July 1, 2022

Texas attorney general charges social worker with voter fraud

Democrats continue to insist that voter and ballot fraud is a rarity that doesn’t even come close to affecting the outcome of major elections, yet in 2020 that could very well change as a growing number of legal cases, pending their outcomes, might completely derail that narrative.

According to The Blaze, a Texas-based social worker was recently charged with a staggering 134 counts of voter fraud after she seemingly took advantage of senior citizens at her place of employment, registering people who weren’t even eligible to vote. 

Kelly Reagan Brunner, who works at the Mexia State Supported Living Center, is learning the hard way that this is definitely not the year to engage in illegal voting activities. Abusing her position, Brunner registered at least 67 residents of the facility to vote in the 2020 election.

The only problem is that these 67 people are either considered developmentally or intellectually disabled and not able to legally grant Brunner consent to register them as a voter — and that’s according to Texas election law.

“Under Texas law, only a parent, spouse or child who is a qualified voter of the county may act as an agent in registering a person to vote, after being appointed to do so by that person,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wrote in a statement.

Paxton went on to say that not a single resident provided Brunner the appropriate consent, making Brunner’s attempts at gaming the system completely illegal. So illegal, in fact, that she stands to serve up to a 10-year prison sentence depending on how many charges for which she is convicted.

Aside from the obvious voter fraud, perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that Brunner, who is supposed to be a pillar of trust and an advocate for those under her care, completely betrayed the residents she registered and their families.

“It is particularly offensive when individuals purport to be champions for disability rights, when in reality they are abusing our most vulnerable citizens in order to gain access to their ballots and amplify their own political voice,” Paxton said of the situation.

Only time will tell, but it’s not a stretch to wonder how many instances of professionals taking advantage of vulnerable seniors in this election year happened across the country. Brunner was caught, thankfully, but I’d bet good money that there are plenty of other similar cases out there.

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jim (@guest_1073025)
1 year ago


Joe (@guest_1073096)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago

Coup attempt. All enemies foreign and domestic!

JOE NUGENT (@guest_1073100)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago


Raff Cafa (@guest_1073145)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago


paw paw (@guest_1073156)
Reply to  jim
1 year ago

AMEN! Take away her right to vote!!

LS (@guest_1073026)
1 year ago

Lock her up and throw away the key.

Ernie (@guest_1073027)
1 year ago

They should get at least 25 years and no early release if they spend hard time it will stop

Howard (@guest_1073033)
Reply to  Ernie
1 year ago

Ernie, I agree but don’t hold your breath waiting on it to happen. Too many liberal scum judges for that to happen!!!

jayjay (@guest_1073028)
1 year ago

In this time of political upheaval, the trust of the individual was so very violated. I hope her licensing is revoked and she will not be able to work with those that are just struggling to survive ever again.

Nancy Walters (@guest_1073030)
1 year ago

there are probably a whole lot more like her….just Jail them all for a LONG Time and make them do manjal labor
like cleaning the Seniors toilets With Supervision b/c Their Kind CANNOT BE Trusted.

pat (@guest_1073796)
Reply to  Nancy Walters
1 year ago

Problem with your suggestion is, We the PEOPLE have to pay for it , I sure the heck don’t want to support them, do you ?

Nancy Walters (@guest_1073031)
1 year ago

manual labor not manjal..sorry

doodles (@guest_1073085)
Reply to  Nancy Walters
1 year ago


Jon (@guest_1073034)
1 year ago

This is only the beginning of the voter fraud is treason and should be dealt with swiftly

Mike Hayes (@guest_1073087)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

Agree with you that this is treason and should be dealt with swiftly and if found guilty then we all know what the sentence should be.

Doris (@guest_1073035)
1 year ago

Check ALL You will see that President Trump did win the 2020 election. Dems are so nasty and dishonest I don’t know how they can even go to bed at night but then again the dems have no ♥️ Heart anyway. I agree Lock Brunner up and throw away the key and all the others that cheated for Biden to win. When all is said and done President Trump will come out on top. Best President ever!

Glenn (@guest_1073125)
Reply to  Doris
1 year ago

Yes Doris, you hit that proverbial nail dead center on “Best POTUS Ever.” Those left dirtbags are evil liars and thieves. They haven’t done any good for We The People in many many years. Home grown terrorists, all of them should be removed from the hill, stripped of all rights and benefits. Right now!

Cecil Jackson (@guest_1073580)
Reply to  Glenn
1 year ago

I agree 100 percent

Linda Arnold (@guest_1073036)
1 year ago

It’s happening and is going to explode into the worse voter fraud ever in American history. It is going to be exposed. The demorat cartel consisting of the world’s vilest most corrupt most destructive group known to mankind will lose. We the people with President Trump leading the world will put these bastards down under. Yes, we will bury you demorats!

Glenn (@guest_1073126)
Reply to  Linda Arnold
1 year ago

Absolutely 100 percent correct Linda, down with the democRATS! We don’t need anything from them except life without parole.

