July 4, 2022

Texas Gov. Abbott signs bill banning transgender boys from girls’ sports

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Monday to prevent biological males from participating in girls’ sports at public schools.

The bill, effecting Jan. 18, was passed to protect the fairness of girls’ sports, joining seven other states passing similar laws over the past year.

The purpose of this Act is to further the governmental interest of ensuring that sufficient interscholastic athletic opportunities remain available for girls to remedy past
discrimination on the basis of sex,” the bill said.

“It’s so very, very important that we protect everything that women have gained in the last 50 years,” House bill author and state Rep. Valoree Swanson said, according to The Texas Tribune.

Not everyone agreed with the outcome. LGBTQ group Equality Texas said in a statement that if Texans “want to protect children, the goal shouldn’t be to prevent trans kids from participating in sports, but to give all kids the freedom to make friends and play without fearing the kind of discrimination many older trans people face on a daily basis.”

The law has now passed, but the battle will likely continue as transgender activists seek to fight the state’s latest measure to protect girls in sports.

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