August 14, 2022

Texas again takes the lead: Battleground states slate alternate Trump electors

Even though the electors cast their votes on Monday, those votes will not be counted by Congress until January 6th, the only Constitutionally mandated date regarding presidential elections. Republicans are keeping the election dispute alive even as Democrats celebrate Joe Biden’s “victory.” In a procedural move that keeps the 2020 presidential election dispute open, five states cast alternate slates of electors for President Trump. The alternate electors are necessary if the disputed election ends up in Congress.

Efforts to dispute the election in court have largely failed. Since the November 3rd election, lawsuits disputing the election results in Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania have been squashed by state courts and the US Supreme Court, though thousands of affidavits attesting to election fraud and malfeasance have been collected.

The Republican electors in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona all said they voted for Trump. The news comes as their states formally appointed Democratic electors who voted for Biden and running mate Kamala Harris, according to The Epoch Times.

Texas, the state that sued the battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, called on those same states to appoint electors for President Trump. They passed a resolution 34-4, authored by Mark Ramsey, condemning SCOTUS for rejecting their case on Friday and called on the battleground states to slate electors for Trump.

According to Just the News: Under the Constitution, state legislatures have plenary power over their respective elections.

The author of the Texas resolution justified the alternate electors this way:

When other countries have faced massive election fraud, the end result has been a collapse of rights, a collapse of the economy and an inevitable slide to tyranny. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden claimed a landslide victory Monday night, after electors cast their votes in their own states. Biden claimed 306 electoral votes, the same number that President Trump won in 2016.

Altogether, Vice President-elect Harris and I earned 306 electoral votes—well exceeding the 270 electoral votes needed to secure victory. 306 electoral votes is the same number of electoral votes Donald Trump and Mike Pence received in 2016. At that time, President Trump called his Electoral College tally a landslide. By his own standards, these numbers represented a clear victory then. And I respectfully suggest they do so now. In America, politicians don’t take power—the people grant power to them.

Since the election, the Democrats have steadfastly ignored or denied election fraud, irregularities, intimidation, and gross election malpractice.

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SGT Preston (@guest_1088466)
1 year ago

Isn’t it amazing what the “Swamp Creatures” will do to protect their own. One would think that with the preponderance of evidence supporting the democratic “stealing” of the election, there would be at least an effort by the Court to arrive at the truth, but I guess the Swamp looks to protect itself first and foremost.

D Bent (@guest_1088827)
Reply to  SGT Preston
1 year ago

The swamp creatures are all beholden to the chi coms who rewarded them handsomely during their lifetime as DC politikers – rhinos and demos alike. The infestation of C C P is worse than we’ve been told.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1088497)
1 year ago

Joe, you didn’t earn anything. You bragged about stealing the election and that is what you and your demonrat buddies did. What you have all earned is a place in HELL!!

madmemere (@guest_1088723)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

What slo-joe and his democommie comrades have really earned is a “temporary” residence in Gitmo, awaiting their pronounced execution, after their trials and conviction for TREASON against America and every US citizen voter.

patricia overbey (@guest_1088843)
Reply to  madmemere
1 year ago

Correct firing squad for TREASON

patricia overbey (@guest_1088841)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago

Amen I totally agree with you.

Bob (@guest_1088501)
1 year ago

I agree with SGT Preston. The swamp runs very deep and includes just enough people to allow the Democrats to steal this election. The swamp runs deep in the 6 states’ legislative and judicial elements. It also extends all the way through the Supreme Court and includes 7 of the 9 justices. All three people President put on the court are part of the swamp and voted with the other 4 liberals already on the court to deny the Texas lawsuit to stop the 6 states from committing voter fraud. So much for putting so called constitutionalists on the court. As it turns out, they are all swamp creatures. Mitch McConnell just today went back to his old ways of being a key member of the swamp by congratulating Biden and Harris on their win. Cocaine Mitch will continue to tell everyone he is a conservative, but we all know he is not a conservative, but is a member of the establishment swamp.

Connie Whisenhunt (@guest_1088510)
1 year ago

They’re all slithering China puppets…Im ready for the fat lady to sing, and rid our nation of these treasonous tyrants!

Bobby ~!~ (@guest_1088540)
Reply to  Connie Whisenhunt
1 year ago

You know what Connie, I love your reply, but I don’t think the FU$KEN Devil would even want them in Hell. The DEMORATS AND BIDEN would make Hell Even More Corrupt.

janice garner (@guest_1088521)
1 year ago

they do not care about the people or what they want they are only interested in what they can get there is no way Biden will bring us all together the more we saw the Democrat’s and there actions over the last four years the further we grew apart Biden is a crook along with his family who stole the election with all the fraud you could imagine and as you see the rioting and burning stopped as soon as Biden was named President elect and every thing they ever did they turned around and blamed it on Trump I will never acknowledge Biden as my President

Rich Bach (@guest_1088574)
1 year ago

Biden said the following;
“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American elections

“BIDEN ADMITS TO VOTER FRAUD! Joe Biden brags about having the ‘most extensive VOTER FRAUD organization’ in history!!”

Nicole Riley (@guest_1088679)
Reply to  Rich Bach
1 year ago

Actually what he said was, and I quote, “We have the most inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of this country”. End quote.

Life Star (@guest_1088589)
1 year ago

Biden did exactly what he said he shouldn’t do: he FRAUDULENTLY TOOK power!
The true legal electors DID NOT GIVE it to him!

Todd Baer (@guest_1088635)
1 year ago

It’s time for a new political party to stomp out the so called republicans in name only and the lieing cheating democrats. The Trump party is what we need is be the first to sign up.

Katydid (@guest_1088653)
1 year ago

Dirty Dems. Cheat a llittle, lie a little and then apologize and all will be well. WELL THIS TIME IT IS NOT WELL. 75 million Americans know what you have done and it will get corrected. Maybe not right away, but keep in mind, we will not forget or forgive.

Mary (@guest_1088665)
1 year ago

The fight now is for the freedom of our once great country…i don’t care if Pres. TRUMP has to throw a temper tantrum to be heard…this is about America….

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1088682)
1 year ago

So Dementia Joe won by 11,000,000 votes over President Trump.

Does anyone else find it suspicious that the corrupt old Sniff-A-Little-Girl-Ophile is vowing to grant amnesty to 11,000,000 Illegal Aliens through Executive Action on Day One?

Quid Pro Quo anyone?

lynn (@guest_1088820)
1 year ago

Sleepy Joe earned HIS PLACE IN HELL long before this Election….Ask Any Catholic Priest, “Sleepy Joe condones Abortion & IS HELL BOUND Period,” No matter what he says or does the rest of his earthly life…

Susan Morgan (@guest_1088835)
1 year ago

Joe Biden has done nothing for this country in his 40+ years as a politician. He is a lying corrupt snake and he will destroy America.

Stay strong and fight for our rights.

Trumper Forever

Philip manville (@guest_1088869)
1 year ago

The democrats will have to keep their voting fraud system working for a long time. I , for one , will never vote for a democrat again , not even to be a dog warden in a local election.

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