June 29, 2022

Texas Gov. throws photos of National Guard at the border in Biden’s face

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott posted a picture of Texas National Guard vehicles to social media, blasting President Joe Biden for his failure to secure the nation’s southern border.

“Texas National Guard Soldiers deploy tactical vehicles to the border in support of Operation Lone Star,” Abbott said.

“As Biden does nothing, the Lone Star State continues to surge manpower & equipment to put an end to the chaos at our southern border,” he added.

Abbott also appeared on “Hannity” and later posted a clip from the interview on Twitter.

“Texans ― & all Americans ― demand & deserve a secure southern border & the protection of our nation’s sovereignty,” Abbott tweeted.

“We know Biden isn’t going to do it,” he added. “So, Texas will continue to take unprecedented action to secure the border.”

The strong words and images reveal a different approach, highlighting that Texas is done waiting and plans to protect the border on its own.

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