June 29, 2022

Texas court orders release of hundreds of migrants in Texas

Texas will release more than 200 illegal immigrants arrested in Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s catch and jail efforts after being incarcerated for more than a month without being charged with crimes.

“Kristin Etter, an attorney with Texas RioGrande Legal Aid, which represents the migrants, said at the hearing before state District Judge Roland Andrade that her organization had made an agreement with the Val Verde county attorney to release 75 defendants arrested there who had been jailed without charges filed for more than 15 days,” the Texas Tribune reported on Tuesday.

“Kinney County prosecutors agreed to the release of another 168 defendants who had not had a charge filed against them in 30 days or more,” it added.

The report also noted about 1,000 men have been arrested so far under Abbott’s new border policy. The efforts are intended to enforce immigration law after the Biden administration’s open border policies have led to record numbers of illegal immigrants.

More recently, Texas troopers have resorted to forming a wall with patrol vehicle as certain border points to help stop illegal border crossings.

The recent Haitian migrant movement that included up to 15,000 people at one time under a Del Rio bridge has also been cleared. However, most of the migrants have been released within the U.S. rather than deported.

The released migrants will not help end the border crisis, but only leads to new challenges regarding how to address border security in Texas.

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