June 19, 2021

Texas Gov says he’s not waiting for Biden administration to fix border crisis

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott said Wednesday that the Biden administration was “ill-prepared” to handle the border crisis and that Texas will take over the enforcement gaps created by Biden by expanding Operation Lone Star, The Washington Examiner reported. 

The governor made his comments during a news conference at the Omni Hotel in Dallas along with DPS Director Colonel Steve McCraw, Team Director Andrea Sparks in the governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Office, and Christy Lopez, Traffick911 advocate. 

Abbott was addressing the increased influx of unaccompanied minors at the southern border which US officials began transferring to the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas on Wednesday. 

Operation Lone Star launched early in March to help secure the Texas-Mexico border from illegal smuggling, human trafficking, and unauthorized border crossings. 

Currently, there are 1000 Department of Public Safety (DPS) troopers, agents, and Texas Rangers involved in the project which will support the governor’s Child Sex Trafficking Team.

None of these measures, however, can circumvent the potential damage of 3,000 minors, 2,300 of which are boys between 15 and 17 years old, being brought into the heart of Texas. 

“President Biden’s reckless open border policies have created a humanitarian crisis that is enriching the cartels, smugglers, and human traffickers who often prey on and abuse unaccompanied minors,” Abbott said.

“Americans deserve to know what the Biden Administration is doing to investigate the surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the border and to protect those who are victims of human trafficking. That is why we are expanding Operation Lone Star to include anti-human trafficking efforts.”

While Texans are no stranger to influxes of neighbors from the south, they are, however, somewhat less used to them being given government transportation and accommodation in a metropolitan area like Dallas. Whether this is a dangerous decision for either the children or the nearby residents, is, unfortunately, a question that will be answered once it’s too late to remedy the problem. 

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105 Responses

  1. Governor Abbott, we are with you! Every border state governor needs to follow your lead, close the border, let no one in, send all the illegals back and refuse to allow them to be brought into other states as well. This has to stop! Call your Governor, demand action now!

      1. build that wall now ! Enough is enough of all this open boarder. We better take over fast before there is nothing left of our country

      2. I would be more than happy to contribute to the completion of the wall and I live in WA state. Go Governor, I wish we had you up here! The hell with this Administration, they couldn’t find their behind with both hands!

    1. Close the darn border now you idiots Biden and company what’s wrong with your cotton picking mind do your job Biden you sick mf

  2. Yes, totally close the southern border! Let NO minor children in without their parents! For now, Nobody gets across. Unless that person is already a U S A citizen.

    1. The majority of the minor children are young boys 15 to 17 – they are not exactly children any more. More like future gang members!

  3. Show this ou of control government in Washington, what to do and how to do it. @govpatrickabbott. and Thank you! We have idiots in Washington


    WE THE PEOPLE (aka SILENT MAJORITY) had countless opportunities to have stopped this nightmare, but we chose to give the DEMOCRATS what they expected of us, to REMAIN SILENT! Thus, making us equally complicit in the fraud perpetrated against United States Americans!

    Isn’t it time you actually did something, took action? How much more damage needs to be done?

    I urge everyone who reads this to PICK UP THE PHONE and call your REP AND SENATORS in DC and DEMAND IMMEDIATE IMPEACHMENT OF BIDEN AND HARRIS.


    Can you continue to tolerate gasoline prices, product prices all going up, the WH being run by Harris, Pelosi and Schumer? Literally destroying our country, allowing thousand upon thousands of illegals into our country bringing in God knows what diseases?

    Then copy and paste this information into an E-Mail and send to friends and family asking them to make the calls, then forward on to their friends asking them to make the calls and forward on! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS GO VIRAL!

    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

    1. Biden and Harris will not be impeached unless/until Republicans win back a majority in at least one house of Congress. This is why the Senatorial run-off elections in Georgia were SO important! With Dems now in control of everything in D.C. … except the Supreme Court … they will continue to ram through their radical agenda. There is no stopping them. Articles of impeachment were presented against Biden on January 22nd. Nancy Pelosi has ignored them. This will continue to be the case. America is in DEEEP trouble. If Republicans can win the 2022 midterm elections we have a chance at saving this country.

      1. Republicans should and need to take bake both the house and senate inorder to impeach every communist democrat in congress, they are TRAITORS/TERRORISTS against the USA. USMC

      1. We can’t until we have majority in both the House and the Senate. Start working on finding replacements that will have a chance of being elected! It can be done!!!!

  5. Go Texas. Biden is an idiot and a failure. I would close the borders and make them go back to their own countries. This is a huge financial burden on each srare who carries these migrants. Th4 civid will spread th r oughout your cities and then the r es another crisis. God bless Texas and God bless America

  6. Donald Trump is an anti-Christ in other words of the devil Read to him Matthew 24, This moron has never read the Bible, and he is likely to be in church for any service maybe 5v times in his entire life I dare you to put us together in one of his so-called rallies

    1. I whole Heartedly disagree with You Fred. Trump is not the Antichrist. I am a Christian and My Deceased Husband was a Pastor for 45 years and our Son is now our Pastor. The Bible describes The Antichrist and Like it or not Trump is not That Evil Person. Judge not lest Ye Be Judged

    1. I’ve had that happen to me, too, Stella. Never an explanation offered and I see much more unacceptable opinions published. Maybe Facebook gets in with their “fair-minded” censors.

  7. Aside from a fraudulent election that Biden stole, a lot of damn fools blindly and stupidly voted for him. They wanted him, they got him and now they’re going to have to live with what they’ve done to help destroy a once free nation.

  8. This scoff-law administration headed by an incompetent head of state and his ridiculously unprepared Vice President will lead many states to defend themselves using their own resources. Can we survive 2 years of total Democrat control?

  9. Good for you Texas! I do not accept the marxist government pushed by the intentions of Democratic evil Harris and her cohorts. More people have to speak up and call your representatives. Don’t let the evil win. End illegal immigration! Protect our rights as Americans. This is still the “United States of America” even if Biden is trying to make it China.

  10. Thank You for acting on the best for this nation. Close the border remove all illegal now in the country.

  11. Bus them back across the boarder or bus them to the Capital Building in Washington DC. Let them deal with the mess they created.

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