July 1, 2022

The American Regime Is Under Siege

Adriana Cohen is off this week. The following column is by Josh Hammer.

More so than at any time in at least a half-century, and possibly at any time since Lee’s surrender to Grant at Appomattox, the American system of governance and way of life is under existential duress. As one astute remonstrator observed on Twitter, what we are now witnessing is an attempt at regime change in the United States of America.

That may well come across as embellishment at best and disingenuousness at worst. But nothing could be further from the truth. How else to interpret the mass anarchy and callous disregard for the rule of law now wreaking havoc upon America’s greatest cities? How else to assess the destruction wrought by the scofflaws and ingrates who patrol the land on a never-ending hunt to vandalize and topple memorials erected in honor of our noblest statesmen, such as George Washington?

The modern left, in thrall to the anarchists of antifa and the Marxists of Black Lives Matter, has positioned itself as a political movement that stands athwart the American regime. At an institutional level, Democratic Party leadership is increasingly a dog wagged by the tail that is antifa and Black Lives Matter. And that tail, as is openly conceded in moments of candor, is resolutely opposed to the idea of America itself. There is no alternative way to comprehend the ardent desire of those insurrectionists who, channeling the very worst of Mao’s Cultural Revolution, would deface and demolish societal tributes to the man who wrote the Declaration of Independence (Jefferson) and the man who brought to fruition its ideals (Lincoln). Could we ask for a more clarion demonstration of the dripping disdain with which the left views the entire American project?

We are now in the midst of a cold civil war between Americanists, proud defenders and preservers of the American regime and way of life, and the civilizational arsonists who seek to burn that regime and way of life into the ether. Yes, we are in a fight for America’s soul — but we are also in a fight for America itself.

Amidst our current doldrums, in the dog days of an election year, and staring at foreboding poll numbers this November, Republicans face a crossroads. On the one hand, the president and his party can continue the status quo, which entails rhetorical paeans to both law and order and “criminal justice reform” and “police reform.” On the other hand, Republicans can boldly rise up, paint a stark and unequivocal contrast with the civilizational arsonists, and offer a compelling defense of the moral primacy of the rule of the law and the American way of life.

Republicans must choose the latter course. From here through November, President Trump and Republicans must present themselves, as their partisan forebear Lincoln once did, as the defenders and preservers of the American regime. They must call out the radicals of the modern left for what they are: unmitigated foes of an American order predicated upon the Declaration’s truths about human equality, the Constitution’s structural safeguards for ordered liberty, and the wisdom embodied in the Judeo-Christian moral tradition undergirding our entire governmental edifice.

Every single day until Election Day, Trump and Republicans should frame the choice facing the American people as between the American regime and insurrectionism. But to credibly do so, Republicans must immediately pivot to a full-throated rhetorical and substantive defense of why the American regime is worth preserving.

Campaign trail speeches, congressional bills, and everything in between ought to revolve around unabashed assertions of America’s inherent worth and dignity. The New York Times’ “1619 Project” should be denounced as a monstrous, ahistorical mendacity — and the spirit of 1776 should be channeled and lauded. The rule of law, as well as law enforcement itself, must be heralded as indispensable elements of a just society conceived centuries ago and still worth defending today.

The president’s current poll numbers do not inspire confidence. If the election were held tomorrow, Joe Biden would all but assuredly prevail. But there is still time to make the case. That case must be a forceful and unrelenting call to preserve the American regime and way of life against the threat posed by those seeking to destroy it — and celebrate in its burnt ashes.

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SGT Preston (@guest_1014932)
2 years ago

Seems to me that it is time to start putting some miscreants behind bars for extended stays at the “Graybar Hotel”. Should not matter whether they are democrabs, antifa, or what, if they break the law they need to be jailed.

Tim (@guest_1015134)
Reply to  SGT Preston
2 years ago

There should min 5years for the looting and other violence.
Let’s post the mug shots of all those who committed crimes
Dumocrates need to pay for all this BS.

