October 5, 2022

Texas governor says he’ll keep sending migrants to Washington until Biden does his job

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott said this week that he’ll keep sending illegal migrants to Washington, D.C., until the Biden administration does its job to protect the border.

Abbott shared the words during an interview on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“Believe me, we have more buses headed their way as we speak right now,” Abbott said. “But, Sean, this just shows the hypocrisy of these liberal leaders up in the Northeast, who think, well, that border crisis created by Joe Biden, that’s fine as long as it’s Texas that has to deal with it.

“But as soon as they have to deal with the real consequences of Biden’s border-caused crisis,” Abbott continued, “they’re up in arms, calling for the National Guard … dealing with just a tiny fraction of what we have to deal with every single day.”

The interview showed that the left can’t handle even a small number of the many illegal immigrants Texas has been forced to address.

The new effort may go on until another president is in office, making the project even more significant.


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