August 18, 2022

Texas Senate passes bill allowing permitless carry of handguns

Many states in America are stripping Americans of their fundamental rights, including the right to bear arms. However, Texas is now allowing the broader exercise of citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

The Texas state Senate passed a bill Wednesday allowing citizens constitutional carry rights, the Epoch Times reported. That means residents 21 or older who are eligible have the right to carry a firearm concealed or open carry.

The bill will head back to the House to iron out differences between each chamber’s version. The House already passed the measure last month, but they will need to debate amendments and hash out differences before sending it up to GOP Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Abbott has been supportive of the measure. “Once the Senate passes it out, the House and Senate will convene and work out any differences and get it to my desk and I’ll be signing it,” Abbot told WBAP’s Rick Roberts.

Like many other states, Texas residents are currently required to obtain a permit to carry a handgun. The process requires practical experience and classroom instruction, a written test, and fingerprinting before they can carry.

Republicans are hopeful that it will ease some of the burden residents currently have while trying to exercise their Second Amendment rights. “Right now, we have the license to carry—the LTC—and it is a hurdle for some individuals to avail themselves of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and I think that is a hurdle that should be removed,” State Sen. Charles Schwertner had said. “That’s what this bill does.”

Democrats and some law enforcement officials are afraid the weapons will be in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them. “Guns are easier to obtain than ever before, and it has become more common for people to use them. Weakening training regulations and effectively eliminating training requirements is not the direction that we should be going right now,” Austin Police Interim Chief Joseph Chacon said in a news conference.

However, the right to bear arms is a Constitutional right afforded to everyone who hasn’t forfeited it by breaking the law. While some worry more guns make streets less safe, not knowing who is carrying a weapon has a strange way of making everyone more civil toward one another.

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Linda (@guest_1244384)
1 year ago

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Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

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Paul E (@guest_1244762)
Reply to  Evente61
1 year ago

I’ve looked into what you both are saying and guess what? You both are lying!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1244632)
1 year ago

Now see gun crimes drop big time in TX IE robberies, hold ups??

rm (@guest_1244717)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

The courts won’t throw the book at home invaders and other thugs any more, Texans can now carry out the sentence the thugs earned and deserve when accosted….

Cbnjky (@guest_1244648)
1 year ago

Finally some “COMMON SENSE” hope it catches on and goes country wide.

Jennifer (@guest_1244679)
Reply to  Cbnjky
1 year ago

Hope springs eternal again.

Jerry (@guest_1244650)
1 year ago

In my years of owning and carrying a gun no one has ever said to me I shouldn’t be allowed! In fact several times in a restaurant I had waitresses say thank you ! Why ? You make me fell safe! More guns equals safer streets! While the federal government would like to take your guns because of gun violence think about where all that gun violence is ! Democrat big city’s! Strict gun laws that regular citizens can’t own one for self defense!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1244713)
Reply to  Jerry
1 year ago

I firmly believe that the more guns in civilian hands will decrease the violence on OUR streets. IF Biden & Company succeed in confiscating our guns and de-funding the Police, when trouble starts, who are we supposed to call for help, The Black Panther, or the BLM representative?

rm (@guest_1244719)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

BLM = Burn Loot and Murder
Black Panther…sounds like a jungle animal to me…

Katherine (@guest_1246129)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

Just call for your friendly “Social Worker” and she/he can just simply talk to the criminals and everything will be alright and the lowlife criminal will be oh so sorry for burning, looting, destroying property and killing.
This is the thought pattern of the insane left wing liberals to keep the division of the races in hatred toward one another.
God open the eyes of those who are lost in hate.

diego rodrigo (@guest_1245228)
Reply to  Jerry
1 year ago

Absolutely right, provided those handgun carriers are sufficiently trained so they don’t go blow innocent people’s brains out. I agree Constitutional carry is a right every American has (those who have not broken the law and forfeited that right. It is a right guaranteed by God and recognized by the Constitution (Note a right that is not given by the Constitution, but recognized by the Constitution). Therefore it is a right that the government is not able to take away, no more than the right of free speech is a right the government can take away. Never forget that the reason the framers of the Constitution put the 2nd amendment in the Constitution, was to provide a way for ordinary, law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against an over-regulating federal or state government.

moon (@guest_1244654)
1 year ago

If they are worried about guns falling into the wrong hands, well most guns in TX have already been bought up. Needs Ammo, thats whats hard to get. So if bad guys have guns, then more targets for the good guys to practice on.

Vietnam vet (@guest_1244676)
1 year ago

There are thousands of targets coming across the river
in Texas right now.Vigalanti justice is a lot more of a real
thing than most liberal idiots think.
Maybe now the street urchins that think they can always
get away with any form of violence they chose will be a
bit more reluctant to take on a armed Texan.!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1244701)
Reply to  Vietnam vet
1 year ago

Vietnam vet,
The Washington idiots have never been faced with real violence like the Westerners have. IF we have to defend our lives, property and independence, WE will use anything at our disposal to eliminate the threat. This include Biden trying to prevent us from
exercising our rights under the 2nd Amendment Exactly as written. As a native Texan
and ex-soldier I know of which I speak.

Bret (@guest_1246338)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

I think it is long past time for us veterans to create our own site and call it USA.VET so we the soldiers can unite and keep our promise to keep the US Constitution safe from all ENEMIES both foreign and Domestic It is long past time to label the Demo RAT scum infesting our Government as our enemies and do what we do best! Send ‘EM to GOD and let HIM sort ‘EM Out! HOOAH!