Linda Stockton (@guest_1073326)
Reply to  Linda Arnold
1 year ago

I hope they look into the Senatorial races as well, you know they chested there too!

Sandy Newman (@guest_1073038)
1 year ago

Tip of the Titanic ice berg.

Rafael Guzman-Aponte (@guest_1073039)
1 year ago

A disappointment for all Americans, and we put this individuals in positions of trust and they betray us, at this age she did, what she wanted to do, it was not an error, it was no a mistake it was true doing, what she did, there is not a mistake mentally she did it and deserve what punishment’s she gets

Will Harden (@guest_1073044)
1 year ago

I never believed that this might happen in America.
This voter fraud was carefully planned by quite a number of crooked people.
We need to prevail as if we don’t, we will never have another chance.
The total horror is what will happen if we don’t fight back.

Josh (@guest_1073046)
1 year ago

Mr.President, your right they dont, but theyve been misleading people for years, and theyve grown very bold, in having no accountability to their political, agendas and lies! They need to be held accountable!

steve (@guest_1073047)
1 year ago

No surprise here folks. These people are so demonically compromised they really don’t know right from wrong, sad for the whole country. But just think about it , Maxine Watters gave the game away a couple years ago when she said that Trump would not accept the election results and would have to be forcibly removed from the Whitehouse. This sham has been in the works for YEARS. But they are not in control , it is ultimately in GODS hands and always has been.

James F Pa (@guest_1073075)
Reply to  steve
1 year ago

So true Steve! It’s in GODS hands 🙏🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

Arturo Sanchez (@guest_1073112)
Reply to  steve
1 year ago

Steve , ur right on but let me share this with u all. The demonrats to include rommni and collins are divided into 4 catagories, distortion, deception, division and finally all three divisions create disobedience. These are lucifers 4 demons of death alive and well in the demonrat society. Think about it.

Now the good news, ur right steve. our Father is in control look here. The real republican is love, mercy, grace and finally forgiveness. These are Gods angels of life eternal. Just ask any demonrat about the four angels of ife and they wont even have a clue muchless understand it. God bless America and our POTUS and his family amen.

JEFFREY WILKINS (@guest_1073049)
1 year ago

voter fraud = 3 years in prison & $10k fine

134 counts X 3 years per count = 402 years in prison & $134,000 in fines

Alan (@guest_1073056)
1 year ago

If we expect ag Barr to press charges..it will never happen .there is no law in congress to hold Democrats responable..they are all part of the swamp and lining their pockets..

Cecil Jackson (@guest_1073584)
Reply to  Alan
1 year ago


TallTexan (@guest_1073058)
1 year ago

Get a rope! Make that, several ropes!!!

james harp (@guest_1073061)
1 year ago

lock her up, and throw away the key. this is sickening

Tip (@guest_1073064)
1 year ago

I think we found something for the DOJs civil rights division lawyers to do.
Our taxes pay for it.

Tim Toroian (@guest_1073066)
1 year ago

I guess they are lucky none of them bet their life with me that voter fraud wouldn’t be found. Fraud should invalidate an entire state’s votes.

Stillkickin (@guest_1073088)
Reply to  Tim Toroian
1 year ago

Yep. Any state caught cheating should be required to forfeit the state’s electoral votes to their opponent. THEN the individuals who are busted should be tried for treason and forfeit their lives. The constitution provides for this punishment.

John Thomas Wright (@guest_1073071)
1 year ago

You have your 2nd Amendment Right to fall back on… thank fast America.

James F Pa (@guest_1073074)
1 year ago

All the democrats will get what they have coming! A4x4 jail cell. Joe Biden and his crooked son Hunter Biden will be joining them too! There all involved in it. Hillary,Obama’s,Bush’s! This stuff has been going on for a very long time. It’s time to put a end to it before our great country is gone! 🇺🇸TRUMP/PENCE 2020🇺🇸🙏

Colin Fuller (@guest_1073077)
1 year ago

Merely the tip of the iceberg, anyone caught in an act of fraud should be imprisoned for at least ten years.

Sherry (@guest_1073083)
1 year ago

This is just one caught in Texas. Think about how many more there could be.
Nursing homes, rehab, care givers, all across this great nation. What a great SHAME this could turn out to be.
God please help our country find its way back to you, and all the greatness you have to offer us.

KATH (@guest_1073106)
1 year ago


Tom (@guest_1073120)
1 year ago

Hope this person never see the outside of a prison again.

Kristin Decker (@guest_1073133)
1 year ago

I used to think Carter was the worst because he did nothing. HAH was I wrong. obama was THE WORST because he DID things that were against the United States! Our very own, not his, but OUR very own country!

Orsen A Newcomb (@guest_1073135)
1 year ago

13 loops and a branch can go a long way

bob (@guest_1073186)
1 year ago

They better make a good example of her and throw the book at her .

Sherry Chase (@guest_1075062)
1 year ago

Arrest is a must or this will keep happening! Corruption is Deep within.



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