Laura (@guest_1014989)
2 years ago

I absolutely agree, Trump has to make clear this country will not survive in Democrat world. He needs to stop name calling on people in the Republican Party he didn’t get along with. He needs to stop talking about himself and put policies into action from here on out. He needs talk about what his plans are for every American. He can win this but he also needs our Republicans to talk about it all day everyday. Every time Democrats do something he needs and every Republican should do the same. That’s the only way we can keep America America. We the people must share everything we see to those we love. If he does this say goodbye to Biden

John Bartlett (@guest_1015098)
Reply to  Laura
2 years ago

To Laura
Regrettably, I believe you and agree. But I really don’t want to.

Loretta Wood (@guest_1015117)
Reply to  John Bartlett
2 years ago

I’m 78 and never has there been this division in our government. It’s incredible to me. The Demoncrats are traitors and criminals and should be arrested and given the death for treason!! We the people demand these domestic enemies be punished now. The penalty for treason is death

L (@guest_1015116)
Reply to  Laura
2 years ago

Bravo. I totally agree!!!

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1015008)
2 years ago

May God help our country. It seems no one else wants to. This is serious childishness!

William Sullens (@guest_1015020)
2 years ago

This and Tucker Carlson’s two monologues on Antifa and the Marxist movements of BLM are stellar truths on how the few anarchists are trying to change the American way of life through fear. The Democratic Socialists are afraid of these groups to the point the they are supporting Anarchies to try to gain control of our government. They need to be careful what they wish for, as the Marxist doctrine doesn’t take prisoners. Thus Democrats are weak and would fall victim to the Marxist ideology.

Kenneth (@guest_1015036)
2 years ago

BLM and Antfita better look at their whole card. If the Democrats get in Congress and the White House what do you think they will do to you?
They are just using you and will forget all about you once they are in power.
At least you could negotiate with Trump and the Republicans.
Everyone knows that the US cannot survive Democratic rule

Loretta Wood (@guest_1015284)
Reply to  Kenneth
2 years ago

Exactly. No Democrats no socialism or communist in our government.

teri (@guest_1015055)
2 years ago

We need more available police and military in order to arrest these fools. I am disgusted by their actions AND the fact that they can get away with these demented actions. If all the rioters were white, you can kiss your last plug dime away, b/c we would already be in the slammer with no bail!!! America losses if Republicans, independents, anyone who wants to be free, do not act now. It is tough love that is needed here. Expose all who support these punks (black/white and male/female) and arrest them for treason to their country. TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH love is needed!!!!!

alicia Cervera (@guest_1015089)
2 years ago

Kenneth, youre right, it will mean the DEMISE of the USA!

Robert Anderlik (@guest_1015124)
2 years ago

OK, I agree with all of you! BUT, what –and when are we, as the general public going to start standing up for our great country and the freedoms that we still have? ( well most of them anyway) When are we going to start demanding that the leftist socialists be held accountable for their actions? We must start writing, phoning, supporting our congressional people who should be standing up for and complying with the oath of office that they stated when elected to their office. AND, we had all better start praying to the God that is spoken of in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and pledge of allegiance to our U.S.flag for President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Christian leaders for His guidance, wisdom, and protection.

Kelly Fee (@guest_1015742)
2 years ago

I’ve wondered why Trump has not stopped the violence & destruction.I believe,maybe,so it won’t seem he is suppressing their “right”to opinions,their voice(even tho it’s become past criminal,with many).I think he wants to let people(espec Dem voters)see what it will be(is)like,with them in charge.They won’t,or can’t,protect citizens.I think the Dems believe,if they win,BLM will share the power w/them.They won’t.They can’t even tone it down until after elections-now ordering followers to destroy white churches & anything w/Jesus on it! They will not share power w/Dems,or anyone.Wake up,people PLEASE

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1027873)
1 year ago

Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

Meri (@guest_1065777)
1 year ago

Having read this I believed it was rather informative.
I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article together.
I once again find myself personally spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.

But so what, it was still worth it!



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