Vietnam vet (@guest_1247135)
Reply to  Roy Fredrichsen
1 year ago

Our Commitment to protect the constitution did not
stop when we were no longer serving the Country it
goes on for the rest of our lives.
The only thing that I will give up over gun ownership is
advise to lunatic Joe is this.”You had better be ready for
any eventuality in the form of retribution and be able to
stop the carnage before it gets out of hand better yet
send Harris out to get our guns that way we know she will
never show up.!!

CC (@guest_1244689)
1 year ago

The DumbDims are going to make it even harder to find the AMO needed; because we ARE Going to need it to PROTECT OUR COUNTRY from THEM. That’s as CLEAR as the BIG Nose On MY Face!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1244723)
Reply to  CC
1 year ago

Those idiots in Washington only know one thing – Tax,Tax. Tav, which in their minds solves every problem. They are about to find out that ACTION is more effictive, merely
throwing money at it only increases the problems

Peter Smith (@guest_1244698)
1 year ago

I love my state! Now my only dilemma is which one I’ll choose to carry. But then, I’ve carried for a fairly long time now …

John Decker (@guest_1244715)
1 year ago

I was right! Censored again. We no longer have a Constitution, the Dems are making sure of that one Amendment at a time. The First is gone, they’re coming for the Second now.

Rosemary Saucedo (@guest_1244766)
1 year ago

Are we going back to the old West….no law, shoot first ask questions later? Throw away the required liscense and training period…ARE YOU KIDDING??? There is so much shooting going on now among Texas Citizens… You are hurting the peacefull citizens, puting fear into their lives…whats the matter with you politicians….now people will rush to get guns for existence…….that’s not the American way. Some people don’t like to obey laws as it is…Shameful…

rm (@guest_1245753)
Reply to  Rosemary Saucedo
1 year ago

Citizens would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. The 2nd Amendment AS WRITTEN is the law. The 2nd Amendment as written says nothing about background checks, licenses, training, etc. Prior to 1950, the system worked and capital punishment of convicted killers preserved the integrity of the 2nd Amendment. We put out garbage at our homes; permanent disposal of killers in the chair, the needle, or strung up with a rope is disposal of killer garbage. The courts refuse to do their job, and dozens of judges, prosecutors, and elected officials need to have their licenses to practice law stripped. And big tech and censoring needs to be broken up…and the internet must be regulated like telephones…we don’t get cut off or censored talking on our telephones….

Xelistren (@guest_1245919)
Reply to  Rosemary Saucedo
1 year ago

Good people with guns are rarer then bad people with guns, if it was the other way around then gun violence would decrease. It IS the American way to protect yourself, others, and property. As per NSA, FBI, and DEA records millions of unregistered guns have already made it into the US in the hands of criminals, all this law will do is even out the numbers a little to allow people to be safer.

Vietnam vet (@guest_1244771)
1 year ago

I believe that any attempt at personal confiscation of firearms
in this Country by any Government agent or agents would be
suicidal at best.
This is not Canada, Americans are not willing to give up the 2nd
Amendment for a life in sevitude to a group of America hating,
Illegally seated,completely useless idiotic lunatics now destroying
Amierca. The Canadians did that and the government there is
still pounding it’s chest over a promise of more poutine.!!

Katydid (@guest_1245120)
1 year ago

Hooray for Texas. Ever state needs to do the same. We cannot let the leftist rule on what the constitution gives us the right to do.

Rick Palmer (@guest_1245166)
1 year ago

THE PEOPLE THAT ARE WORRIED ABOUT GUNS BEING IN THE WRONG HANDS, IS WHY WE HAVE SO MANY LAWS ON THE BOOKS RIGHT NOW, SEE HOW WELL THAT IS WORKING, people should read the book by JOHN LOTT who wrote the book “MORE GUNS LESS CRIME” JOHN LOTT IS A DEMOCRAT that has done extensive studies on guns and understands the data that Is out there and goes, against every study that BLOOMBERG pays for and will do anything that BLOOMBERG tells them to say.

Fred Haylett (@guest_1245395)
1 year ago

Good for Texas now i wish Ore would do the same

HerminiaJarrett (@guest_1246746)
1 year ago

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Vietnam vet (@guest_1246985)
1 year ago

Bret..The oath that we take for military service states.”To obey the orders of the President of the United
states” What happens when the President becomes the “Domestic Enemy” and who desides that he
has.??We are at the point that the Constitution is being threatened with abolishment and Tyranny is
close to becoming reality the lawabiding citizens of the amazing Country need to remind those that wish
to destroy it “We refuse to be Consumed.”!

Americans first (@guest_1247101)
1 year ago

If the weak minded administration is worried about Guns being
in the wrong hands I suggest that they pay close attention to
nightly news and keep up on the Intercity murder count and if
they have the time at least watch a full months programming
of the “First 48” and see just where the problem really is and
remember that Millions of legally owed firearms will not kill
one person today but,The street thugs will.

Yeah me (@guest_1247592)
1 year ago

Whoa! The Constitution I read says uninFringed and NOTHING about permits

Yeah me (@guest_1247595)
1 year ago

The ones that shouldn’t have guns are the ones trying to take them away from you

Stephanie Cordero (@guest_1255046)
1 year ago

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