May 23, 2022

Texas Republican Rep. Van Taylor allegedly paid former ISIS bride to cover up affair

Texas Rep. Van Taylor (R) allegedly paid $5,000 to former ISIS bride to cover an affair he had with her following her escape to the United States.

According to Breitbart News, documents show that Tania Joya was engaged in a sexual relationship with Taylor that lasted from November 2020 to June 2021, during which time she says Taylor paid her $5,000.

Taylor, elected in 2019, and running for reelection, is married with three children and is one of 35 Republicans who voted in favor of creating House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) January 6 Committee.

Joya met the congressman when she was looking to get involved in the Preventing Violent Extremism program in the district’s school system and said she thought the congressman might have connected to the program.

“He considered me his girlfriend. He labeled me his girlfriend, his mistress,” Tania told Breitbart News. “I told him that I found him attractive. After that for an entire month, every day during October 2020, he wouldn’t stop messaging me like crazy. It was just so distracting. He was going crazy for it. He said he wanted me to be his loyal, faithful, and permanent mistress,” she claimed.

According to Joya, the last time she saw the representative she felt he threatened her, saying, “Oh, you’re never going to have a career as a therapist because no one will trust you.”

Explicate text messages allegedly between the pair were first published late Sunday by the National File. The $5000 was a payment reportedly to delete text messages relating to the affair, and in return, the congressman would pay down her credit card bill in June of 2021.

“Joya was born in London and is a UK citizen. In 2003, at 19 years old, she met John Thomas Georgelas, an American-born convert to Islam, jihadist, and supporter of the Islamic State,” Breitbart News reported. “In September 2013, she moved to Syria and ‘hated’ living there for how they treated women.”

“They will kill you or enslave you,” she said of ISIS. “They [Muslim fundamentalists] have medieval ideas,” she added.

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