July 7, 2022

Terry McAuliffe on wrong side of Virginia school fight, Loudon County Sexual Assault case could tip election

Parents are fed up with the indoctrination that is passing for education in America’s public schools. However, the most terrifying aspect is how far officials will go to protect their ability to push their agenda.

Former Democratic Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said that teaching social justice was as important as academic subjects — a view that could cost him the race against GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin, Fox News reported. McAuliffe made these remarks while promoting his 2019 book, “Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism.”

“We don’t do a good job in our education system talking about diversity, inclusion, openness and so forth,” McAuliffe said on a C-SPAN Book TV appearance at the time. “We don’t. We got our textbooks, but, you know, that has to be a big part of how do you fit into the social work of our nation and our fabric,” he continued.

“How we deal with one another is to me as important as, you know, your math class or your English class and so forth,” he added. Unfortunately for the Democrat, this sentiment is precisely the philosophy driving controversy in Loudoun County, Virginia, and beyond.

On June 22, officials at a Loudoun County School Board meeting pushing for students to choose their bathroom independent of their sex claimed there wasn’t “any record” of someone being hurt by this policy, the New York Post reported. It was at that same meeting where Scott Smith was arrested after standing up to them.

Video of Smith’s arrest went viral and became the impetus for the Biden administration to direct the FBI to treat concerned parents as terrorists. However, it turned out the man’s own daughter had been sexually assaulted in a school bathroom by a “boy in a skirt” just the month before that confrontation. He became enraged at hearing Superintendent Scott Ziegler, who was the one to report his daughter’s attack, denying that exact scenario.

It seems that even in the face of such an example, officials in Loudoun County were still more concerned about making sure their radical agenda was protected than they were about an actual student already harmed by such a policy. This undying devotion to the agenda is something McAuliffe clearly shares with them.

The Democratic candidate doesn’t think parents should be involved much in their children’s education, and certainly prioritizes leftist talking points over actual knowledge. McAuliffe is now inextricably tied with the mindset of those running Loudoun County schools — and that could spell defeat for him on Election Day.

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