunition. If the Democrats decide they don’t like having Trump for another 4 years after he is reelected. Then THE WAR IS ON. I know I won’t stand for Democrats trying to illegally take over our Country. I live in TN so the threat of Democrats starting trouble here is slim to none. But I have a strong feeling the many Democrat voters, esp everyone older than 50 will be voting for Trump. Older people want LAW AND ORDER. Older Americans Democrat and republican are against defunding the police. They don’t want Criminals taking over where they live. Don’t believe the polls saying Biden is ahead. HE WAS NEVER AHEAD. Same goes in 2016 when the fake News said Hillary had a big lead. It’s all a SCAM so when Trump wins AGAIN< they will claim Russian interference and that Trump rigged the election again. THEN THEY WILL CALL FOR RIOTS! This time they will set their dogs ANTIFA and BLM loose and tell them to burn down all the Cities including the White House.

Kim (@guest_1045634)
Reply to  Jack Hall
1 year ago

That’s exactly why they’re trying to force all mail-in voting. So they can rig it. After all, they’re not concerned about “Republicans/Conservatives” voting in person. Their whole narrative is that Trump is trying to suppress the Dipsh*ts vote. Why? So they can extend voting beyond the deadline, and then scramble to submit enough fraudulent votes to steal the election, once they know exactly how many they need. And need I remind anyone, that the Postal Carriers Union just endorsed Biden? Yeah, like any of us should be stupid enough to trust that!

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1045019)
1 year ago

Start a war I’m looking forward to eliminating these pos

Kim (@guest_1045635)
Reply to  Mike Siegfried
1 year ago

The war has already begun. The only question is, how many of us will stand up and fight it? I will…

60ySCzAQZsdQ (@guest_1066155)
1 year ago

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Homepage (@guest_1066157)
1 year ago

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